Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Information

Get Started With An Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

There are so many choices on the market today, and it can be confusing when a smoker just wants to set aside the smokes and try the smokeless alternative, an electronic cigarette. But which electronic cigarette starter kit is best for a beginner? The best electronic cigarette is the one that’s easy to purchase and easy to use on a continuing basis. That’s why an electronic cigarette starter kit is the popular choice. A smoker can make the switch from tobacco cigarettes immediately because everything necessary to enjoy a great vaping experience is included in the electronic cigarette starter kit, specially designed to make life easy for beginners.

What’s Included in An Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit?

Electronic cigarette starter kitIn order to get started using an electronic cigarette the battery has to be charged up and ready for use. The basic electronic starter kit comes from the manufacturer with one or two batteries completely charged, although they may become slightly depleted prior to shipment. So, it’s a good idea to use the battery charger with the wall or USB adaptor included in each electronic cigarette starter kit to top off the battery charge prior to use. An electronic cigarette starter kit will also come with several cartridges or cartomizers, depending on the model of electronic cigarette ordered. Disposable units have cartomizers in which the liquid nicotine and flavoring are pre-measured and cannot be refilled. An electronic cigarette starter kit containing these disposable models is always popular with newbies. But refillable units are usually more popular with serious electronic cigarette users because they tend to be more economical in the long run. Selecting an electronic cigarette starter kit is primarily a matter of deciding between disposable and refillable units in the chosen nicotine strength, that’s it. Everything else is provided to give the new vaper a clean, satisfying experience.

An Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit May Be Interchangeable

What if a new user simply doesn’t know if he or she wants the convenience of a disposable unit or the practicality of a refillable unit? That’s not a problem. An electronic cigarette starter kit that includes disposable units containing cartomizers can often be converted to accommodate refillable units operating with atomizers. The difference between the two is that the tiny heating element in an atomizer is designed to last through several refills. Some vapers prefer disposables because they get a new heating element each time a cartomizer is replaced, virtually guaranteeing they won’t experience failure with a used heating element. New users want to know how long each type of electronic cigarette starter kit will last before more replacement cartomizers or cartridges are required, and that it all depends on how each vaper uses the unit. Some users draw very deeply, using up the electronic cigarette liquid faster than others. Typical estimates that one cartomizer provides the same amount of nicotine as a pack of tobacco cigarettes can be misleading. Electronic cigarette starter kits are definitely the best way to get started, and to draw conclusions from personal experience.

Finding An Electronic Cigarette Company

When a smoker sets about to find out about an electronic cigarette company there are many ways to check it out. First of all, finding other vapers who purchase electrics from the same electronic cigarette company is their best bet. Real people who have plenty of choices and have selected a particular electronic cigarette company are the ones who know what’s going on and why. Vapers are quite vocal about their likes and dislikes, and they aren’t shy about sharing their experiences. In fact, many vapers have stories about one electronic cigarette company after the other because they have become fascinated with the experience and want to try all the different brands for themselves. Hearing what other vapers have to say in forums online is instructive and it provides plenty of timely inside information about any electronic cigarette company on the market today. Not every electronic cigarette company is listed with the Better Business Bureau online, but that is another source of information for smokers looking to make a switch from tobacco cigarettes.

Common Sense And The Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes tobacco freeCommon sense is a commodity in short supply these days. Cigarette smokers endangering their health with every puff are clearly not using much common sense, and most of those smokers will admit it. However, electronic cigarette users face the same challenge. Use of an electronic cigarette requires common sense in order to enjoy it peacefully, without hassles, and more importantly, to preserve the opportunity for others to enjoy an electronic cigarette wherever they may choose. An electronic cigarette looks very much like a tobacco cigarette, having been designed to replace the use tobacco cigarettes by serious smokers. Because an electronic cigarette has the appearance of a tobacco cigarette and gives off water vapor that looks like tobacco smoke, it’s easy to see why non-smokers get upset when someone chooses to use an electronic cigarette in public where smoking is banned.

What’s A Smoker To Do?

The fact is that vapers, the growing club of former smokers who are choosing to use an electronic cigarette, need to consider how others view their vaping in public. An electronic cigarette represents a wiser choice for the user, but it has to represent a wise choice to the general public as well, because threatened legislation may curtail the use of an electronic cigarette in many locations. A former smoker who starts vaping in a restaurant or a theatre where smoking is banned is not making a good impression on other patrons. Vaping is misunderstood in general. Vapers everywhere need to understand that each time they choose to use an electronic cigarette in public they are making an impression. Using common sense while vaping gives the electronic cigarette more credibility and it leaves a good impression for the general public.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Electric Cigarette Instead of Smoking?

Electronic cigarette smokerSmoking tobacco is a habit, and like other habits it can always be broken. But that means other things have to change as well. One of the benefits of choosing an electric cigarette is that all those other things in a former smoker’s life don’t have to change at the same time. Here’s an example – if nicotine cravings come along with having an alcoholic beverage, or perhaps simply dining out with friends, then avoiding tobacco cigarettes could mean that a former smoker feels obligated to avoid drinking alcohol or enjoying dinner engagements in order to avoid tobacco. That can be very tough, especially when it’s all happening at once. Fortunately, a former smoker can pick up an electric cigarette and keep right on enjoying a drink and a meal with friends without exposing anyone to the dangers of tobacco smoke. One of the greatest benefits of using an electronic cigarette is that it’s good for the former smoker and it’s good for everyone else, too. An electronic cigarette is good for a local, intimate environment, but it’s also good for the global environment because tobacco smoke has been shown to compromise the health of non-smokers, too. An electric cigarette does not produce smoke at all; it is a true smokeless alternative to smoking tobacco.

Naturally, friends will come along and offer a former smoker a cigarette or cigar from time to time. They may say, “Oh, come on, just have one… what can it hurt?” That’s a great time to have a nice, new disposable electric cigarette handy to share with friends. Former smokers who pick up an electric cigarette and experiment with various styles and models to determine a favorite usually have personal experience with a disposable electric cigarette or two. They know where to buy them and often keep some on hand, just in case they need a spare for themselves. So, it’s fun to jump the gun and offer tobacco-smoking friends an electronic cigarette before they have a chance to offer a cigarette. The smoker gets a new experience, for one thing, and more importantly, they get a new opportunity to avoid the harmful tars and toxins in tobacco smoke while they get their nicotine at the same time. An electronic cigarette is a whole lot more fun than nicotine gum or a nicotine patch. Many smokers have tried the gum and patch options, but they may not have ventured into the world of vaping, the whole new world that opens up when using an electronic cigarette. Giving a friend the chance to try out an electric cigarette can be one of the biggest gifts of all.

What Comes Along With Use Of An Electric cigarette?

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Think about it for a minute. Offering an electric cigarette instead of accepting an offer of a tobacco cigarette potentially accomplishes all the following as well: deeper breathing, fresh smelling clothing, homes and automobiles, more energy, better health, more productivity at work, better memory, less resentment from non-smokers, and last but certainly not least, a big potential for cost savings. While it’s true that an electric cigarette represents a higher up-front cost than one tobacco cigarette, nobody buys just one tobacco cigarette. People generally buy dozens per month, and sometimes dozens per week. A rechargeable, refillable electronic cigarette can replace dozens of tobacco cigarettes in an instant. Some electronic cigarette manufacturers confidently state that one electronic cigarette cartridge lasts approximately as long as one pack of tobacco cigarettes, but this is just an estimate because each smoker has completely individual smoking habits. Some smokers draw smoke harder or longer than others, making a tobacco cigarette burn up much faster. So, when a former smoker gets started with an electronic cigarette, he or she will be experimenting with different e liquids and possibly different electric cigarette styles and models to determine the best fit. Nevertheless, chances are very good that an electric cigarette will save any smoker a considerable amount of money over the long run. Buying an electric cigarette means not having to buy dozens of tobacco cigarettes, that’s just simple truth and basic math, so it’s safe to assume that use of an electric cigarette will result in cost savings as well. Regardless of the likelihood of cost savings, an electric cigarette user can definitely look forward to more energy, better health, more productivity at work, better memory, and less resentment from non-smokers.

The Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Is A Hit With Celebs!

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Celebrity smokers are discovering the electronic cigarette starter kit craze and jumping on board. So many people are using an electronic cigarette starter kit to beat their cravings for tobacco that it’s becoming a fashionable trend to dump tobacco for the sleek, sophisticated smokeless alternative. Studies have shown that electronic cigarette starter kit users in all age brackets found the look, taste and feel of new models very satisfying and realistic, true to their experience with tobacco cigarettes, minus the toxic smoke of course. Electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke, only harmless water vapor.

So, who is on the star-studded list of electronic cigarette starter kit enthusiasts? Leonardo DiCaprio, Lindsay Lohan, Johnny Depp, Paris Hilton, Charlie Sheen and Katherine Heigl, Tom Petty and Dennis Quaid, to name a few. Apparently Charlie Sheen is so enamored with the industry that he’s coming out with his own brand of electronic cigarette starter kit. Obviously, these celebs and hoards of “regular” people like the rest of us are wondering what is the real draw. Why are electronic cigarette starter kits so popular now?

Benefits Of An Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

electronic cigarette Here are some of the benefits listed by electronic cigarette starter kit users in recent studies: no stinky hair or clothes, no tar or toxins, big savings over the cost of tobacco cigarettes, no messy ashtrays, variety of nicotine strengths available, no yellow-stained teeth, plenty of exotic flavorings to choose from, no smoke-filled rooms. That’s quite a list, and it gives any smoker pause to think about trying out an electronic cigarette starter kit soon. But we want to avoid most of those items (except the saving money part). So now, what about the electronic cigarette starter kit features we all want to enjoy? What about mouth feel and great taste and ease and convenience? What about throat hit and big, puffy vapor you can blow into rings? That’s the good stuff, and it’s what awaits us in each brand new box containing an electronic cigarette starter kit.

Of course the big benefit in using an electronic cigarette starter kit is the 100% complete absence of toxic, chemical-laden tobacco smoke. There is no tobacco included in any electronic cigarette starter kit, none at all. There is only tobacco flavoring added to liquid nicotine, in a base agent that gives the mixture the ability to vaporize into what appears to be thick, white smoke. But it’s not smoke at all, it’s only harmless water vapor created in the tiny electronic cigarette starter kit vaporizing unit. The winning combination of a mere handful of ingredients creates the same magic for every individual that has been used for decades to create the appearance of smoke on stage. That’s right; it’s the same principle, only on a micro-level. Every electronic cigarette starter kit provides the same smoky magic without the downside of toxic tobacco smoke. Nobody in the room or the vehicle has to put up with second hand smoke either. Non-smokers are excited to see that electronic cigarette starter kit arrive, too, because their lives are about to change right along with the smoker’s life. Freed from toxic tobacco smoke, nasty odor and filthy ashes, everybody in the household wins!

Add-Ons To An Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

A typical electronic cigarette starter kit contains a two-part or three-part unit, and in addition, up to five spare cartridges or cartomizers. In a two-part electronic cigarette starter kit model the atomizer (which is the same thing as the vaporizer) and the liquid cartridge are combined into one piece called a cartomizer. Some users prefer this model because each time they run out of liquid and need to refill, they also get a new atomizer. This is a popular option because fresh atomizers are known to produce better quality vapor. Reusable atomizers can become clogged so they don’t function efficiently, hence the reduction in vapor. No electronic cigarette starter kit would be complete without at least one or two battery chargers. One is a wall charger, and one is a charger designed for a USB port on a computer or other digital device. Car chargers are another option, although they may not come in the original electronic cigarette starter kit and must be acquired separately. And finally, perhaps most importantly, two or three spare batteries will be included. Experienced vapers learn to keep a spare, charged battery on hand at all times to avoid disappointment.

But the add-on to an electronic cigarette starter kit that makes eyes light up right along with the colored LED tip is the amazing selection of flavorings available. Along with tobacco and menthol, basic electronic cigarette starter kits may arrive with a couple other flavors as well, usually apple and coffee for example. The web is crowded with sites offering thousands of exotic flavorings for users to purchase and refill their own cartridges, mixed with their choice of base agent and their preference of liquid nicotine strength. Mixing flavors and strengths to find their favorites, users move right out into the wide, wide world of flavoring adventure after getting started with a basic electronic cigarette starter kit.

What Do Smokers Say About Electric cigarettes?

Heavy smokers eventually get around to trying e cigarettes, even if it’s just out of curiosity. Usually a friend who is excited about e cigarettes will encourage a trial, or even buy some spare e cigarettes and give them as gifts. Sometimes the friend is excited, too, but more often than not he or she starts out rather skeptical. That’s only natural. People who smoke two packs or more per day fall into two camps. The first group has no intention of finding a smokeless alternative to tobacco cigarettes, which of course includes e cigarettes along with nicotine patches, gum and inhalers. Those last three items don’t offer any genuine satisfaction, merely relief. It stands to reason that e cigarettes would be viewed the same way at first, especially by those with a deep, long-standing relationship with tobacco use.

For one thing, the level of nicotine available in the nicotine patches and gum is frequently inadequate for heavy smokers. Sometimes the worst thing happens, which is the smoker continues to smoke while wearing the patch, thereby increasing the body’s need for nicotine. Needless to say, that can be counterproductive. However, e cigarettes can replace smoking entirely because they provide the familiar oral and tactile satisfaction every smoker enjoys, as well as user-controlled nicotine delivery. That means e cigarettes can be customized to provide different levels of nicotine depending on the user’s preferences. A smoker who wants to gradually decrease nicotine consumption can accomplish that goal, but someone who simply wants to continue to enjoy nicotine but avoid the tars and toxins in tobacco smoke can accomplish that goal by using e cigarettes as well.

E Cigarettes – Let’s Get Technical

Casual smokers who switch to e cigarettes may not feel the same, but it’s not unusual to hear heavy smokers proclaim, “E cigarettes don’t feel the same in my throat… E cigarettes don’t go deep when I take a drag… and E cigarettes don’t make quite as much smoke.” Let’s look at these comments, all of which may be true for some heavy smokers. First of all, e cigarettes have their own allure. They do not involve burning tobacco and they do not produce toxic, carcinogenic, smelly smoke. They do not contaminate non-smokers and children in the room or the vehicle. There is no lingering toxicity or odor after use. E cigarettes are completely free of the substances that create severe health issues for smokers and their friends and family. Therefore, there is no comparison between tobacco cigarettes and e cigarettes, not really. So those typical comments mentioned above may ring true for heavy smokers who are looking to replicate the identical experience of toxic smoke born of combustion, minus the toxins. E cigarettes provide a clean, lively, satisfying, smokeless alternative that is free of the toxins contained in regular cigarettes.

electronic cigarette health

The various brands of e cigarettes compete for excellence in the categories often mentioned by heavy smokers. Technically, they are referred to as “throat hit,” “lung absorption” and “vapor quality.” Those terms don’t mean much to the average smoker because they don’t generally get involved in conversations about cigarettes, they simply smoke them. But enthusiastic users of e cigarettes often talk about their experiences, in person and all over the web. You can find glowing reports on every subject, and remember – the vast majority of people commenting on forums about e cigarettes were heavy cigarette users in the past, too. For the most part, they are all former smokers who switched to e cigarettes to avoid the dire health hazards for themselves and for others. E cigarettes have shown to be tremendously effective for them, so they love to tell the world about it.

What Do Vapers Say About E Cigarettes?

Since there are so many different types of e cigarettes on the market now, it’s important to understand that they all work in basically the same manner. Mini e cigarettes are manufactured to look just like tobacco cigarettes. Slightly larger are the e cigarettes that look like a pen. Even larger models are called tanks because they can hold a whole bottle of e liquid and have a sizeable battery as well, which means less stopping to refill frequently. Then of course there are also the e cigars and e pipes, looking just like their non-electronic namesakes. Despite a distinct difference in size and appearance, the technology is virtually the same in each electric cigarette style. The first electric cigarette model on the market in 2004, patented and sold by the Chinese manufacturer Ruyan, is now called a mini electric cigarette because it was designed to look like a tobacco cigarette. In comparison to later models, all larger, it is indeed miniature. Nevertheless, all employ a battery, an atomizer, also called a vaporizer, and a cartridge of e liquid containing liquid nicotine and flavoring in a base agent. As the user inhales, moving air activates the atomizer, which vaporizes e liquid in the cartridge. It should be noted here that some models of e cigarettes have a manual button or switch that the user presses to ignite the atomizer, and heat is not triggered automatically upon inhalation. Many vapers prefer the manual style e cigarettes because they like to have more control. E cigarettes of any style and model work essentially this same way.

But one thing that all users of e cigarettes love to discuss is the use of a two-part unit versus a 3-part unit. They are talking about the pros and cons of e cigarettes that operate with a separate atomizer and cartridge, as opposed to those in which the two parts are combined into one disposable unit called a cartomizer. The discussion revolves around the cost advantages and disadvantages, as well as the efficiency of having a fresh atomizer to vaporize each new batch of e liquid. Since cartomizers are replaced entirely each time e cigarettes need to be refilled, the user enjoys the maximum vapor production. Many folks all over the world treasure their e cigarettes and strive for maximum vapor production each and every use.