VIP Electronic Cigarettes In Kiosks

VIP Electronic Cigarettes Take To The Streets!

Thats what I like to see, some real initiative and people buying electronic cigarettes from little kiosks!

They have become so popular that they are now in shops and kiosks all over the UK.


VIP Electronic Cigarette

A COMPANY which sells electronic cigarettes has taken a unit inside the Westfield Derby shopping centre.

For the past four months, VIP has been selling the devices from a kiosk inside the centre. But it has now taken premises in Theatre Walk, near to Derby Theatre.

The Manchester-based company markets the e-cigarettes as an alternative to real ones. They contain no tobacco, no tar and emit no smoke.

The devices are targeted at smokers but the company is not permitted to market the products as a stop-smoking aid. To qualify for that, the product would need to undergo rigorous testing.

According to the firm’s retail director, Kevin Lomas, who lives near Ashbourne, the growing popularity of the product in Derby persuaded the company to seek permanent premises in the city, where it employs three people.

He said: “We initially started selling the e-cigarettes on the internet four years ago.

“We’ve been really encouraged by the reaction we have had in Derby, which is why we have now upgraded from a kiosk to proper premises.”

But Cancer Research UK has criticised the product, saying more research needs to be conducted to prove the effectiveness of e-cigarettes.

The charity said: “The only way to be sure of any risks or benefits is through rigorous testing.

“Anyone trying to quit smoking should use medicinal nicotine products such as patches, gum or inhalators, because these have been tested and found to be safe and effective….More at E-cigs company shows burning ambition with Westfield move


The electronic cigarette is definitely taking the world by storm and we can clearly see here that this is the case.

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