E Cigarettes: From A Dr’s Point Of View

E Cigarettes Can Really Help You Quit Smoking

Study after study and case after case one thing is become more and more certain that you can succefully use the e cigarette as a stop smoking aid, not nicotine replacement therapy but an actual nicotine inhaler – with a twist. The twist is pretty obvious, its a device that looks like a real cigarette and even puffs like a real one with real “mock” smoke that you exhale in the form of harmles water vapor.

Here’s the Dr’s Take On E Cigarettes…

Posted:Apr 03, 2012 11:52 PM GDT



DENISON,TX– The E-Cigarette is a funny little contraption. It looks like a metal pipe, but according to doctors, it may help smokers quit lighting up.

“That ritual, I mean I do it with my friends, I mean there’s a lot to a smoking habit and if we can gradually pick it apart and reduce and eliminate small parts of it, then we’re going to be much more successful. ” Say’s family physician Dr. Duke Carlson at Texoma Medical plaza.

According to Dr. Carlson, the E-cigarette which is only nicotine and water vapor, can help eliminate some of most dangerous affects of smoking. As well as, easing people out of the physical habit.

Don’t be fooled, it’s not a one-hundred percent healthy alternative. It’s not just a quick fix.

“There have been some tests of these E-cigarettes that show that the amount of nicotine can sometimes be inconsistent and some studies have shown that there may be some trace amounts of carcinogens in the E-cigarette itself. ” Says Dr. Carlson, who says the cigarette is Less regulated by the FDA.

Although, for heavy smokers, cutting back with the E-cigarette is much less damaging than continuing to inhale tar-ridden smoke….More at E-Cigarettes: A Doctor’s Perspective

It brilliant and really makes me happy when I find great success stories like this. I just hope that more people would be able to benefit from using the electronic cigarette, its a great device and even if you dont switch over completely you can still puff on it instead of a real cigarette and end up smoking a lot less than you normally do.

Please share this with anyone you know would benefit and that may be struggling to stop smoking themsleves, you never know, the electric cigarette may just be for them.