Christina Curry tries a Jasper & Jasper Electronic Cigarette Xplorer mini starter kit Pt1

Christina Curry tries a J&J Xplorer e-cig from For Christina Curry’s Birthday Dex gave her a Jasper & Jasper Electronic Cigarette to help her quit smoking. But will she be able to kick the bad habit and give up cigarettes for good? Get 10% off Jasper & jasper electronic cigarettes when you use the Cigregret exclusive discount code ‘JJ10′ Follow Christina on twitter Follow Cigregret on Twitter: Follow Dex on twitter: Click link to tweet this video: Jasper & Jasper Xplorer electronic cigarette mini starter kits cost £24.95/.99 from For more informational videos and exclusive discounts on the world’s best electronic cigarettes visit The Jasper & Jasper e-cig Xplorer kit comes with 1 x Atomisation Chamber 5 x ‘Regular’ Nicotine Cartridges 1 x USB Charger 1 x Manual 1 x Disclaimer card

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