It’s An E Cigarette, Not Super Man!

Is it a cigarette? Is There a flame? Is it harmful? No Its Not Its An E Cigarette.

Nowadays it seems like this should be the on the forefront of every smokers mind today, the e cigarette is the superman of the smokers world, saving you money and your health. The e cigarette has been literally sweeping the smoking world turning it flat on it head.

Now smokers can enjoy their favourite brand of smokes even as well as menthol or even strawberry flavours with the e cigarette anything is possible. Smoke in restaurants, online in the bank or airplanes or anywhere else you can imagine craving a cigarette and not being able to have one.

No More Smoking Ban For You With The E cigarette

Last year i went on a flight and was literally crawling the walls dreaming for a smoke and even though at the time i wasn’t using the e cigarette regularly i brought one with and just in the nick of time remembered i had pack away a menthol e cigarette!

I lit it up and people started giving me the most evil looks as if what the heck was i doing!? and then the smokers realised and started asking me about the e cigarette so i explained how i found this site and the information was helpful and i decided to give it a go.

So when I landed i continued to give the e cigarette a go and was able to bring my 40 cigarettes a day smoking habit now to about 3 or maybe 4 a day while smoking the e cigarette in between. You can compare it a little bit to the nicotine inhalators where the the only thing you inhale is the nicotine, the only problem is when you exhale there is no smoke and really doesn’t make you feel like your smoking a regular cigarette.

The E cigarette Looks And Feels Like A Real Cigarette

So because the e cigarette really feels and smokes like a real cigarette i found myself in bars pulling it out and having a couple of drags on it, no one could say a thing and because of it i found myself not going out and having a cigarette with the crowd every time.

I have to say as an alternative to smoking it definitely scores very well in terms of satisfying cravings and feeling like your actually smoking so what i found is that its probably the best way to slow down your smoking and can very easily be used to help you even kick the habit entirely.


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