How To Choose An Electronic Cigarette

Lets Look At How To Choose an Electronic Cigarette

electronic cigaretteThere are so many different brands of electronic cigarettes on the market that consumers are starting to get overwhelmed. Some of the most popular brands get attention by spending a small fortune on advertising while other try to win customers by offering package deals on starter kits. Well, despite the fancy ads and the special priced starter kits, many prospective users of electronic cigarettes would like some more useful information about what actually makes a good electronic cigarette?. What makes a certain brand worth spending your money on?

Assuming that the vast majority of people reading this article will already know what an electronic cigarette is, we will spare you a detailed description of the device.

Suffice to say the electronic cigarette is a new, and many say safer, way to get the nicotine you would normally get from cigarettes. It can also be a great, innovative device to help you quit smoking. The e cigarette produces a water vapor that carries small, measured doses of nicotine into the users system with each drag. The water vapor simulates the smoke from tobacco cigarettes without actually burning anything. Since the vast majority of toxins in cigarettes come from the burning of the tobacco, electronic cigarettes are thought to be a much less dangerous way to get the nicotine you crave.

The first thing most prospective buyers will look at is price. Compare the many different brands on the market and see what each is charging. Look at the cost of not only the e cigarette itself but the cost of replacement nicotine cartridges. After you buy the starter kit, your biggest expense will be for nicotine cartridges. It won’t do you any good to save money on a low priced starter kit; if you pay triple the going price for nicotine cartridges later. Do your homework and check the pricing carefully.

Needless to say, quality of manufacture is very important. Your choice of e cigarette should be made of high quality steel with a lithium ion, rechargeable battery. The starter kit should offer both a plug in recharger and recharger that plugs into the USB port on your computer. Many serious computer users are not big fans of using the USB port to charge external devices, so it is preferable to have a recharger that plugs into a standard wall outlet.
The top brands all come with a lifetime, replacement warranty and we strongly suggest that you include these criteria when considering your choices for electronic cigarettes.

The most important, single feature of an electronic cigarette is ease of draw. A well-made electronic cigarette should draw easily and give you the equivalent of the volume of smoke you would normally get from a tobacco cigarette with each and every drag. It should not just give you one or two decent drags and then require you to suck your lungs out as it runs out of steam due to insufficient charging or a low quality battery that isn’t up to the job. While it is hard to pre-test many of the popular brands, there are now kiosks springing up at malls everywhere that actually allow you to try the electronic cigarette for yourself. Try to get to one and test before you buy. Make sure it allows you to inhale easily and consistently gives you a satisfying volume of smoke. If it doesn’t, then a low price is irrelevant.

The other non-negotiable aspect of electronic cigarettes is that the brand you choose must come with a variety of different strengths of nicotine cartridges. Lowering the strength of your nicotine cartridge every few weeks is the key to quitting. The more strengths of cartridges available, the less difficult it may be to quit using nicotine altogether. At a minimum, the brand you choose should offer at least 3 strengths of nicotine cartridge. If you can find a quality product that offers 4 or 5 strengths of nicotine cartridge, then even better.

For those of you who are planning to use the electronic cigarette as a replacement for tobacco cigarettes and are not planning to quit, a real bonus may be the brands that come with flavoured nicotine cartridges. Some manufacturers offer a wide variety of flavors such as coffee, chocolate, wild cherry, whiskey, brandy and apple. For real cigarette connoisseurs, some brands are now offering nicotine cartridges that simulate the taste of popular brands of tobacco cigarettes. There are many choices available and this is certainly a wonderful option for smokeless cigarette aficionados.

These are important guidelines to follow when choosing your electronic cigarette. It doesn’t matter if you plan to use the electronic cigarette to help you quit smoking or as a substitute for tobacco cigarettes. The smokeless cigarette can be a very effective and enjoyable replacement for tobacco. And of course, in the opinion of many experts, the electronic cigarette it is a much safer alternative.



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