E Cigarette – How Long Will They Last?

So what is the life of an e cigarette?

e cigarettePeople often ask how long an e cigarette will last, and it all depends on individual use. To answer that question for any one user involves observing how hard they draw air into their mouth because that is the moment when the e cigarette battery is triggered to produce vapor. The more air that passes through the vaporizer, the more quickly the battery is used up.

The batteries are rechargeable in wall outlets and in USB ports. But there is another factor that has to be considered when someone asks how long a unit will last, which is the e cigarette liquid containing nicotine and other ingredients. The liquid comes in special cartridges and when it is used up in the vaporizer the e cigarette cartridge must be refilled or replaced.

The e cigarette is better, last longer and is healthier than a normal cigarette

The e cigarette liquid is actually the only part of the unit that is used up regularly. Rechargeable batteries may eventually need to be replaced, but not very often. So, e cigarettes last as long as the liquid lasts, and that is the simple answer for everyone.

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