Electronic Cigarettes Help You Avoid the horrid look

Electronic Cigarettes: How To Avoid Negative Comments If You’re A Smoker

Electronic cigarettes diisgustedAnyone who smokes tobacco cigarettes has experienced “the look” and probably more than his or her share of negative comments from family members and even complete strangers, too.  Smoking used to be glamorous, but now it’s frowned upon and even illegal in most public places. That’s why electronic cigarettes are such a great alternative. Whether a smoker tries the disposable electronic cigarettes or chooses to invest in the best electronic cigarettes available, she’ll have the perfect solution wherever she wants to “light up.”  Of course there’s no flame involved, there’s no combustion at all, but there is a tiny light at the tip that lights up when the user draws air through the unit. And there’s water vapor that has the appearance of smoke, so users may still get “the look” from time to time, but they usually have no obligation to step outside while enjoying an electronic cigarette.

What else will be missing with electronic cigarettes?

Here’s the really good news for every electronic cigarette user and everyone else in the room – there’s no odor and there’s no second-hand smoke. Those are the two main things non-smokers complain about the most. Of course the complainers are thinking about their own comfort and well-being, so once they know it’s not a tobacco cigarette they are usually fascinated and pleasantly surprised. Electronic cigarettes do not create smoke or odor at all. They are perfect for social situations. You’ll create no smoke to offend others, and you’ll leave no musty, smoky, lingering odor. The pure water vapor produced by electronic cigarettes dissipates immediately into the air, leaving no scent at all, which means less odor than the average person wearing perfume.

Where can a person use electronic cigarettes?

Right now there are few limitations on the use of electronic cigarettes. Of course they are not for sale to minors, and use by minors is not encouraged, but that is the only unilateral restriction at this time.  Unlike tobacco cigarettes they do not produce smoke, and therefore do not fall under the non-smoking ordinances and laws to which people are accustomed.  This can cause some confusion in restaurants and other public places, but for the most part the confusion is easily handled when someone complains and then hears the good news about electronic cigarettes. When people become curious, “the look” is gone instantly. Their curiosity can be piqued even more by a description of the vast array of electronic cigarette liquid flavors available. Since the unit is creating vapor, the special liquid heated in the tiny vaporizer can be fruit, chocolate, or coffee flavored as well as the typical tobacco flavoring. No actual tobacco is used in the liquid at all, although various concentrations of nicotine are also available. Huge menus of flavorings can be found at shops that sell the equipment, and usually one or two flavor options such as menthol and apple come packed in electronic cigarette starter kits.

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