Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Try A Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Disposable electronic cigaretteIf the idea of recharging and refilling your electronic cigarette is simply too much bother, consider the disposable electronic cigarette. It is sold individually for about $15 USD each or in packs of 5 units for about $50USD. Each individual disposable electronic cigarette will provide you with approximately 500 puffs, which compares to about three packs of tobacco cigarettes for the average smoker.

With a disposable electronic cigarette starter kit you can really loose!

You can try one out and see how you like it, or order the bulk pack for a longer trial period. If you decide to take the plunge into refillable and rechargeable units, then a starter pack is a good way to get everything you need to use them.   So many smokers are experimenting with smokeless cigarettes now because they want to avoid the toxins in tobacco smoke. A disposable electronic cigarette is the least expensive way for you to experiment, and find out how long it lasts for you and how much you like it.


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