Secret to The Electronic Cigarette!

What’s The Secret Inside Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarette atomzerSome look like tobacco cigarettes and some look like a fountain pens, but all electronic cigarettes have a little secret inside. It’s called an atomizer or a cartomizer, depending on how it works.  An atomizer is the heating element that vaporizes electronic cigarette liquid to create water vapor that looks like smoke, but has no harmful contaminants. The atomizer is basically a simple filament within metal mesh that serves as a wick to draw the liquid in as the electronic cigarette user draws air through the unit. It is positioned in the middle, between the liquid-filled cartridge at the mouth end, and the longer battery portion and the lower end. The atomizer is where all the action is, so it eventually burns out when sediment builds up inside, requiring replacement from time to time depending on the individual smoker.  Fans of electronic cigarettes find that atomizer replacement is a significant recurring cost.

What’s the alternative to atomizers?

To solve the problem of atomizer burnout and costs involved in replacing the units, several manufacturers of electronic cigarettes now offer an atomizer-cartridge combination unit called a cartomizer which provides the user an easy, practical, disposable alternative to frequent replacement of the two separate units. Replacement cartomizers bought in bulk packs of five or more will cost between one and four dollars per unit, and can be expected to last about the same length of time that two packs of tobacco cigarettes would last the former tobacco smoker who is now giving electronic cigarettes a try.


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