Electronic Cigarette Flavors For Everyone

Electronic cigarette flavorsAnyone who has heard about the electronic cigarette or has seen some in use has probably also heard that flavored electronic cigarette liquid is one of the advantages of smokeless vaping.

They may have heard about fruit flavors like apple and strawberry, but chances are they haven’t visited the websites of any electronic cigarette liquid vendors with menus of flavors that will make anybody’s mouth water. Electronic cigarette starter kits only come with the basics of course, but thereafter a user may opt for refilling his or her own electric cigarette cartridges in order to enjoy flavors like: cantaloupe, dill pickle, star fruit, sherry, chocolate hazelnut coffee, Bavarian crème filled doughnut, eucalyptus, after dinner mints, blueberry pancakes, chocolate covered banana, rosewater, peanut butter, butterscotch candy, Kentucky bourbon or raspberry champagne.  Is anybody hungry yet?

Another little-known fact is that electronic cigarette liquid is available without nicotine, so it is completely free of tobacco-related toxins and nicotine as well. It’s just pure pleasure!

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