Ideal electronic cigarette starter kit?

I’m a correct novice to this topic, yet I’m hoping to replace smoking cigarettes real cigarettes with electronic ones. Nicotine is an essential evil, for the second, so I’m striving a strong starter set that I may get bulk liquid nicotine for.

I’ve been counting as Blu’s starter set. For the dollar, it seems the method to go, but I’ve heard the normal fee permits 6 to 7 favorites vs. 10 to 15 of other. I’ve also heard that some archaic ones only allow one struck every 15 minutes, so don’t point out those items, please.

I recognize 40 to 60mg of nicotine could be lethal, so I’m speculating just what the typical favorite would certainly be with 24mg nicotine. I strive 2.0 mg+ cigarettes, so I’m probably acquiring much less compared to 0.2 mg each hit now, likely 10 to 15 hits each cigarette. I wouldn’t wish to review 0.5 mg every fine e-cigs.

Thank you for your time.

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