Ideal electronic cigarette starter kit?

I’m a correct novice to this topic, yet I’m hoping to replace smoking cigarettes real cigarettes with electronic ones. Nicotine is an essential evil, for the second, so I’m striving a strong starter set that I may get bulk liquid nicotine for.

I’ve been counting as Blu’s starter set. For the dollar, it seems the method to go, but I’ve heard the normal fee permits 6 to 7 favorites vs. 10 to 15 of other. I’ve also heard that some archaic ones only allow one struck every 15 minutes, so don’t point out those items, please.

I recognize 40 to 60mg of nicotine could be lethal, so I’m speculating just what the typical favorite would certainly be with 24mg nicotine. I strive 2.0 mg+ cigarettes, so I’m probably acquiring much less compared to 0.2 mg each hit now, likely 10 to 15 hits each cigarette. I wouldn’t wish to review 0.5 mg every fine e-cigs.

Thank you for your time.


  1. Lisa says

    Blu? – No – you can get an equal e-cig or a better e-cig for less money.

    Go here: and look at some reviews on youtube
    they will help you find what you’re looking for. Its just a forum – unbranded – so you’ll get the info you want and options on e-cigs that don’t come from salespeople pushing you into something they want you to buy.

    You’re too technical on the nic strength for me for today – I could handle: I smoke this brand and X cigs per day. LOL

    You are completely off on the charges, even on the Joye 510 which is a great little e-cig, one of the most popular, the battery will last around an hour of HEAVY vaping. I’d say you really need to learn a little about these. You won’t regret it.

    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy future vaping.

  2. JC says

    What is the best electronic cigarette? The fact is that most ecigarette models basically work the same way. In a nutshell, a battery powers an atomizer which vaporizes a nicotine/water solution that is inhaled by the user. The main differences are in overall quality/dependability as well as special/extra features that may appeal to you depending on your personality and needs.

    Here are some features to evaluate:

    Brand Personality / Look
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Blue, Red or Green LED
    2 or 3 Piece e-Cigarette
    Vapor Volume
    Price Tag

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