1. JC says

    You would need something to produce the vapor since you can’t steam/boil the water in there.

  2. biire2u says

    Maybe not lying…but misled. Water has nothing in it that will resemble anything from cigarettes. Even vaporized it won’t even look like smoke

  3. metagg says

    Sure, you can use water, but no, it won’t work like other electronic cigarettes, because the vapor would be too light and vanish quickly. Most E-Liquids contain some water, but also Propylene Glycol or Glycerin, as well as nicotine and flavor. The propylene glycol or glycerin makes the vapor linger around a while and is thicker than water. A complete water based E-Cig would be the most unsatisfying toy on the planet, a complete waste of money. Tell your bud to keep drinking his/her water-downed beer, while you enjoy something made for someone with balls.

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