1. Kate says

    Vaping doesn’t work for everybody, it has a learning curve and can be unsatisfying at first. If you stick with it and get the hang of it you’ll probably find that it’s a good and satisfying alternative to smoke.

    It’s important to get support if you can and I’d suggest you talk with impartial enthusiasts on an independent forum to avoid being ripped off by undercover advertising.

    There are a lot of links here:

  2. sassycassie says

    Im pretty sure it’s not really going to help they don’t have nicotine in them which is why you are addicted to them in the first place.

  3. JC says


    Electronic cigarettes come in various nicotine levels to satisfy your addiction to nicotine. They also allow you to continue with the physical act/routine of smoking: e-Cigarette and coffee in the morning, smoke break at work with co-workers, cigarette after this or that, etc.

    But of course they do feel a little different and you need some willpower to get used to them. But you can do it!

    I suggest that you do a Yahoo search for "ecig buying guide" and start to explore the different options and features.

  4. Scotty Mack says

    I used to smoke 1 1/2 packs of Marlboros per day in did so for 25 years. After taking my first couple of puffs on an e-cigarette, I told my wife, "I could smoke this!" and never went back to my regular smokes after finishing up the pack I was on.

    It all depends on the nicotine level of the e-juice you are using as far as the "pick me up" factor goes. I would suggest that anyone who is concerned about getting their nicotine fix, should get the Very High (24mg) of nicotine e-liquid to start out with and if they want to wean themselves off of their nicotine dependence, that they should gradually lower the nicotine levels in subsequent e-liquids that they use.

    The nicotine is not what causes the cancer – the combustion of tobacco is what does. The nicotine is what keeps you "hooked" and what gives you the "pick me up."

    Although the negative effects of nicotine are what the media likes to concentrate on (what a shock!), there have been many studies that show the positive effects of nicotine. Alertness and faster brain response are two of the factors that you cite that are definitely supported by the studies. It is also now being suggested that nicotine may very well be beneficial to people suffering from psychological disorders such as schizophrenia, Parkinson’s, hyperactivity and Alzheimer’s.

    If you want to try an e-cigarette, the best two models are the Joye 510 and the DSE901. All of the forums support this. I get mine from and They seem to have the best prices!

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