Quit This New Year With The Help Of The Electronic Cigarette

Quit Smoking With The Electronic Cigarette This New Year

Electronic cigarette smoke free new yearNew Year’s Eve is just a day or so away and this is the time that many of us make our New Year’s resolutions. People make all sorts of promises at this time of year. They make plans to save money, eat less, exercise more or spend quality time with their family. If you are a smoker, why not make a resolution that means better health and quite possibly a longer life. It is time to make a New Year’s resolution to quit smoking tobacco.

As many of us know, most New Year’s resolutions get broken or forgotten in a very short time. However, when it comes to quitting smoking, most of us fail because smoking is a highly addictive habit and it is extremely hard to quit. Many smokers have tried to quit over and over and have met with failure every time. It isn’t that smokers are a stubborn bunch of crazies who like to engage in activities that they know are really bad for them. Smokers are hooked on one of the world’s most addictive substances known as nicotine.

Smokers are facing an uphill battle.

They are addicted to a potent chemical and many have engaged in years of patterned behavior that re-enforces their smoking habit. The very act of lighting a cigarette and holding it is reassuring to smokers. The ritual of holding a cigarette in one’s lips and inhaling becomes deeply ingrained in a smokers sub-conscious. Anyone who wants to quit smoking has their work cut out for them and they are facing tremendous odds of failure.

Well, there is some good news to this story and that is a recent invention called the Electronic Cigarette. This incredible new device allows smokers to stop using tobacco and still get the nicotine they need to prevent withdrawal symptoms. By allowing smokers to get a measured dose of nicotine with every drag, one is able to give up tobacco cigarettes without going through weeks of lingering cravings. Since with the electronic cigarette nothing is burned or ignited, the smoker is not inhaling all the cancer causing, harmful chemicals that are created when you burn tobacco.

Stop smoking 2012The electronic cigarette is made up of a two part tube that looks just like a real cigarette, but without tobacco and the risks of smoking.

The larger section is a metal tube that corresponds to the part of a cigarette that contains the tobacco. This section encloses a battery and a heating element that vaporizes the nicotine solution. The second part of the electronic cigarette corresponds to the filter of a cigarette and it holds the all important nicotine cartridge.

When a smoker uses an electronic cigarette, they inhale just like they would a real cigarette. The battery powered heating element converts a small amount of the nicotine solution into a vapor that simulates the smoke of a regular cigarette. The smoker is not only able to inhale the vapor as if they were really smoking but they get approximately the same amount of nicotine with each drag as they would from a tobacco cigarette. Each replaceable nicotine cartridge is equal to about one pack of cigarettes and when it runs out, you simply unscrew the filter section and put in a new nicotine cartridge.

An added benefit of the electronic cigarette is that you can enjoy it in many of the places where tobacco smoking is banned.

You can use your electronic cigarette after an enjoyable meal in a fancy restaurant or while you casually stroll through the mall. If you happen to live in a city that even bans smoking in bars, you wont be forced to stand out in the rain on the sidewalk to enjoy a smoke. If your community has really gone over the edge and banned smoking in apartment buildings and private offices, then you can just use your e cigarette and enjoy yourself without any inconvenience. You can even use the electronic cigarette as a replacement for tobacco in areas where smoking is banned and enjoy real tobacco when you are in areas where smoking is permitted. Although quitting smoking is the healthier option, the choice is yours.

Another wonderful benefit of the electronic cigarette is that you can actually reduce the amount of nicotine you are getting by switching to a milder strength of nicotine cartridge when you feel you are ready. Over time, a user of the electronic cigarette can reduce the strength of the cartridge every few weeks until they are finally nicotine free. You can even use a nicotine free cartridge and simulate smoking without inhaling any nicotine at all. There is no other quit smoking system that gives you all the options that you have with the electronic cigarette.

The New Year is at hand and the time is now to make a New Year’s Resolution that you can actually keep. Make a promise to switch to the Electronic Cigarette. Give up your tobacco habit for good and see improved health and a better quality of life. There is finally a way to quit smoking without suffering and there has never been a better time to quit then now. Make the change to the smart way to smoke; the Electronic Cigarette.

We wish everyone a happy, tobacco free New Year in 2012.

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