Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

There is no question that electronic cigarettes or smokeless cigarettes have hit the big time, but are electronic cigarettes safe?

Are electronic cigarettes safeThey are being used by millions of former smokers to replace tobacco cigarettes or to quit smoking completely. Smokeless cigarettes are in the news, on the internet and have even been shown off on The David Letterman show by a Hollywood Starlet. Electronic cigarettes are very popular and with that popularity, people are starting to ask if electronic cigarettes are safe. While there are several viewpoints on the level of the safety of smokeless cigarettes, the experts have concluded that they are certainly safer than real tobacco cigarettes.

As with every other product that makes big money, the tentacles of government are reaching out to grab hold of the electronic cigarette industry. The government claims to be interested in safety but what is really at stake is tax revenues and taking control of an massive growth industry. The government makes billions from tobacco taxes and if electronic cigarettes are not only safe, but they can help people quit smoking, than those billions in taxes will be at risk. Of course, it is no surprise that the tobacco industry is a major opponent of electronic cigarettes. The tobacco lobby is at the forefront of donating to members of Congress who are in favor of banning or regulating electronic cigarettes.

The question –  are electronic cigarettes safe is legitimate since electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine which is an addictive chemical.

However, smokeless cigarettes eliminate second hand smoke entirely and that certainly means that electronic cigarettes are vastly safer for non-smokers than real tobacco cigarettes. There is no flame or burning involved in the use of electronic cigarettes and this makes them safer for both smokers and non-smokers. Smokeless cigarettes totally eliminate the possibility of people burning themselves alive like so many have done with tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are certainly safer when you consider that if you fall asleep with a smokeless cigarette, your bed will not go up in flames with you in it. Every member of your family will breathe easier when you use an electronic cigarette.

While tobacco cigarettes contain over 5000 harmful chemicals and 59 that cause cancer, electronic cigarettes have not been linked to to the risk of cancer. The fact that nothing is burned in the electronic cigarette not only makes them safer for non-smokers but it certainly spares the user from inhaling a plethora of very harmful chemicals. This is the key safety feature of electronic cigarettes. Not inhaling carcinogens with every drag certainly makes electronic cigarettes safe.

There are tremendous benefits to being able to quit smoking with a product like electronic cigarettes that makes them safer than tobacco.

Since the electronic cigarette allows the user to do exactly what they would do with a real cigarette with the exception of lighting it, it satisfies the smoker’s need to inhale and it satisfies the users addiction to nicotine. Electronic cigarettes look just like a real cigarette and they satisfy all the deeply ingrained rituals that smokers indulge in such as holding a cigarette and putting it to one’s lips. In this way, the users of electronic cigarettes are able to mimic actually smoking while eliminating much of the risk.

The fact that smokeless cigarettes are available with a range of different strengths of nicotine cartridges is another factor that makes electronic cigarettes safer.

The user can continue to avoid the cancer causing chemicals from tobacco cigarettes while slowly reducing the strength of the smokeless cigarette’s nicotine cartridge until the user is nicotine free. Electronic cigarettes have proven to be a very successful quit smoking device and as any doctor will tell you, if something enables a smoker to quit, it is certainly better than continuing to smoke. Michael Siegel, a tobacco researcher at Boston University said, “”The relevant question is not, ‘Are these things safe? But are these things much safer than real cigarettes, and do they help people quit smoking? The answer to both of those questions we know is yes.”  Seigel went on to comment on the idea of banning electronic cigarettes as sheer folly when he said, “What New York is doing is equivalent to outlawing lifeboats on a sinking ship because they haven’t been FDA approved. It’s a really crazy approach to public health.”

The general consensus is that electronic cigarettes are safe and the vast majority of experts say that they are absolutely safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Of course, responsible adults do not want children to use the smokeless cigarettes anymore than we would encourage a child to smoke. It is also incumbent on smokeless cigarette manufacturers to offer only the best, high quality products and every user must be sure to seek out the very best electronic cigarettes on the market. The ultimate goal is helping people quit smoking tobacco and electronic cigarettes are a wonderful new device to help people achieve that highly desirable goal.

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