1. BigJimW10 says

    Thanks for sending that to me. This shit is so fucked up. In so many ways.

    I mean, not banning something the FDA has control over that kills over 2,500 people a DAY, but brings in money. Yet ban a 5 year old product with a now proven track record of NOT killing a single person.

    Repeat after me, :the United States is fucked up”

  2. usagold101 says

    were not just saving our life, but the world with cleaner air, they pay big money every year, clean air supply is essential to our own health and that of the environment, for 24 years i smoked 2 1/2 to 3 packs a day, now i been smoke free 1 year today, e cig have save my life, help us help the world with cleaner air, what the FDA don’t know they inhale my smoke for 24 years, thank about that its true i can smell smoke now 20 feet away,one more thing please o bay the no smoke sings

  3. ChrisFromCali says

    Thanks for the video usagold101. I posted this over on VT. Gives some of the newer members an idea of just how serious the FDA is. Such a joke.

  4. lithium803 says

    This makes me nervous. I just placed a $250 order to Canada a week ago. I had it shipped overnight and it’s been almost a week. The tracking status says they were shipped but hasn’t been updated since. Where did you order your product from?

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