John Stossel’s Opinion On Electronic Cigarettes

The Food and Drug Administration has issued new warning label requirements for tobacco cigarette packaging, according to veteran newscaster John Stossel.

Electronic Cigarettes
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Nicotine For Electronic Cigarettes


Apparently the requirements will require scary color photos of diseased body parts and actual dead bodies. Although the FDA has the power to regulate electronic cigarettes as well, no such warning labels have been issued for packaging and print advertising for electronic cigarettes. And the FDA should certainly not be issuing any drastic warnings, because there’s no proof whatsoever that electronic cigarettes contain any of the over 4,000 toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke. In reality, there’s no comparison between tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. They just look similar.
In an article online, Stossel shared several quotes that underscore his personal opinion clearly. He wonders what could be wrong with electronic cigarettes that contain no tobacco, and produce only water vapor, no smoke at all. He is not alone in his thinking.

Stossel’s article quotes New York Times science columnist John Tierney with writing the following bit of common sense about trace amounts of chemicals found in the liquid used in electronic cigarettes: “The agency has never presented evidence that the trace amounts actually cause any harm, and it has neglected to mention that similar traces of these chemicals have been found in other FDA-approved products, including nicotine patches and gum.”  And another quote from professor Brad Rodu, of the University of Louisville, printed in the Harm Reduction Journal reminds readers that traces of chemicals found by the FDA in one study of electronic cigarettes were “…about 1 million times lower concentrations than are conceivably related to human health.”

What is the FDA Thinking About Electronic Cigarettes?

This is significant evidence that electronic cigarettes will surely grow in popularity as tobacco cigarettes suffer increased bad publicity due to the stiff new packaging requirements. Surely opponents of electronic cigarettes will begin to see the light. Yet another professor named Michael Siegel, of the Boston University School of Public Health is quoted as saying, “It boggles my mind why there is a bias against e-cigarettes among antismoking groups…” Users of electronic cigarettes as well as non-users have a hard time understanding why the FDA is not in favor of promoting electronic cigarettes as a smoking cessation device. At this time electronic cigarettes cannot be promoted for that purpose. Yet Stossel writes, “A new study from Italy found that after 24 weeks, half of all smokers using the e cigarettes reduced their consumption of the real McCoy by 50 percent. And a quarter gave up smoking altogether.”  That is a truly encouraging statistic, much more consistent with the experience of many former smokers, now happy users of electronic cigarettes posting on forums online.

Most encouraging of all, Stossel concludes, “The American Association of Public Health Physicians calculated that electronic cigarettes might ‘…save the lives of 4 million of the 8 million current adult American smokers.”

So, one of America’s top investigative reporters has spoken on the subject of the FDA and electronic cigarettes, and he has quoted other authorities who agree that electronic cigarettes should be allowed to have an important place in the future of nicotine delivery. While that phrase might not sound too romantic, it is, after all, the whole point of smoking tobacco cigarettes. And it is also the whole point of using electronic cigarettes for smokers who desire to reduce their consumption of tobacco while moving in the direction of eliminating tobacco entirely. It may be that the scientific community, the medical community and the enthusiastic community of vapers who all understand that it’s really all about nicotine delivery will eventually catapult electronic cigarettes into the conscious awareness of the general public and override the political pressures of special interest groups. The reality is that smokers who experiment with electronic cigarettes usually find themselves somewhat fascinated by the experience, and they continue to experiment with different styles, models and brands of electronic cigarettes until finding just the right one that suits their own tastes. Tobacco smokers all have individual preferences and smoking styles and the same can be said about users of electronic cigarettes. “Different smokes for different folks,” is a popular phrase that could be translated as “different vapes for different folks.” Once again, it’s all about personal preferences in the strength and also the flavor of nicotine delivery in a smokeless product.


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