Smokers’ Preferences When Switching To Electronic Cigarettes

Fact is there are millions of smokers around the world, in spite of dozens of well-known health risks caused by tobacco smoke.

electronic cigarettes
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Smokers Need Electronic Cigarettes


For these smokers, the pleasure and enjoyment of smoking outweighs the hazards, and the consumption of nicotine is paramount in importance. Many smokers have discovered electronic cigarettes since they were introduced in 2003. Some of these smokers have found that electronic cigarettes provide the satisfaction of smoking, but without the hazards of tobacco smoke. They have come to love their electronic cigarettes for just that reason – they experience the pleasure and enjoyment of consuming nicotine, but without the dangerous, toxic consequences produced by tobacco smoke. And of course many smokers are motivated to switch to electronic cigarettes in order to eliminate any chance of second hand smoke harming other people, and to avoid the residual smoky odor that seems to linger forever. These are all good things, and they can only be said about electronic cigarettes, certainly not the other, more mundane nicotine delivery alternatives. Nobody gets pleasure and enjoyment while using nicotine patches, gums, or inhalers.  Any smoker who wants the pleasure and enjoyment along with the nicotine is going to reach for electronic cigarettes every time.

What Choices Do Electronic Cigarettes Offer?

Tobacco smokers have had quite a selection of cigarettes available to them for decades now, and the ability to make a personal choice, a personal “statement,” is important to most people. Fortunately, electronic cigarettes offer plenty of options for former smokers to make personal choices and personal statements galore. In fact, most people find that the world of choices available in electronic cigarettes is overwhelming at first. Many times, good friends and associates will provide electronic cigarettes as loaners or gifts, and that lets the smoker try out one or more styles and models before making an investment. While disposable electronic cigarettes may cost less than ten dollars apiece on sale, electronic cigarette starter kits start at thirty to fifty dollars each. Many of the best electronic cigarettes cost over a hundred dollars apiece, so that means a smoker really wants to know what he or she prefers before spending cold, hard cash on particular styles electronic cigarettes.

However, as many fans of electronic cigarettes will admit, you can’t vape just one.

Most vapers eventually acquire a collection of electronic cigarettes because they enjoy the variety. Disposable electronic cigarettes can be just the right thing for traveling, but the big tanks that can hold a whole bottle of e liquid provide long-lasting pleasure for hours and hours on end without refilling. Tanks are not the most elegant of the many styles electronic cigarettes, it’s true, but many vapers are ‘way past the phase of needing their electronic cigarettes to have the familiar appearance of tobacco cigarettes.

The mini electronic cigarettes, as the tobacco cigarette clones are called, are great in public places, but they require refilling and recharging to a much greater extent than tank style electronic cigarettes.

Although estimates are certainly subject to individual differences, especially since the flavored water vapor produced by electronic cigarettes is less dense than tobacco smoke, manufacturers of electronic cigarettes usually suggest that one cartridge of e liquid will last as long as one pack of twenty tobacco cigarettes. By manufacturers’ estimates, then, disposable electronic cigarettes should last as long as one pack before they run out of liquid and must be discarded. And it means that tank style electronic cigarettes containing a whole bottle of e liquid will last much, much longer. Since refilling electronic cigarettes only requires a few drops of liquid, it’s easy to see the dramatic contrast between tank style electronic cigarettes and the one-pack equivalents, meaning disposable electronic cigarettes, mini electronic cigarettes and pen style electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigars and pipes are larger in size, but not necessarily in e liquid capacity. With the exception of disposable electronic cigarettes, all other styles of electronic cigarettes can be recharged, so battery capacity becomes an issue for some users who prefer not to be interrupted while enjoying the pleasure and enjoyment of vaping.

Electronic cigarettes contain batteries to power the atomizer or vaporizing unit, which is the element that heats up e liquid to produce vapor.

Technically, an atomizer is a resistor, so it’s important to obtain and maintain the proper resistance within the particular battery used in various electronic cigarettes. The performance of each atomizer is assessed two different ways, by vapor production and by length of life. So, the choice between different models of electronic cigarettes often comes down to the choice of atomizers because each user gets to decide which of the two is more important – thick, puffy  clouds of  thick vapor or longer atomizer life. Basically, there’s a choice to make, and while some users don’t want to get that technical, others do. And for users of electronic cigarettes who are technologically inclined, there are web forums full of great ideas and personal contact with other vapers who are happy to provide their own hands-on experience with the huge selection of electronic cigarettes on the market today.

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