Nikko’s Review of the AquaVapor STORM electronic cigarette MOD

This is Nikko’s review of the AquaVapor Storm electronic cigarette battery MOD, available only at AquaVapor. Covered are the individual components, 3.7V 14500 batteries and charger, vapor production, 510 and 901 atomizers, converter/adapters, warranties, durability, throat hit and recommendations for smokers


  1. firefox335 says

    Nice vapor, but damn! It looks like you’re smoking a fucking LIGHTSABER!

  2. Havixus says

    You either vape way too much nicotine or you smoke crack, and I’m going to go with you smoke crack because you’re desperate to sell these things.

  3. NikkoDaniels says

    @Havixus – Nice comments, Dude.
    Actually I don’t make a dime if these things get sold.
    I just want to get out the word for products I believe can help people stay away from cigarettes. Works for me.

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