Saber Touch e-cig Mod Review – 5 Volt Model

Review of the Saber Touch PV mod from: This is the 5V regulated model, but you can get it in 3.7V as well. Check the site for colours and pricing. SPECIAL DISCOUNT: For June, 2010 only! Use discount Code: elixir20 This code will get you 20% off the purchase of a Saber Touch Mod as well as free Shipping in the USA! Discount is courtesy of and


  1. Werfed says

    Only my opinion …. I am sorry, but that thing looks ridiculous. only thing that appeals is the 5 year warranty which is pretty freaking awesome , nice review.

  2. NicFitNation says

    @Werfed Well, looks are subjective. I personally think it is dead sexy. But, too each is own. cheers, VST

  3. Werfed says

    @NicFitNation very true, plus your actually the one holding it, I dont know what it looks like in person, but saber touch is a pretty suitable name from what i see being familiar with starwars.

  4. evms2002 says

    Nice mod made with a use of simple garden hose caps and other hardware from home depot….
    I feel bad for ppl who got ripped off.
    Home depot part # A-685

    Replace the word dot with a .



  5. NicFitNation says

    @evms2002 So, I assume you have made 10 already? Maybe I will make a car today, because I know where to buy some cheap tires.

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