E Cigarette Cartridges: Are They Refillable?

The simple answer is “yes and no.”  Some e cigarette cartridges are refillable and some are not

E cigarette cartridgesE cigarette cartridges contain a bit of polyester fluff that absorbs the e cigarette liquid and allows it to flow gently through the atomizer while in use. Although there are some die-hard electronic cigarette fans who use the either the “drip method” or the “injection method” of refilling each cartridge, most simply buy new e cigarette cartridges because it’s easy. It’s not terribly cost effective, but as usual, easy often beats cost savings in a popularity contest.

So, if a regular user has decided to purchase her nicotine and flavoring liquids in bulk, then she has a choice of refilling her e cigarette cartridges by dismantling them or injecting them: dismantling means removing the polyester fluff and dripping a few drops in the old cartridge, then replacing the polyester fluff to absorb the liquid; while injecting means refilling the old cartridge with a liquid-filled syringe. Either way, e cigarette cartridges can be put back into service for great vaping once again.

How Long Do E Cigarette Cartridges Last?

The time to refill e cigarette cartridges is when there’s a noticeable smell like something burning or perhaps distinctly less vapor production. Most experienced users will say that e cigarette cartridges can be refilled five or six times, that’s it. After that, the polyester fluff basically wears out and damage can occur to the atomizer as a result of varying liquid flow through the polyester. It’s highly advisable to watch online videos of e cigarette cartridges being refilled in order to avoid any accidents or errors refilling at home.

I don’t know if dismantling the e cigarette cartridge is really worth the effort when you can purchase a new starter kit or get new cartridges for a couple of dollars. Using the one time disposable e cigarette doesn’t allow for changing its e cigarette cartridges.

E Cigarettes May Be Smoked Anywhere

E Cigarettes have become quite a hot topic, and one of the primary reasons is the fact that some bold users go ahead and take out their e cigarettes to enjoy in places where tobacco smoking is banned.

e cigarettes
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Beat The Ban With E Cigarettes


Ask any airline pilot, bus driver or restaurant owner and you will hear stories of e cigarettes that caused considerable controversy among other people who don’t smoke. E cigarettes produce water vapor that looks for all the world like tobacco smoke. Users of e cigarettes can see the difference of course, but non-smokers and even tobacco smokers who are not familiar with e cigarettes usually experience a few moments of confusion and even anger.

Naturally it appears that tobacco smoke is spiraling through the environment but e cigarettes produce no smoke because nothing is burning;

There’s no combustion and no smoke at all. So that brings up the issue of the use of e cigarettes at the office. This is indeed a hot topic and one that has been resolved in favor of many users of electronic cigarettes for one main reason: no more cigarette breaks. If an employer does the math, he or she can easily see that the dollars wasted when employees have to step outside frequently to take a smoke break are dollars saved when employees are allowed to use and recharge e cigarettes at their desk.

If the user is willing to put on a little demonstration and provide some information most curious co-workers will get on board with the use of e cigarettes at the office. It just takes some sensitivity and patience to show that there’s really no comparison between harmful tobacco cigarettes and smoke-free e cigarettes, an issue that’s easily addressed by most e cigarette users on the job.

E Cigarettes Create No Smoke

Getting a little confused with all the media attention on e cigarettes?

E cigarettes confusedNow that there are so many choices, including huge units shaped like a box and tiny units smaller than a toy cigarette, how can a smoker know what to choose and exactly how to get started?  The choices seem nearly endless, but the most important thing is just to get started. Start to make a change by trying out disposable e cigarettes available locally. Just grab a few and get started vaping.

E cigarettes do not involve combustion…

…so that means they do not create smoke. The tremendous advantage of e cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes is the complete absence of tobacco smoke. There’s no flame and no smoke, there’s only water vapor emitted from e cigarettes, and the same water vapor is emitted from the user’s lungs upon exhalation. No smoke is created in e cigarettes, so no smoke is inhaled by the vaper, the person using e cigarettes to replace tobacco cigarettes. None of the many brands of e cigarettes generate smoke, which means the smokeless alternative is also free of the harmful toxins and carcinogens contained in tobacco smoke.

Electronic Cigarette Advantages: From Past To Present

Electronic Cigarette Advantages

Smoking tobacco is a habit that has enjoyed popularity throughout history in many cultures. There are still a lot of people all over the world who smoke tobacco, despite the fact that tobacco smoke has been shown to contain thousands of contaminants, tars, toxins and carcinogens. Since the mid 1800s people all over the world have chosen to consume tobacco by smoking it in various ways. Today there’s a better way – it’s the electronic cigarette and it’s the smokeless alternative that’s sweeping the world faster than tobacco ever did. Today we have the internet to spread the good word about the electronic cigarette and its many advantages. The electronic cigarette is an invention of the 21st century, and it is truly a product whose time has come, because the pleasure of tobacco smoking has been supplanted by the pleasure of knowing there’s no harm in the vapor that’s inhaled or that’s filling the room for others to inhale. People are actually beginning to care very much about their own healthy choices and how their choices affect their families, and they’ve discovered that an electronic cigarette is a healthier choice.

Is It Possible To Save Money With An Electronic Cigarette?

The first electronic cigarette was patented by Ruyan, a Chinese manufacturer. The name Ruyan could be translated into English as, “smoking anywhere,” which is certainly appropriate for an electronic cigarette that doesn’t emit harmful tobacco smoke. Individual users all have their own personal reasons for choosing an electronic cigarette, but the most popular are freedom from the many dangerous chemical components in tobacco smoke, and also saving money. There’s no doubt that every electronic cigarette user is avoiding the harmful components of tobacco because he or she is totally avoiding the use of tobacco. But not every user of an electronic cigarette will save money. Cost savings in a side-by-side comparison of smoking tobacco or using an electronic cigarette will be achieved most often by heavy users who don’t go overboard buying a new electronic cigarette every time a new one shows up on the market. Serious vapers, people who use an electronic cigarette that produces water vapor instead of smoke, invariably learn to refill their own cartridges with custom-blended nicotine and flavor liquid. When a vaper reaches this level of sophistication, that’s when the cost savings of electronic cigarette use begin to appear. Refilling cartridges and sticking with a small collection, if not simply a favorite electronic cigarette, will provide the most practical advantages to the electronic cigarette user.


What Exactly Are Direct Power Electronic Cigarettes?

Direct power electronic cigarettesAlthough the majority of electronic cigarettes are still designed to look like a standard tobacco cigarette…

…newer products have their own look and features for greater utility value with less hassle. Larger e cigarette batteries provide more hours of use between charging, and that is particularly handy for traveling and long days away from power sources.

But nothing can compare with the e cigarette models that simply operate by plugging into a wall socket or a USB port.

There’s no battery to run down and no variation in power input, all of which makes for smoother, more consistent vaping. Some direct power models are manual, requiring the user to press a button to start the atomizer, and some are automatic. Serious e cigarette users generally gravitate towards the manual models because it gives them more control. There’s a slight delay when the user draws air through an automatic model before it kicks on the atomizer to heat up the liquid and produce vapor. That slight delay is eliminated when the user starts the atomizer manually. And direct power models are also available in two or three piece models. Disposable cartomizers are particularly useful when electronic cigarettes are used during the day and at work when its easy to stay plugged in, but there’s no time or opportunity for refilling. Replacing a cartomizer in a direct power e cigarette is quick, neat and office-friendly.

What Recent Legislation Means To The E Cigarette Comunity

For the e-cigarette community, recent legislation may possibly include the e-cigarette.

E cigarette legislationIn the two prior acts, the Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act of 1965, and the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act passed in 1979, were direct specifically at cigarettes, the e-cigarette industry, and e-cigarettes in particular, and were not included.  The obvious reason this lack of inclusion was that e-cigarettes did not exist, at least for the general public, at those times.

After the 2000 U. S. Supreme Court decision in FDA v. Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corp.,  when the Court ruled that the FDA had “overreached” its authority to regulate tobacco products as customarily marketed, stakeholders lobbied for additional tobacco control legislation.

In an attempt to protect the public health, in 2009 Congress passed and President Obama signed the Family Smoking Prevention and Control Act (Tobacco Control Act [TCA]).

However, this most recent legislation, which became effective on June 22 2010, gave the FDA control over tobacco products in general. Included in the provisions of the act was to give prior FDA rules, if those rules were to protect the health of youth, legal enforceability. Hence, the TCA effectively negated the Supreme Court decision.  Potentially, that provision gives the FDA control over the e-cigarette as a smokeless tobacco.

If the e-cigarette is a “smokeless tobacco product,” then the FDA now has the control it attempted to get through the back-door of the courts, but was stopped.

While some stakeholder praised the TCA, others criticize it as ineffectual as it does not eliminate nicotine, and “gives the appearance of regulation without allowing regulation actual regulation,” according to Michael Siegel, a community health sciences professor.

For the e-cigarette manufacturer, the TCA has no provisions the ban the import of tobacco products, which the act might prohibit, for personal consumption.  Only is the product is imported for sale or distribution does it come under the act.  Therefore, if e-cigarette users choose to directly import e-cigarettes from e-cigarette companies then the TCA “oversight” applies.

Under Section 101(a)(1) of the act, “the term ‘tobacco product’ means any product made or derived from tobacco that is intended for human consumption, including any component, part, or accessory of a tobacco product.” Does this section include the e-cigarette in the TCA?  Under Section 900(17), the TCA defines “smoke constituent” such that the e-cigarette would come under the TCA.

Missing in Section 900 is a specific definition of “tobacco product.”  While “tobacco product” is defined under Section 101, that section is titled “Amendment of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA).” So, under the general concept of where definitions apply, one could argue that “tobacco products” (such as e-cigarettes) only come under the FDCA, not specifically under more stringent TCA.

The TCA defines “cigarette” in Section 900(3)(A), but limits the definition to the that of the Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act (“any roll of tobacco wrapped in paper or in any substance not containing tobacco, and any roll of tobacco…is likely to be offered to, or purchased by consumers as a cigarette”).  Additionally, Section 900(3)(B) is included as an “and”, which means the e-cigarette does not meet the definition of a cigarette under the TCA.

Nevertheless, will the FDA try to include it?  Probably yes.

Introducing Mini E Cigarettes

Relatively new on the world scene, e cigarettes are the source of great pleasure and great controversy as well.

E cigarettes controversyPeople all over the world are discovering the advantages of e cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes. Those advantages include absolutely no smoke at all because e cigarettes don’t involve combustion, no flame means no smoke. The smoke-like water vapor that gives the appearance of tobacco cigarette smoking is created by heating special e cigarette liquid so that it turns into vapor.

It works like a teakettle, but on a micro miniature scale.

And now even the original e cigarettes have a smaller relative, the remarkable mini electronic cigarette. They are available in starter kits with chargers and a selection of flavored e cigarette liquids, as well as a supply of cartridges. The cartridges come in a rechargeable pack that looks like a stylish pack of cigarettes so the whole set-up can get a smoker started on the road to reducing or eliminating tobacco cigarette smoking or simply provide a healthier alternative.

One of the most cost-effective ways to experiment is to try the mini e cigarettes because the kit is compact, complete and yet offers a variety of flavors.

Just like the original and custom sized e cigarettes, including electronic cigars, the mini electronic cigarettes come with special liquid that can be formulated to contain a high amount, lesser amounts or no nicotine at all. That gives the unit tremendous appeal to smokers who are trying to quit as well as party-goers who are just looking for some fun. On average, one of the mini disposable cartridges provides approximately the same length of enjoyment as one pack of tobacco cigarettes, or an average of 250 puffs depending on the individual style of the user, and the new electronic cigarettes have vapor production and consistency that rivals the best electronic cigarette in the industry.

The E Cigarette Colored-Tip Says It All

E cigarette users who opt for models that look like real tobacco cigarettes may find themselves in a bit of a sticky situation from time to time.

E cigarette no smokingIf they choose to use their e cigarette in public and it looks like a traditional cigarette, from a distance or even up close, then there can be immediate consequences that definitely do not add to the user’s enjoyable experience. It’s not hard to imagine the chagrin of restaurant patrons who are enjoying their dinner and fully expect to do so in an environment that is completely smoke-free.

The establishment has No Smoking signs posted and surely it is a safe assumption, but over in the corner there’s a woman who clearly looks as though she’s smoking a cigarette right in front of everyone…

..the waiter is summoned and a complaint is made, all to no avail because the woman was using an e cigarette and not smoking a tobacco cigarette at all. The waiter was aided in his assignment by the fact that her chosen model of e cigarette had a blue-colored light at the tip, a sure sign that her behavior was not out of line. She had learned the hard way to make a change from the first model she purchased with an orange –colored tip. That one looked too much like the real thing and caused similar problems in more than one restaurant before she switched.

This sophisticated e cigarette user is setting a good example for others to follow because making sure that an e cigarette fits into the social surroundings is simply a discerning and polite thing to do.

It gives the e cigarette a good name.

If you have had any similar incidences with the e cigarette please share, In fact i recall last year this time I was in Switzerland on a snowboarding trip when I was caught out in the bar smoking an e cigarette, they looked at me like i was a complete…. well I think you get the picture. So please get involved and let us know what encounters you’ve all had smoking your e cigarette!

PS. Here’s the post about smoking the e cigarette in Switzerland! http://www.yourelectroniccigarettestarterkit.com/382/smokeless-smoking-in-swietz/

Does The Electronic Cigarette Make a Good Gift?

For reluctant smokers on anyone’s gift list there are many options in the realm of the electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarette giftsThe question becomes, “which one?” Even though an electronic cigarette user may have his or her own favorite models, using nicotine in a particular strength and electronic cigarette liquid in a variety of flavor options, when considering a gift for another person all those personal preferences need to be set aside. The reason being, a new user needs to have an experience that’s simple and fun, that’s it. They just want to try it without buying it and have an enjoyable experience to boot. If this is making sense, then the following is likely to make some sense as well – just go out and purchase the nicest disposable electronic cigarette you can find, wrap it up and give it as a gift.  A disposable is by far the best choice for ease of use and fresh experience for someone who has never tried out an electronic cigarette. Cigarette smokers may have a variety of reactions to their first electronic cigarette, but that’s all part of the fun!

What Is The Best Electronic Cigarette

Everybody who is getting ready to make an investment in an electronic cigarette starter kit or even just experiment with a disposable e cigarette is thinking the same thing – which one is the best? It’s just human nature to want to try the best one first and avoid wasting time and money on inferior goods. But the truth is that there is not one best electronic cigarette because they all appeal to different users and their personal preferences. If a cigarette smoker wants to use discretion in the process of experimenting with e cigarettes in public then a slim model with a lighted tip will serve her purposes much better than the large, boxy units that simply look like an odd, confusing contraption to those unfamiliar with electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are developing their own unique culture and the best model is the one that works where and how a person wants to use it.

A group of vapers who have all tried various models and moved up the line to enhance their options for nicotine delivery and flavor options may be sitting around talking about how to achieve the strongest concentration of nicotine in each puff. They might be heard talking about “throat hit” and “steady drip,” phrases that mean nothing to a relatively new user. The best electronic cigarette for these folks is going to differ considerably than the best one for a cigarette smoker who has just recently decided to experiment with e cigarettes to reduce their exposure to toxic tobacco smoke. That person’s needs are completely different at the outset; everyone else’s needs will continue to change.

How Does An E Cigarette Differ From A Tobacco Cigarette?

Smokers turned e cigarette users will tell you that the basic similarity between tobacco cigarette smoking and e cigarette use is that something is placed in the mouth, and after that, the differences are many.

Experienced users provide this advice to new users of e cigarettes:

1) Draw air in very lightly compared to a tobacco cigarette;

2) Draw longer, three seconds or more, in order to heat up the atomizer that creates vapor;

3) Hold the vapor in the mouth for two seconds, then inhale deeply, followed by a slow exhale through the nose; and finally,

4) Spend at least twice as long using the e cigarette as one tobacco cigarette lasts.

These use instructions are given for the purpose of achieving adequate nicotine from an e cigarette, because tobacco smoke is composed of much finer particles that penetrate the lungs faster and farther than vapor produced by e cigarettes.

The “hit” produced instantly by nicotine in tobacco smoke takes longer to achieve by nicotine in e cigarette vapor. The two activities may look the same to a non-smoker, but what’s really going on for the e cigarette user is totally different.