NUCIG Electronic Cigarette eCig Starter Kit Unbox from

Posting my first “unbox” video for my first eCig review product, the NUCIG from Check out my other eCig videos, news, and reviews at

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E-Cigarette Review: The GP901 from

This time I am reviewing the GP901 from The GP901 is very similar to the traditional DSE901 and you can even swap the parts from each units. So if you have some old DSE901 batteries and just want to try the GP901 atomizer, then you can. The only big difference I found was the price. The GP901 is a less expensive kit compared t traditional DSE901’s. Check them out over at http and tell Rob that Kalojado sent ya! And be on the lookout. We will be having a contest very soon for a Kensington powerpack and an 808 passthru, courtesy of Rob at Good Prophets!

All you need to know about Smokeless Cigarettes

No one can deny the fact that smoking can cause some serious health issues. Although there are people who know they can get several sort of health related issues, they just dont find them in a position to call it quits. The problem is that this habit has a tendency of coming back after some time. It means even if you leave cigarettes for months, the moment you see someone smoking in front of you there will be a strong temptation of trying it again. Thats the reason why quitting is not the easiest thing in the world. There are ways that help you stay away from the bad health effects of cigarettes without having to stop smoking. Yes, it is possible, and you can do it by opting for smokeless cigarettes.

E-Cigarette mod

This is a video of me using my home made USB pass through device. This is a DSE103 atomizer connected to a rechargeable usb lithium ion battery with a pass through made from solder, tire valve extension,welding tip, wire and heat shrink tubing. The battery is a 5 volt and seems to work fairly well.