Electric Cigarette

The Electric Cigarette

electric cigarette

Trying to quit smoking? Then you just might find yourself facing quite a difficult task. Luckily for you and other smokers struggling to quit and failing electric cigarettes are here and these might just be the Holy Grail you have been searching for if patches and gums have failed you.

Is the Electric Cigarette Safe?

Among the popular methods or devices designed to help smokers quit the habit, the electric cigarette is changing the tide. If you have never heard of an electric cigarette, patches or gums, you have probably never tried to quit smoking. The electric cigarette is the new fixation of smokers who are trying to quit and this will be approved by non-smokers because there is no second-hand smoke to bother them or give them lung cancer.

The electric cigarette is basically a battery operated pseudo-cigarette.

Not only does an electric cigarette look like a real stick of cigarette, it also has the taste of cured tobacco you love. The electric cigarette is formulated to give hardcore smokers the satisfaction of smoking a real cigarette without actually smoking one.

The electric version of your favorite cigarette has been around since 2004 and is quickly becoming more popular all over the world. The electric cigarette appeal is its no-smoke feature. You can basically have your nicotine fix anywhere and anytime you want without causing any distress to others around you. Yet, however popular electric cigarettes or e-cigarettes may be, there are still people who are reluctant about the product because of safety issues.

The Safety Concerns

Is smoking the electric cigarette safe for you? Here are a few facts you need to know about the electric cigarette, then you decide if yourself if it safe for you to use.

Like a real stick of your preferred brand of smokes, the electric cigarette also contains nicotine. However, the nicotine in electric cigarette is far less than what you might find in an actual stick of cigarettes. The e-cigarettes uses a cartridge of liquid nicotine which is vaporized by an atomizer everytime you take a puff. These nicotine cartridges also come in different strengths to supplement anybody’s nicotine cravings.

The electric cigarette is generally less harmful than real cigarettes. Although nicotine is found in the electric cigarette, it is not really considered as carcinogenic. Nicotine is what you might call co-carcinogenic, which means nicotine is only carcinogenic when mixed with the other elements or ingredients found in a real stick of cigarette.

The electric cigarette also contains Propylene Glycol which gives off a fake smoke effect everytime you take a drag on the Electric Cigarette. This is also what is used in smoke machines in theme parks or concerts to provide a smoke effect; because it produces no real smoke, it can’t cause tar on your teeth like cigarettes do. They also come in different flavors to suit anyone’s taste.

The electric cigarette can also help you quit smoking by reducing you nicotine intake. The fact that the nicotine cartridges used comes in variable strength, you can train your body to have less and less nicotine by gradually decreasing the nicotine strength on your electronic cigarettes.

The electric cigarette is perfectly legal and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. and other countries.

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