Quitting With An E cigarette Pt4

Quitting The Easy Way With An E cigarette Part 4

I’m now in my third full week using my e cigarette in my effort to quit smoking tobacco. So far, i have been able to resist the temptation to smoke tobacco cigarettes on all but one occasion. I was riding in a car with my friend the other day and he was smoking a cigarette. Without really thinking, i picked up his pack off of the seat and lit one up before i even realized what i was doing. It is a very good example of just how much of a habit cigarettes become and just how difficult it is to quit smoking. To be absolutely honest, once i lit it, i smoked it to the end.

Fortunately, that has been my only slip up so far. I have been using my e cigarette on a regular basis. I’m finding that i am using one of the high strength nicotine cartridges per day which is the equivalent of a pack of tobacco cigarettes a day. The cartridges are costing me $2 each so i am saving over $3 a pack. I happen to live in a state where cigarettes are still about $5 a pack. If i lived in a state like New York, I would be saving over $12 a pack. This is a very nice amount that will leave me over $1000 a year to use for more important things. Once i quit completely i will be saving almost $2000 a year. Imagine the savings for a New York State resident. They will save over $4000 a year while using the e cigarette and over $5000 a year once they quit completely. From an economic point of view, e cigarettes are a smart move.

As far as my health goes, it is already starting to improve. I am feeling less short of breath and i have stopped coughing. At first, i was coughing a lot as my lungs cleared out all the junk i had accumulated from a lifetime of cigarette smoking but that has subsided as i begin my third week on the e cigarette. My sense of well being is markedly improved. Not to mention, no more cigarette smell and filthy ashtrays. Since it is now late spring and the weather is quite lovely here, i have started to air out my house every day and the smell of tobacco is finally leaving my home. These are just some of the many positive benefits to using the e cigarette.

One important thing i would like to mention is that the e cigarette works better for me when i stop trying to emulate my normal cigarette smoking patterns.

Instead of smoking my e cigarette to mimic the amount of tobacco cigarettes i used to smoke, i now only use it when i get a craving for nicotine. At first, i was using my e cigarette whether i was craving nicotine or not and i was using it much more than i needed. Over the past few days, i have started to moderate my use of the e cigarette and i am now using it about half as much as when i started. This seems to work better for me and i am curious about what smoking patterns other e cigarette users follow.

Well, the first two weeks were quite successful and i am very encouraged. The real test will come in 2 more weeks when i reduce the strength of the nicotine cartridge for the first time. If i am able to continue to resist the temptation to smoke tobacco after i reduce the cartridge strength, i will then be well on my way to quitting smoking; hopefully for good and ever. e cigarettes are a vast improvement over the other methods i have used to quit smoking.

The Prado Electronic Cigarette

Prado Electronic Cigarette

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Your Not Smoking With A Prado Electronic Cigarette

Leading a smoke free life is the best thing for everybody and all smokers owe it to themselves to to at least try the e cigarette out to see if its right for them. After all with the e cigarette you can beat the no smoking ban and smoke your e cigarette your local pub, bar or restaurant!

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Quitting The Easy Way With The E cigarette Part 3

Quitting With The E cigarette: The Easy Way Part 3

The last few days have been incredibly informative to say the least. I have been threatened with fines or ejection from several public places for “smoking in a restricted area.” I have been given the cold shoulder and less then stellar service after insisting on my right to use an e cigarette. Fortunately, nothing more serious came of these incidents because i was using my trusty e cigarette and there is no law or ordinance against their use where i live. However, some important lessons were learned that should be shared with my readers.

The most illuminating incident occurred when i went out to my planned dinner with friends to a very popular Italian restaurant in my area. I have eaten here many times and i was a familiar face to the manager and staff. We were seated in a nice table by the front window of the restaurant which had us in plain view of other diners as well as anyone who was walking down the block. I couldn’t have chosen a better location to test out my e cigarette if i had tried. I did not bother to ask first if i could use my smokeless cigarette and i didn’t even tell my dinner companions i planned to use it. There was a sign posted banning use of all tobacco products but it made no mention of e cigarettes so i saw no reason not to enjoy my smokeless cigarette.

We ordered drinks and had began to talk among ourselves when i took out my e cigarette and took a deep, satisfying drag.

I even blew a nice, fat smoke ring for emphasis. Some might think i was being provocative but i say i was just “enthusiastic.” Even my dinner companions were taken aback and then a waiter practically flew over to our table. He informed me that i was not permitted to smoke in the restaurant and i should put it out at once. I smiled and told him it was an e cigarette that was totally legal to use in public, Without another word, he spun on his heels and ran off, only to return a minute later with the manager. The manager politely but coldly recited that although i was within my rights to use my smokeless cigarette in the restaurant, it would be better if i didn’t so as not to upset other diners. I told him that the other diners should probably be paying attention to their own meals and friends and not minding my business. I let him know that i intended to continue to enjoy my smokeless cigarette during my meal. He did not utter another word and left in a huff.

My friend’s wife asked me why i needed to make a scene and basically ignored me afterwards. The rest of the meal was virtually silent and quite uncomfortable. Our waiter practically flung the plates at us and he gave me an icy stare with every appearance at our table. He rushed the courses one after the other and it was obvious he intended to get us out of there as fast as possible. All in all, it was not an enjoyable evening.

So what did i learn from the experience. One thing i learned is that it is probably a good idea to ask first if it is permitted to use an e cigarette in places like restaurants and movie theaters. It is a good ice breaker and it shows concern for others. It also serves to educate anyone who doesn’t know what an e cigarette is and prepare them in advance for their use. In retrospect, my not asking first at the restaurant was probably as much to blame for the unpleasant evening as their attitude. It could have been handled better by both sides.

The other thing I learned is it is also a good idea to explain about the e cigarette to your friends or guests before using one.

Asking them if they are OK with your using an e cigarette before you start shows them that you respect and value their opinion. It will help to prevent them from over reacting or thinking that you are smoking a tobacco cigarette in a restricted area. Just as importantly, it shows that you care about their comfort and not just your own desires. I now realize it was a bit unfair and even rude not to have mentioned that i planned to smoke an e cigarette to my dinner companions. If i wish to repair my friendship with that couple i need to apologize for not asking them in advance if they were comfortable with my using a smokeless cigarette at dinner.

The bottom line in all this is that although it may be technically legal to use the e cigarette in places where the smoking of tobacco is forbidden, it is still a good idea to ask in advance. The e cigarette is a relatively new device and not everyone is familiar with them. Non-smokers may not even know of its existence and may automatically assume you are smoking a tobacco cigarette. By asking in advance you are breaking the ice and showing good manners. Most rational people tend to respond favorably to a polite request and you are much less likely to end up having the unpleasant evening that we did if you simply take a moment to ask first if you may use your e cigarette.

Quitting The Easy Way With An E Cigarette P2

Quitting The Easy Way With an E cigarette Part 2

After a two week wait, the big day finally was finally at hand. The package containing my electronic cigarette arrived. It couldn’t have come at a better time since i was down to a half a pack of tobacco cigarettes. I didn’t even have to worry about getting rid of any leftover tobacco cigarettes. I just threw the last few in the trash with the packaging materials from my e cigarette. No fuss, no muss and no wasted cash.

Upon opening the package, i found the various components of my e cigarette. The main tube which contains the lithium ion battery and the heating element that vaporizes the nicotine and creates the simulated smoke. The second, smaller tube, which corresponds to the filter in a tobacco cigarette, contains the nicotine cartridge. This part simply attaches into the larger tube, forming a complete electronic cigarette.

Also in my package were the boxes of replacement nicotine cartridges that come in varying strengths. For extra convenience, each nicotine cartridge is factory inserted into a fresh filter tube. When the nicotine cartridge is used up, you simply unscrew the two parts and attach a fresh filter tube onto the larger tube. It is just that easy.

The final component in the package was a plug in battery charger that is to be used at the end of each day to recharge the lithium ion battery. The product even included a second, usb charger that can be plugged into any computer’s usb port to recharge the battery. Recharging, by the way, is quite easy. You just insert the main tube into the charger and leave it to charge while you sleep.

Feeling great anticipation, i anxiously assembled the e cigarette, using one of the full strength nicotine cartridges. The battery was already charged, so all i had to do was screw the two tubes together. In my hands, i held an assembled, ready to use, smokeless cigarette. I took my first drag and i noticed the red glow at the tip of the electronic cigarette. This lets you know the battery is functioning as well as simulating the burning end of a tobacco cigarette. Just another touch to make the e cigarette seem even more familiar.

As i inhaled on the e cigarette, i could feel the vapor containing a measured dose of nicotine enter my lungs.

What a surprise. I thought i was smoking a tobacco cigarette. The sensation and the volume of smoke were just the same as when i smoked my last tobacco cigarette an hour earlier. The only difference was that i was inhaling a harmless, smokeless vapor instead of smoke created by burning tobacco. It should be stated that it is the actual burning of the tobacco that creates all the harmful chemicals that are linked to the health problems from smoking tobacco. Not to mention, there is no odor from the vapor of an e cigarette and no second hand smoke.

I took another drag on my smokeless cigarette and then another. With every drag, i got the same, satisfying results. A deep, full drag with a volume of vapor that was the same as the volume of smoke in a tobacco cigarette. I could even blow smoke rings. I was thrilled with my smokeless cigarette. Over the course of the day, as i continued to use the e cigarette, i never felt any cravings for a tobacco cigarette. The nicotine cartridge was doing its job to supply me with the nicotine my body craved without the risks associated with tobacco cigarettes.

The only, minor issue i had was knowing when to stop. Since the electronic cigarette contains no tobacco, it doesn’t burn down like a tobacco cigarette. That gave me two methods to tell when id had the equivalent of an entire tobacco cigarette. One was to count the drags and stop after 15 to 20 drags which is approximately the number of drags one gets from a tobacco cigarette. The other method was to time myself on my electronic cigarette and stop after 5 minutes which is about how long a tobacco cigarette lasts. However, as the days passed and i adjusted to using the e cigarette, this became un-necessary. I started to sense when i was satisfied without having to bother to time myself or count drags.

So far, my e cigarette experience has been a resounding success.

I haven’t smoked a tobacco cigarette since i started using the e cigarette and i’m even starting to feel better. My lungs are clearing out all the junk i built up from smoking tobacco. I am feeling none of the withdrawal symptoms from quitting smoking because i am still getting my nicotine. The electronic cigarette also satisfies all the associated ritual habits that come with years of smoking tobacco without any of the dangers. It is a vast improvement over smoking tobacco.

Next comes stage two. I plan to slowly taper off of my electronic cigarette by using a succession of weaker nicotine cartridges over a period of several weeks. Hopefully, i will be able to get down to the weakest strength nicotine cartridge without any of the discomfort normally associated with quitting smoking. Then i will slowly wean myself off of the weakest cartridge until i am nicotine free. I even have the option of using cartridges that contain no nicotine at all, if i still need the ritual of smoking after i’m no longer addicted to nicotine. I have so many more options with e cigarettes than i ever did with tobacco.

Oh! In case you think i overlooked my promise to use the e cigarette in a posh, snooty restaurant; i have plans to go out with friends next week to one of the area’s best Italian restaurants. I will be sure to let you know the results. Until then, be well and be happy.

Part Two OF The Easy To Quit With The E Ciagarette, Please share your thoughts!

E Cigarette Make Quitting The Easy Way

Quitting The Easy Way With an E Cigarette ; Part 1

I started smoking at 12 years old by stealing cigarettes from the tray my mother would put out for guests at parties. Since i am now 59 years old, i can remember a time when just about every adult smoked and didn’t feel guilty about it. When it finally dawned on me that cigarette smoking was seriously harmful to my health, i embarked on my current 35 year journey to quit smoking. Well folks, after dozens of failed attempts to quit, it looks like there may finally be hope for me.

This time i have a new weapon in my arsenal that may really work in my battle to quit smoking. I’m going to be using the new invention called an electronic or smokeless cigarette. This device was invented by a Chinese health practitioner in 2003 and over the past few years, it has been spreading like a wildfire among smokers trying to quit. It is simple, 2 part metal tube that looks like a real cigarette and gives you a measured dose of nicotine with each drag. The internal heating element vaporizes a small amount of the liquid nicotine into simulated smoke that gives you the sensation of inhaling. However, since nothing is burned, there are none of the toxic chemicals and smoke found in real tobacco cigarettes. Imagine that, the sensation of smoking without the toxins and second hand smoke.

I have been told by friends that you can actually use the e cigarette anywhere.

Even in restaurants and other public places where smoking has been banned. This remains to be tested by me and i am looking forward to people’s reactions when i use my smokeless e cigarette in public. I will report back to you on the results. I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of the package containing my e cigarette and a 3 month supply of replacement nicotine cartridges. When they arrive, i will be giving away any remaining tobacco cigarettes and switching over to my smokeless cigarette exclusively.

My plan is simple and very straight forward. I will use the e cigarette at the same rate as when i was smoking tobacco cigarettes. Since one cartridge is equivalent to one pack of tobacco cigarettes, i will try to approximate my previous pack a day tobacco cigarette habit. To enable smokers to quit completely, the nicotine cartridges come in different strengths. I ordered a month’s supply of the strongest cartridges and several other strengths in varying amounts. This will allow me to taper off my nicotine dose over 3 months until i am totally weaned off of nicotine. After three months, if i am still craving nicotine, i can always go to the local mall and get a few more weeks worth of low strength cartridges.

Well, thats about it for now. As i said, im chomping at the bit to get started with my e cigarette.

I can’t wait until the package arrives and i can put my plan to the test. I hope this is the time i actually succeed in quitting smoking tobacco cigarettes. Only time will tell if my plan is sucessfull and those of you reading this will be the first to know my results. I just can’t wait to light up my e cigarette in some posh restaurant and see the looks on people’s faces. The comments they make should be priceless. Hopefully, no one will assault me or throw a glass of water on me. We all know how dangereous mitant, non-smokers can be when roused.

Stay tuned for part 2 on how the e cigarette is helping me stop smoking.

It’s An E Cigarette, Not Super Man!

Is it a cigarette? Is There a flame? Is it harmful? No Its Not Its An E Cigarette.

Nowadays it seems like this should be the on the forefront of every smokers mind today, the e cigarette is the superman of the smokers world, saving you money and your health. The e cigarette has been literally sweeping the smoking world turning it flat on it head.

Now smokers can enjoy their favourite brand of smokes even as well as menthol or even strawberry flavours with the e cigarette anything is possible. Smoke in restaurants, online in the bank or airplanes or anywhere else you can imagine craving a cigarette and not being able to have one.

No More Smoking Ban For You With The E cigarette

Last year i went on a flight and was literally crawling the walls dreaming for a smoke and even though at the time i wasn’t using the e cigarette regularly i brought one with and just in the nick of time remembered i had pack away a menthol e cigarette!

I lit it up and people started giving me the most evil looks as if what the heck was i doing!? and then the smokers realised and started asking me about the e cigarette so i explained how i found this site and the information was helpful and i decided to give it a go.

So when I landed i continued to give the e cigarette a go and was able to bring my 40 cigarettes a day smoking habit now to about 3 or maybe 4 a day while smoking the e cigarette in between. You can compare it a little bit to the nicotine inhalators where the the only thing you inhale is the nicotine, the only problem is when you exhale there is no smoke and really doesn’t make you feel like your smoking a regular cigarette.

The E cigarette Looks And Feels Like A Real Cigarette

So because the e cigarette really feels and smokes like a real cigarette i found myself in bars pulling it out and having a couple of drags on it, no one could say a thing and because of it i found myself not going out and having a cigarette with the crowd every time.

I have to say as an alternative to smoking it definitely scores very well in terms of satisfying cravings and feeling like your actually smoking so what i found is that its probably the best way to slow down your smoking and can very easily be used to help you even kick the habit entirely.


E Cigarette And How It Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars A Year!!!

E Cigarette And How It Can Save You Thouasand Of Dollars A Year!!!

Author: e-cigarettes info

Personal Vaporizes are the products that are allowing current smokers to switch over to a smokeless lifestyle. A smokeless lifestyle can mean a healthier life, a smoke free life, but more importantly a cost efficient life that can save you thousands, keep reading to see how!

Electronic cigarettes offer consumers to switch over from traditional cigarettes to a electronic cigarette or commonly known as the Electronic Cigarette. This unique device provides the consumer with the liquid nicotine through an atomizer and a cartridge powered through a battery. This innovative technique allows the users to deliver the liquid nicotine through the electronic cigarette without allowing the hundreds of toxic chemicals that are often found in traditional cigarettes. The nicotine fix not only allows the user to smoke when they want but where they want.

Saving money with the electronic cigarette is a no brainer! The costs of cigarettes in the United States are going to be above a national average of $5.00-$7.00 for a pack of cigarettes and cartons over $100. If you are looking to save money with the electronic cigarette, or smokeless cigarette, then you have to look into www.smokelessdelite.com. The initial investment for the electronic cigarette starting at $69.99 is a rough bump in the pocket at first. But luckily that is a one time fee. Purchase the electronic cigarette once and buy electronic cigarette cartridges on a need to smoke basis. The cost of cartridges is extremely low when comparing them to the extremely high price of cigarettes. The electronic cigarette cartridges cost roughly $12 for a pack of electronic cigarette cartridges. But wait, there are 5 single cartridges in this $12 pack. And according to www.smokelessdelite.com, each electronic cigarette cartridge last approximately 60-80 drags, or equivalent to roughly one pack of cigarettes. So for one pack of electronic cigarette cartridges at about $12 you are getting somewhere between 4-5 packs of what you would some of traditional cigarettes.
Let’s say the national average for a pack of cigarettes is about $6 a pack (low ball) and you bought 5 packs of cigarettes that would cost you $30. $12 for a pack of electronic cigarette cartridges versus $30 for the same usage is a no brainer! Now let’s spread that over a year.

A one pack a day smoker would buy 365 packs of cigarettes a year and that would come to a grand total of $2,190.00. Wow that is expensive! If you used the electronic cigarette and buy electronic cigarette refill cartridges to last a year it would cost you $854 (5/ $12 = $2.40 a day x 365 days a year). $2,190.00-$854= A SAVINGS OF $1,336.00!!! Now that’s worth switching over to the electronic cigarette.

To read more information and see a video on the electronic cigarette, go to www.smokelessdelite.com

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