A Look at Famous Electronic Cigarette Smokers

Famous Electronic Cigarette Smokers

electronic cigarette johnny depp

In the recent romantic thriller, The Tourist, star Johnny Depp spends the majority of his screen time puffing away on an electronic cigarette. No matter where he is, on trains, boats or even in police custody, he takes soothing drags on his trusty smokeless cigarette. In one scene on a train, he sits calmly reading a book while enjoying his electronic cigarette. He seems more at ease with his smokeless cigarette than he does with his beautiful co-star, Angelina Jolie. Mr. Depp is just one among the many stars in the world of entertainment who have made the switch to electronic cigarettes.

There are many reasons these celebrities have made the switch. They spend a good portion of their time in places like movies sets and concert venues where tobacco smoking is prohibited. What better way to chill between takes for a major star like Leonardo DiCaprio than to relax with a smokeless cigarette. Certainly these big name celebrities are not going to be hoofing it down the block and out to the street to find a smoking permitted area. It is hard to imagine Mr. Decaprio standing out on the sidewalk in the rain to enjoy a tobacco cigarette at his favorite night club. In terms of a celebrities safety, privacy and convenience, electronic cigarettes make a lot of sense.

Even big name athletes like Jose Canseco have become users of the electronic cigarette.

Athletes depend on being in peak health to perform at their best. Can you picture Jose Canseco running the base paths or chasing down a fly ball while gasping for breath because he smokes tobacco cigarettes. By smoking electronic cigarettes instead an athlete can prevent nicotine withdrawal and maintain peak efficiency for their chosen sport. Readers would be surprised to learn how many big name athletes, especially outside of the United States where smoking is less frowned upon, are tobacco users. The electronic cigarette provides these athletes with a much safer way to enjoy the smoking ritual. The electronic cigarette allows them to preserve their lungs, heart, circulation and other important body functions and perform at a much higher level than if they were smoking tobacco cigarettes.

The list of celebrities who are using the electronic cigarette is growing daily.

Among those who have been seen using the electronic cigarette are Johnny Depp, Leonardo Di Caprio, Jose Canseco, Kevin Federline, Danny Bonaduce, Entourage’s Kevin Connolly, famous musician Tom Petty, American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest, Twilight’s Nikki Reed, Taryn Manning and super model Kate Moss. Several major stars have stated that they switched to the electronic cigarette in order to set a better example for their children. They also wanted to protect their children from second hand smoke and as we know, there is no second hand smoke from the electronic cigarette.

Nothing is more amazing than Katherine Heigl’s stunning recent appearance on the David Letterman show. During her interview on the Letterman show, Ms. Heigl started to use her smokeless cigarette and a surprised Letterman exclaimed he had never seen or heard of them before. Ms. Heigl offered it to Letterman to try and being a good sport, he obliged her after stating he had quit smoking years earlier. Three drags latter Letterman exclaimed. “This is remarkable. This ought to get it done, my friend.” Heigel went one to say she had been using her electronic cigarette for four months and it fully satisfied the ritual of smoking and her nicotine craving. The conversation concluded with a discussion of the dangers of tobacco smoking and how much safer the electronic cigarette was as a tobacco replacement. Letterman’s final comment was,”This is really cool. Congratulations.”

The splash made by electronic cigarettes among celebrities is reaching such major proportions that even Charlie Sheen has gotten into the act with the recent announcement of his soon to be released electronic cigarette line named “Nicosheen.” In partnership with Sheen is former baseball star Lenny Dykstra. These are just two more of the many celebrities who have made the switch and jumped on the electronic cigarette bandwagon. Of course, the real reason to use the electronic cigarette is to help you quit smoking tobacco and preserve your health but it sure is nice to be in famous company.

Quitting Within An E cigarette Easy way Pt7

Quitting With The E Cigarette The Easy Way Part 7

e cigarette

Things have been going well since I reduced the strength of the nicotine cartridges in my e cigarette last week. As a matter of fact, I’m doing much better than I expected i would after reducing the strength of the cartridge and noticing that it was quite a bit weaker than the full strength cartridge. Once I got over the initial shock and my determination to quit smoking kicked in, I relaxed and went with the program. At first I thought i would be constantly fighting off the urge for more nicotine and switch back to the full strength nicotine cartridges but that hasn’t happened.

I will admit the first day or so was a bit of a strain. I was much more focused on my electronic cigarette than I had been up to this point and I had to resist the temptation to over use it. But it is amazing what a good night’s sleep can do for you. When i woke up the next morning i took my first drag of my e cigarette and lo and behold, it was OK. Maybe a full night without nicotine while i slept made the difference but for whatever the reason, it felt fine. I didn’t notice the difference between the nicotine cartridges the way i had the day before and it was a welcome surprise. I’m continuing my program of reducing the strength of the cartridges in stages and in 3 weeks, i will make the next reduction.

While quitting win an e cigarette, I’d like to comment on the attitudes of non-smokers.

Many of them really need to do a reality check and grow up. Just because they don’t smoke or have quit smoking, they are not superior human beings nor where they put here to live in judgement of smokers. Their attitudes vary from distaste to downright immature hostility. They should try to remember that many of us, especially older smokers, started before the real dangers of tobacco where even known and we don’t smoke with some grand plan to kill non-smokers off with second hand smoke. A little understanding and sympathy would go a long way to showing some compassion for fellow humans who are struggling against a difficult addiction. An addiction that is still totally legal and heavily promoted with billions in advertising.

The perfect example of what i am talking about are the non-smoking couple i encountered recently. The weather has been wonderful where i live and i went for drinks and snacks with a lady friend at a local cafe. The weather was so nice that we decided to sit outside. After my initial, negative experience using my e cigarette in public, i follow a now constant policy of asking first if i can use my e cigarette and the woman who seated us said it would be just fine. However, that didn’t seem to matter to the couple sitting next to us, when without warning i was suddenly hit with a face full of water thrown by the female half of the couple. She followed her action with a screaming tirade of obscenities about my disgusting smoking and how i was killing her with second hand smoke.

Obviously this caused quite a commotion and about 5 of the staff came running over. The male half of the couple slunk back in his chair and said nothing throughout the whole ordeal. I don’t know if he was a whipped dog or just not interested but he never moved or opened his mouth. The woman more than made up for his silence and managed to be loud enough to disturb the entire restaurant. However, when i stood up and said, “Lady, this is a smokeless, tobacco free, electronic cigarette”, the whole place suddenly went so silent you could have heard the proverbial pin drop. The manager took the woman aside and after a minute or so she came back, got her handbag and motioning to her dog (i mean companion), they were ushered out of the restaurant.

The staff couldn’t have been nicer and more apologetic. I must say getting drenched is not my idea of a good time but i did end up with drinks and snacks on the house. I am so glad i adopted a policy of always asking first if it is OK to use my electronic cigarette. I can’t honestly say how things might have turned out if i had just started using it out of the blue without asking permission. Good manners win the day and two idiots took a walk. I hope this is the last time i have to go through such antics while using my e cigarette. Of course, no matter what strangeness may occur in the future, you will be the first to know.

Where To Buy Electronic Cigarettes

where to buy electronic cigarettesWell Look at Where To Buy Electronic Cigarettes

The first thing I tried to do when I looked where to buy electronic cigarettes was looking in the yellow pages after having seen an ad in the local newspaper about electronic cigarettes. I was completely besotted with the concept of being able to still get my nicotine fix without actually inhaling the horrible toxins that are in regular cigarettes.

So I Wanted To Know Where To Buy Electronic Cigarettes?

As a smoker the mere thought of being able to still smoke without the harmful smoke is a dream come true so I decided to do a little bit more research into the electronic cigarette. I found a few amazing things about electronic cigarettes.

1. You can’t really buy them in shops.

2. If you find them in a shop then you can expect to pay top dollar for one (over $150)

3. If you do get an electronic cigarette you can’t refill them as easily as you would expect.

4. And there is no variety offline.

After realising that electronic cigarettes are really more of a specialised product (after all the only people I ever heard of using these electronic cigarettes are movie stars like Leonardo Dicaprio, Katharine Hagel as well as Charlie Sheen. Not one of my friends has one and half of them haven’t even heard of an electronic cigarette let alone have one!

So My Quest on Where to Buy Electronic Cigarettes Continued

I searched a few places on line to see if I could find where to buy electronic cigarettes as well as a bit more information about them, the first thing I found was there are so many different electronic cigarette brands available that where to buy them wasn’t the problem anymore but which electronic cigarette do I buy. The next thing was the best place where to buy electronic cigarettes was definitely online and not in the local shops or shopping malls.

I did a search online and found a few prominent brands – electronic cigarettes whose brands were pretty much splattered all over the net like Direct ecig and Prado as well as Green Puffer. While these brands are some of the more well know ones online the question of where to buy electronic cigarettes was still an issue and I really wanted to decide already on my first choice of electronic cigarettes.


Seeing as the prices were a lot better online I opted for a free trial, the free trial allowed me to pay for only the shipping and handling fees while giving me 14 days to try out the electronic cigarette to see if I liked it and if I could really consider this an alternative to smoking regular harmful cigarettes.

It turns out that the electronic cigarette is a great substitution for smoking regular cigarettes because every element of smoking a regular cigarette is there, from the smoke that you exhale to the nicotine hit, you also get to the feel of having a cigarette that smokes in your hand – It really is a great alternative and I can really see the electronic cigarette is helping me along my way to stop smoking altogether one day.

There are also other main advantages of having an electronic cigarette like, being able to smoke anywhere you want (well almost) and being able to know that pretty much no matter where you are or what you are doing the electronic cigarette is most likely allowed to be used. No more smoking bans for electronic cigarette users. Another pro to using the electronic cigarette are the costs, you more than half you bill instantly (and hopefully completely at some point soon).

All in all the best place where to buy electronic cigarettes are online and if you do a search you’ll find a whole array of them and its really up to your personal preference which electronic cigarette you buy and from who.

Quitting With The E Cigarette The Easy Way Pt6

e cigarette

Part 6 The Series of Quitting With The E Cigarette The Easy Way

Today is a big day and my first real test in my attempt to quit smoking using an e cigarette. Today I plan to reduce the strength of the nicotine cartridges used in my e cigarette in order to reduce the amount of nicotine i am taking into my system. To be successful, I will have to follow certain guidelines. Obviously, I can not supplement my e cigarette with tobacco cigarettes to get more nicotine. Perhaps even more importantly, I must use the e cigarette at the same rate as when I was using the stronger nicotine cartridges. If I start to use it more than i was with the full strength cartridges, I will end up with just as much nicotine in my system. This will not help my goal to eventually be nicotine free.

Getting My E Cigarette Cartridges Was Alot Harder Than I Thought

With my goals in mind, I went to my local mall to buy a new supply of nicotine cartridges and I must say that i was a tad disappointed. I had envisioned a full line of cartridges of varying strengths designed to help me gradually taper off of nicotine. What I found instead was that there are only 3 strengths that are measured with a number system designed by the supplier. The nicotine cartridges come in strengths of 22, 11 and 5.5. While i think i can continue to achieve my goals using just 3 strengths, I would be much happier to see the cartridges come in a greater variety of strengths. This would allow me to experience much less of a jolt to my system as I reduce my nicotine intake. Certainly reducing my nicotine intake in 5 or 6 stages instead of 3 would be a lot less stressful.

I mentioned my concerns to the salesperson and he responded by telling me I could buy bottles of liquid nicotine. If I bought one bottle of 22 strength and one bottle of 11 strength, I could mix them together and create my own version of 16.5 strength. While the idea is tempting, I feel the machine made, precisely measured cartridges are the way to go. When you use the liquid nicotine, you use an eyedropper to put a certain number of drops in the filter end. This method is subject to human error and is not as accurate as the cartridges. One can end up accidentally using too many drops of liquid nicotine and have no idea of how much nicotine they are really getting with each drag. I experienced this first hand when I tried out the e cigarette before i bought it several weeks ago. The salesperson accidentally added too many drops of liquid nicotine and when I took my first drag, I actually got dizzy. As a result, I am a firm believer in the use of the cartridges as opposed to liquid nicotine.

I bought a month’s supply of 11 strength cartridges and made my way home. I decided to wait until i was in calmer surroundings than a shopping mall to try the new, milder nicotine cartridge for the first time. When I finally took a drag with the 11 strength cartridge, I immediately noticed a difference. Basically the weaker strength cartridges are like smoking a mild brand as opposed to a full strength brand of tobacco cigarette. This means until I get used to using the weaker nicotine cartridges, I will have to stay focused and pay a bit more attention to how much i use my e cigarette. I will have to be on guard against over using it to try to get more nicotine into my system. I will continue with my plan to wean myself off of the e cigarette in stages and i will achieve my goals.

Quitting The Easy Way With An E Cigarette Pt 5

e cigarette

Quitting The Easy Way With An E Cigarette – Part 5

I’ve have now been using the e cigarette for almost a month and i think this would be a good time to list out some of the pros and cons of quitting smoking by using the  cigarette. My list is formed from my own experiences using the e cigarette and from numerous conversations with others who are also using the e cigarette to quit smoking tobacco.

Pros Of Using An E Cigarette:

1. The e cigarette supplies users with a regular, measured dose of nicotine and this prevents the physical discomfort of nicotine withdrawal.

2. The e cigarette satisfies many of the deep rooted rituals of cigarette smoking such as the oral gratification of having a cigarette in your mouth and the nervous habit of using your hands to hold or manipulate a cigarette.

3. The e cigarette helps prevent much of the fear and psychological stress of quitting smoking.

4. The e cigarette creates no odor, messy ashtrays or the discoloration of one’s skin and environment that smoking tobacco can cause.

5. The e cigarette gives off no harmful second hand smoke to make others suffer discomfort and possible damage to their health.

6. The e cigarette will save users from $1000 to $5000 per year over the cost of tobacco cigarettes depending upon what state the user lives in.

7. Users of e cigarettes have noticed an improvement in their overall health as opposed to when they smoked tobacco cigarettes. This includes a lessening of the shortness of breath cigarette smokers experience, a clearing of foreign substances from the lungs, better sleep and improved taste. All in all, most e cigarette users remark on their improved sense of calmness and well being since they started using the electronic cigarette.

8. The e cigarette is much safer to use than tobacco cigarettes in terms of overall environmental and fire safety. No one has been burnt alive when they fall asleep with an e cigarette in their hands unlike the many thousands of tobacco smokers who have died in agony after falling asleep while smoking.

9. The e cigarette can be used in most of the places where tobacco smoking has been banned. I have used my e cigarette in restaurants, movie theaters and at an indoor sports arena with no problems what so ever. I have, however, been informed by several major U.S. airlines that the use of e cigarettes is prohibited on all their flights. The people i spoke to were unable to tell me why they were banned and as a matter of fact, the person at Delta Airlines didn’t even know what an e cigarette was.

10. Most importantly, using the e cigarette does not cause lung cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure or emphysema like tobacco cigarettes. At this time, no major illnesses or diseases have been linked to using the e cigarette to quit smoking.

And The Cons Of An E Cigarette:

1. As of this writing, there is still no major medical research on e cigarettes and most of the studies are anecdotal or limited in scope. There is, however, a great deal of testimony from users that the e cigarette enabled them to quit smoking with less discomfort and greater ease than any other method they have ever tried.

2. There is a wide variety of e cigarettes on the market and as with any new product some manufacturers rely on truth and some rely on advertising propaganda. I would recommend that users buy their first e cigarette based on real product reviews or the experiences of other active users. I would also suggest that if possible you buy your first e cigarette at a mall or store where you can try it our before you buy it. This is quite easily done in a safe manner buy slipping a disposable, unused plastic sleeve over the filter portion of the e cigarette before you try it.

3. Do not expect the e cigarette to be a miracle cure all. Your success at quitting smoking will still require focus, discipline and some will power on your part. Put away your unrealistic expectations and work diligently to quit smoking.

4. Even if you stop smoking tobacco forever, remember that as long as you continue to use nicotine cartridges with your e cigarette, you will still be physically addicted to nicotine. While this is vastly better than smoking tobacco, eventually you should make an effort to quit using nicotine cartridges as well.

That about sums up my pros and cons as my first month using the e cigarette draws to a close. I feel better, i’m not smoking any tobacco and i am quite optimistic about quitting smoking permanently. I do intend to eventually stop using nicotine in any form and be totally free of my nicotine addiction. This is still in the future however, and for the moment, i am focusing on not smoking any tobacco cigarettes. When i feel i am truly tobacco free, i will then move on to the next step of being nicotine free and wont even use the e cigarette anymore.

The E Cigarette and The Powers That Be

First An Interesting Video About The E Cigarette And Rush Limbaugh! Interesting and a must see!

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The E Cigarette and The Powers That Be: An Inside Look at The Pharma’s Views

e cigarette

When it comes to cigarette smoking, it has always been a double edged sword. On the one hand, people really enjoy smoking. On the other hand, it is addictive, bad for your health and can just plain kill you. Many people have spent untold amounts of time, effort, money and suffering trying to quit smoking. More often than not, their attempts to quit ended in failure. In the case of your noble author, i have tried to quit about 30 times over my 40 year smoking career. I even managed to quit for 2 years at one point but most of my attempts ended in failure after days or weeks.

Second in number, only to my attempts to quit smoking, have been the different ways i tried to quit. I’ve tried quitting cold turkey and by eating special diets. There were the nicotine patches and milder brands of cigarettes. I took prescription drugs that could cause potentially serious side effects. But despite my best efforts, I am still a smoker at almost 60 years of age. However, I recently saw some light at the end of the tunnel with my discovery of a new product to help me quit smoking tobacco.

The new product is the e cigarette, also know as the smokeless cigarette.

The e cigarette was invented by a Chinese health practitioner in 2003 and since then it has attracted quite a bit of attention and financial success. The e cigarette is a 2 part metal tube that looks like a real cigarette and gives you a measured dose of nicotine with each drag. The internal heating element vaporizes a small amount of the liquid nicotine into simulated smoke that gives you the sensation of inhaling. However, since nothing is burned, there are none of the toxic chemicals and smoke found in real tobacco cigarettes. To wrap it all in a nice, neat package, there is no second hand smoke to annoy non-smokers.

There has been a lot of good press and many articles have been written about the e cigarette. There has also been a large volume of anecdotal material and positive user comments about the e cigarette as a quit smoking device. Even doctors, who are horrified by smoking tobacco, have said it is considerably better to try to quit using the electronic cigarette than it is to continue smoking tobacco. No one has been injured or killed by e cigarettes and a substantial number of people have quit smoking using the device. Certainly no one has fallen asleep and burned themselves to a pile of ash using an e cigarette unlike the fate of many tobacco smokers who were foolish enough to smoke in bed.

This all brings us to one of America’s most “beloved” institutions, the FDA or Food And Drug Administration. This ubiquitous agency is known to insiders as “Big Pharma’s best friend” and as usual, they are working hard to keep the title. Take for example this recent nugget from the FDA dated April 25, 2011:

“The Food and Drug Administration announced Monday that it will act to ensure the government’s right to impose marketing, manufacturing and safety restrictions on “electronic cigarettes,” a nicotine delivery device widely billed as an alternative to cigarettes for those trying to quit and for smokers who can’t light up.

In a letter posted to the FDA’s website Monday, Dr. Lawrence R. Deyton, director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, said the agency will act to regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco products. To shore up its authority to do so, the agency will propose new regulatory language that would specifically define e-cigarettes as a tobacco product.”

Once again the FDA has jumped head first into the fray, as they put it, “To protect the health of Americans of all ages.” One might wonder what their real motivation is and who will benefit the most from their draconian attempt to regulate e cigarettes. The FDA hasn’t been deterred in the least from this attempt to regulate smokeless cigarettes despite the “recent decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in Sottera, Inc. v. Food & Drug Administration, stating that e-cigarettes and other products are not drugs/devices unless they are marketed for therapeutic purpose…”

On the one hand, we have a device that makes no medical claims but may actually help people quit smoking. This device has not caused anyone to die unlike tobacco cigarettes or many of the drugs the FDA has approved but the FDA is still on the warpath. Until they lost the court case, the FDA was seizing shipments of e cigarettes at U.S. Customs and trying to have the e cigarette banned permanently. Now they want them classified as if they were tobacco cigarettes. This move would force the manufacturers of e cigarettes to spend untold millions of dollars on FDA approved testing and development to be able to market electronic cigarettes. The FDA is simply trying to put the e cigarette out of business.

Another factor involved in the FDA’s efforts to regulate the e cigarette and classify them as tobacco is tax revenues. The government is terrified that the e cigarette may be as effective as they seem to be and millions of smokers will use the smokeless cigarette to quit smoking. This would cost the government untold billions in tobacco taxes. Unless of course, they can replace the tax revenues they would lose from tobacco cigarettes by taxing the e cigarette as if it were tobacco. All this from the government that claims it is only out to protect us from dangerous and fraudulent products. Another shining example of the the out of control, Federal government milking the tax payer for every cent they can wring out of us.

Then we have the major drug companies and their issues with the e cigarette. Just like vitamins, homeopathic medicines, herbal products and so many other things that the FDA has tired to control and regulate, the e cigarette is bad for the profit line of Big Pharma. The drug companies are not in the business of making you well. The sicker you get the more they make. They couldn’t give a hoot about your health or mine. This is an insidious network of government agencies and multi national corporations who will do everything in their power to crush any product they cant totally control, market and make a massive profit on. It’s no different than the FDA’s attempt to get vitamins classified as drugs because Big Pharma hasn’t been able to find a way to patent vitamins and thereby get an exclusive on their sale. These are people who would have air declared a drug if they thought they could get away with it.

An ugly fight is on the horizon but sadly most of the e cigarette manufacturers are small companies who don’t have the deep pockets to go up against the FDA. It looks like they will have to throw themselves on the mercy of the Federal Courts where they have had some limited success and hope for the best. Meanwhile, the FDA will do every dirty thing it can think of to put many e cigarette companies in dire straits. For the moment, I can still find an affordable supply of e cigarettes and extra nicotine cartridges at the local mall. I hope the FDA fails in their crusade against the e cigarette. As far as i am concerned, the e cigarette a damned sight safer and more effective then pills and nicotine patches.