How To Choose An Electronic Cigarette

Lets Look At How To Choose an Electronic Cigarette

electronic cigaretteThere are so many different brands of electronic cigarettes on the market that consumers are starting to get overwhelmed. Some of the most popular brands get attention by spending a small fortune on advertising while other try to win customers by offering package deals on starter kits. Well, despite the fancy ads and the special priced starter kits, many prospective users of electronic cigarettes would like some more useful information about what actually makes a good electronic cigarette?. What makes a certain brand worth spending your money on?

Assuming that the vast majority of people reading this article will already know what an electronic cigarette is, we will spare you a detailed description of the device.

Suffice to say the electronic cigarette is a new, and many say safer, way to get the nicotine you would normally get from cigarettes. It can also be a great, innovative device to help you quit smoking. The e cigarette produces a water vapor that carries small, measured doses of nicotine into the users system with each drag. The water vapor simulates the smoke from tobacco cigarettes without actually burning anything. Since the vast majority of toxins in cigarettes come from the burning of the tobacco, electronic cigarettes are thought to be a much less dangerous way to get the nicotine you crave.

The first thing most prospective buyers will look at is price. Compare the many different brands on the market and see what each is charging. Look at the cost of not only the e cigarette itself but the cost of replacement nicotine cartridges. After you buy the starter kit, your biggest expense will be for nicotine cartridges. It won’t do you any good to save money on a low priced starter kit; if you pay triple the going price for nicotine cartridges later. Do your homework and check the pricing carefully.

Needless to say, quality of manufacture is very important. Your choice of e cigarette should be made of high quality steel with a lithium ion, rechargeable battery. The starter kit should offer both a plug in recharger and recharger that plugs into the USB port on your computer. Many serious computer users are not big fans of using the USB port to charge external devices, so it is preferable to have a recharger that plugs into a standard wall outlet.
The top brands all come with a lifetime, replacement warranty and we strongly suggest that you include these criteria when considering your choices for electronic cigarettes.

The most important, single feature of an electronic cigarette is ease of draw. A well-made electronic cigarette should draw easily and give you the equivalent of the volume of smoke you would normally get from a tobacco cigarette with each and every drag. It should not just give you one or two decent drags and then require you to suck your lungs out as it runs out of steam due to insufficient charging or a low quality battery that isn’t up to the job. While it is hard to pre-test many of the popular brands, there are now kiosks springing up at malls everywhere that actually allow you to try the electronic cigarette for yourself. Try to get to one and test before you buy. Make sure it allows you to inhale easily and consistently gives you a satisfying volume of smoke. If it doesn’t, then a low price is irrelevant.

The other non-negotiable aspect of electronic cigarettes is that the brand you choose must come with a variety of different strengths of nicotine cartridges. Lowering the strength of your nicotine cartridge every few weeks is the key to quitting. The more strengths of cartridges available, the less difficult it may be to quit using nicotine altogether. At a minimum, the brand you choose should offer at least 3 strengths of nicotine cartridge. If you can find a quality product that offers 4 or 5 strengths of nicotine cartridge, then even better.

For those of you who are planning to use the electronic cigarette as a replacement for tobacco cigarettes and are not planning to quit, a real bonus may be the brands that come with flavoured nicotine cartridges. Some manufacturers offer a wide variety of flavors such as coffee, chocolate, wild cherry, whiskey, brandy and apple. For real cigarette connoisseurs, some brands are now offering nicotine cartridges that simulate the taste of popular brands of tobacco cigarettes. There are many choices available and this is certainly a wonderful option for smokeless cigarette aficionados.

These are important guidelines to follow when choosing your electronic cigarette. It doesn’t matter if you plan to use the electronic cigarette to help you quit smoking or as a substitute for tobacco cigarettes. The smokeless cigarette can be a very effective and enjoyable replacement for tobacco. And of course, in the opinion of many experts, the electronic cigarette it is a much safer alternative.



Final Quitting With An Electric Cigarette Part Ten

Quitting The Easy Way With An Electric Cigarette Part 10electric cigarette

Good news here. Another two weeks have gone by and I am still cigarette and nicotine free. Yesterday was an important day as I took the final step and laid aside my trusty electric cigarette. I stopped using the e cigarette with nicotine free cartridges and I’m doing just fine. Basically it took me 11 weeks in total to go from 2 packs of cigarettes a day to completely free of tobacco, nicotine and even the smokeless cigarette. The program has worked wonderfully and it went without a hitch. Well except for the lunatic lady in a restaurant who threw a glass of water on me for using my electric cigarette but she got herself banned for life from one of my favorite eating places.

For the most part the non-smoking public reacted quite well to my electric cigarette.

I was able to use it just about everywhere I went. Movies, bars, restaurants and walking around the local mall were all great places to enjoy my electric cigarette. The only places I found they are banned are on airplanes and in hospitals. That’s a ban I can live with and it may be a result of the microchip in the electric cigarette. I haven’t been able to get a definitive answer yet but there seems to be a fear that the microchip may interfere with in-flight devices or life support. As you probably know, getting a straight answer on anything from the airlines is next to impossible but if I get any solid information I will share it with all of you.

Many of the non-smokers I encountered were quite intrigued by my electric cigarette and asked me for information on it. They always seemed to have a friend or loved one that they were trying to convince to stop smoking, who consistently failed at quitting. This marvellous new device may be the answer they were hoping for and they were anxious to find out all they could from me. They couldn’t wait to share what I told them with their friends or family members and several even asked me for details on where to buy an e cigarette as a gift. I had a stack of cards from the local electronic cigarette kiosk that I gave to interested parties. The owner was quite appreciative of the business I sent his way and actually gave me several packages of free nicotine cartridges.

Of course, like the woman who threw water on me, there were a few non-smokers who had no idea what an e cigarette was and it took some explaining on my part to calm them down. I still feel strongly that users of electric cigarettes should always ask first before they use their electric cigarette in any area where tobacco smoking is banned. The general public is not well informed about smokeless cigarettes and asking first goes a long way towards showing respect for others and preventing misunderstandings. Sadly, there will always be some hot head who goes nuts about a electric cigarette but by asking first, you will end up with people on your side if someone over reacts.


I would also like to say a word or two this week about attitude. If you are serious about quitting, the electronic cigarette is an excellent tool to assist you. It is also very important that you approach quitting with an informed and positive attitude. Quit for the right reasons. Quit for your health, for your family and to be a good example for your kids. Don’t give in to naysayers and outside pressure. Even with a device that helps as much as the electric cigarette, if you don’t really want to quit, you will most likely be back to smoking cigarettes in no time. Take the time to learn all you can about the electric cigarette so you have a good idea what to expect. Gather information on nutrition, exercise and vitamin supplements in advance and have the tools available to make the journey a little less difficult. If you prepare in advance, your will make the struggle that much easier.

That about wraps it up for this edition of “Quitting the Easy Way… With an Electric Cigarette” I sincerely hope that if I have inspired any of you to try to quit smoking using the electronic cigarette, that you will be amazingly successful. I wish you all the best in your attempts to quit smoking tobacco. Remember there is a really good reason to quit smoking. Quitting may actually save your life and prolong your life. The electric cigarette is a new and effective tool in the battle against tobacco addiction. I wish all of you the best till next time and hope you find the electric cigarette as helpful as i did.

Lets Count How Many Ways The E Cigarette Helps You Quit Smoking

Let Me Count the Ways The E Cigarette Can Help You Quit Smoking Regular Cigarettes


Everyone knows that smoking cigarettes can be harmful. We have all heard about the many risks of diseases and even death from smoking. We know how it affects us in our everyday life; from the smell of tobacco on our clothes to the shortness of breath smokers often experience from simple acts like climbing stairs. Smoking seriously annoys non-smokers, causes potential health hazards from second hand smoke and costs smokers thousands of dollars a year. Yet people continue to smoke and most attempts to quit end in failure.

Fortunately things have improved in recent years and smokers have been given a great new tool to help them quit called the electronic cigarette.

This remarkable device was invented in China in 2003 and since then it has spread far and wide, bringing new hope to those desiring to quit smoking. The concept is simple. The e cigarette allows smokers to get their needed dose of nicotine without burning tobacco. Since it is the burning of the tobacco that creates the dangerous by-products from smoking, the smokeless cigarette eliminates most, if not all, of the risk while preventing nicotine withdrawal.

The electronic cigarette is a two part device that actually looks and functions much like a real cigarette, albeit without tobacco and the many of the dangers of smoking.

The main section is a metal tube that corresponds to the part of the cigarette that contains the tobacco. Enclosed in the main section is a battery, a microchip and a heating element. The second part of the electronic cigarette, the nicotine cartridge, corresponds to the filter of a cigarette and it is in this replaceable cartridge that the all-important nicotine solution is found. When the user draws on the electronic cigarette, the battery vaporizes the nicotine solution and the user inhales water vapour with a small, measured dose of nicotine. They get the sensation of inhaling without the harmful tars and carcinogens found in tobacco cigarettes. Each nicotine cartridge is the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes and when it is used up, you simply replace it with a fresh cartridge. To add to the sense of realism, the smokeless cigarette even lights up an LED at the tip as the user inhales to mimic the “cherry” at the tip of a tobacco cigarette.

I was able to use the electronic cigarette over an 8 week period to quit smoking and eventually completely wean myself off my nicotine addiction. The disposable nicotine cartridges come in different strengths and every 2 weeks I reduced the strength of the cartridge by 25%. After 8 weeks, I switched to a nicotine free cartridge that allowed me to enjoy the ritual of smoking without taking in any nicotine at all. I experienced no withdrawal and found myself free of my nicotine addiction after 40 years of smoking. While I do believe my motivation was strong and that certainly helped me to be successful, I am convinced that the electronic cigarette made it possible for me to quit smoking. Other than several nights of sleeping more than usual, I had no other side effects after I stopped using the nicotine cartridges with my e cigarette. After a few more weeks using nicotine free cartridges, I decided to give up my electronic cigarette for good and it has been smooth sailing ever since.

The best part of this journey has been the many positive changes I experienced by quitting smoking using the electronic cigarette. As I said, let me count the ways.

1. No longer endangering my health by smoking tobacco.

2. Not creating second hand smoke or dealing with the complaints of non-smokers.

3. No longer smelling like a walking ashtray.

4. Not having to worry about falling asleep while smoking and setting myself or the house on fire.

5. No more shortness of breath from minor physical exertion like making a bed.

6. Improved health and a sense of overall wellbeing.

7. Saving over $3000 dollars a year by not buying cigarettes.

8. Able to sit comfortably through an entire movie or plane flight without pulling out my hair from nicotine withdrawal.

8. Able to kiss my significant other without her going “Yuck, tobacco breath!”

9. Able to actually taste my food again.

10. Sleeping better and not waking in the middle of the night for a cigarette.

11. Starting to engage in sports again. Jogging and riding a bike is now possible without becoming out of breath in a minute flat.

12. Able to actually smell things like flowers and my lover’s perfume. I won’t get caught again saying her perfume smells great to find out she wasn’t wearing any and I failed the test.

These are just a few of the ways my life has improved since I quit smoking using the electronic cigarette. Of course, time will tell and hopefully I will still be a non-smoker a year or 10 years from now. I expect my health to continue to improve and it sure is nice to be able to kiss my woman friend without her telling me to go brush my teeth and gargle first. I honestly believe I never would have been able to quit without the electronic cigarette. If you are thinking about quitting smoking, I suggest you strongly consider using the electronic cigarette to help you become a future non-smoker. Maybe you will even end up saving a few thousand dollars and will be able to buy a brand new computer like the one I am typing this article on. Oh and by the way, the girl friend got a new laptop out of the deal too, you can save so much money with an e cigarette.

Finding The Best Electronic Cigarette

Here We Look at Finding The Best Electronic Cigarette

best electronic cigarette

By now, unless you live in an igloo in the Arctic, you have probably heard of the electronic cigarette. This unique device has been catching on like wildfire, especially with people trying to quit smoking. It is also becoming popular with smokers who are tired of being restricted from smoking tobacco cigarettes in public places like bars, restaurants, movies theaters and sports stadiums. There are dozens of different brands of smokeless cigarettes being advertised, especially on the internet. With all the hoopla and promotion, some prospective users of the e cigarette may be confused about how to find the best brand of electronic cigarette.

The first thing you should look for in an electronic cigarette is the quality of the product and how it is manufactured.

The electronic cigarette should consist of an easy to assemble, high-quality steel, two section design. The main section should hold a long life, lithium ion, rechargeable battery that powers the enclosed heating element. The all important heating element vaporizes the liquid nicotine and creates the vapor that you will inhale. The filter end that holds the nicotine cartridge makes up the other section of the e cigarette and it should be easy to remove yet firmly secured when you are using your smokeless cigarette. All these components should fit together in a seamless manner, easily and quickly so you end up holding a device that looks almost identical to a tobacco cigarette.

When you purchase your electronic cigarette, no matter if you buy it online, at a store or at a shopping mall kiosk, it should come with a clear, un-ambiguous warranty and return policy. The warranty should cover all the working parts and be serviced in a timely manner. If the manufacturer is not willing to stand behind a product that can have a real effect on your health, happiness and well being, then you should not be buying it. And of course, all electronic cigarettes should come with easy to read instructions that include photos and a step by step how to guide as well as safety instructions.

Along with a customer friendly warranty, your electronic cigarette should also include top quality customer service.

The vendor should be easy to contact and willing to answer any and all questions about their product. Returns, replacements and refunds should be done in a prompt and friendly fashion. Orders should be filled quickly and correctly and of course, there should never be any additional, unexpected charges added to your credit cards. E cigarette websites should be informative, easy to navigate and contain verifiable reviews and user comments. The website store should operate through a secure, encrypted payment system.

Your electronic cigarette should always come with a recharger.

Some come with a recharger that plugs into a usb port on a computer while other come with a recharger that plugs into a power outlet. Many of the better brands of smokeless cigarettes come with both types of recharger in their deluxe kits. Reputable vendors usually offer users a choice of which type of charger they prefer. Most users prefer the recharger that plugs into a power outlet.  Many computer users are quite picky about what goes into their computer’s ports and are uncomfortable with the idea of charging the electronic cigarette through the usb port. Others feel that having to use their computer to charge the e cigarette ends up using much more electricity than simply plugging a charger into an outlet because it requires their computer to be on in addition to the recharger.

The product line of quality electronic cigarette brand should include basic starter kits, deluxe starter kits, individual electronic cigarettes and an extensive range of nicotine cartridges in varying strengths and flavors. It can not be understated how important it is that tobacco smokers, many of whom intend to quit smoking using the smokeless cigarette, have a wide range of nicotine cartridges of different strengths available to them. E cigarette users will be able to taper off gradually by lowering the strength of the cartridge every few weeks. This should help reduce the stress and withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking.

Flavored nicotine cartridges are also important because they can add variety and excitement to the product. Flavors like Menthol Ice, Vanilla Dreams, Mocha Mist and Smooth Chocolate are just some of the many choices users of the electronic cigarette have available in flavored cartridges. These flavored cartridges can be very helpful in making the electronic cigarette more appealing than a tobacco cigarette, especially while someone is quitting smoking. Some brands have even gone as far as attempting to approximate the flavor of popular brands of cigarettes.

A very important factor is the volume of vapor produced by the particular brand of electronic cigarette. An electronic cigarette that has a high vapor volume for the user to inhale will be much more effective at replacing a tobacco cigarette than one that gives a low volume of vapor. When e cigarettes produce low vapor volumes two things happen. Smokers feel less satisfied with each drag and tend to try to inhale more vapor by dragging harder on the electronic cigarette. This can lead to over using the product and taking in more nicotine than needed. You want an electronic cigarette that draws easily and produces a substantial volume of vapor in order to provide you with a satisfying sensation of inhaling with each and every drag.

These are the basics of what makes a good electronic cigarette. It is up to you as a prospective buyer, to follow these standards when you select your particular brand of smokeless cigarette. If there is an e cigarette store in your area, we suggest going there as a starting point. Try to find one that isn’t limited to just one brand. Sample the various brands for yourself and select the one that gives you the best sense of smoking satisfaction.  When you order online, make sure they have a no questions asked, 30 day return policy before you buy sight unseen. Read the product reviews on the internet and research customer comments. If you apply the standards we have set with some common sense and diligence, you should be able to find the best electronic cigarette for your money.