Electronic Cigarettes Help You Avoid the horrid look

Electronic Cigarettes: How To Avoid Negative Comments If You’re A Smoker

Electronic cigarettes diisgustedAnyone who smokes tobacco cigarettes has experienced “the look” and probably more than his or her share of negative comments from family members and even complete strangers, too.  Smoking used to be glamorous, but now it’s frowned upon and even illegal in most public places. That’s why electronic cigarettes are such a great alternative. Whether a smoker tries the disposable electronic cigarettes or chooses to invest in the best electronic cigarettes available, she’ll have the perfect solution wherever she wants to “light up.”  Of course there’s no flame involved, there’s no combustion at all, but there is a tiny light at the tip that lights up when the user draws air through the unit. And there’s water vapor that has the appearance of smoke, so users may still get “the look” from time to time, but they usually have no obligation to step outside while enjoying an electronic cigarette.

What else will be missing with electronic cigarettes?

Here’s the really good news for every electronic cigarette user and everyone else in the room – there’s no odor and there’s no second-hand smoke. Those are the two main things non-smokers complain about the most. Of course the complainers are thinking about their own comfort and well-being, so once they know it’s not a tobacco cigarette they are usually fascinated and pleasantly surprised. Electronic cigarettes do not create smoke or odor at all. They are perfect for social situations. You’ll create no smoke to offend others, and you’ll leave no musty, smoky, lingering odor. The pure water vapor produced by electronic cigarettes dissipates immediately into the air, leaving no scent at all, which means less odor than the average person wearing perfume.

Where can a person use electronic cigarettes?

Right now there are few limitations on the use of electronic cigarettes. Of course they are not for sale to minors, and use by minors is not encouraged, but that is the only unilateral restriction at this time.  Unlike tobacco cigarettes they do not produce smoke, and therefore do not fall under the non-smoking ordinances and laws to which people are accustomed.  This can cause some confusion in restaurants and other public places, but for the most part the confusion is easily handled when someone complains and then hears the good news about electronic cigarettes. When people become curious, “the look” is gone instantly. Their curiosity can be piqued even more by a description of the vast array of electronic cigarette liquid flavors available. Since the unit is creating vapor, the special liquid heated in the tiny vaporizer can be fruit, chocolate, or coffee flavored as well as the typical tobacco flavoring. No actual tobacco is used in the liquid at all, although various concentrations of nicotine are also available. Huge menus of flavorings can be found at shops that sell the equipment, and usually one or two flavor options such as menthol and apple come packed in electronic cigarette starter kits.

Electronic Cigarettes – Controversy In The Making

Several states are considering banning or further regulating the sale of electronic cigarettes because of their potential appeal to young people

Electronic cigarettes regualtionThat is the stated reasoning. But many people, many smokers in particular wonder if it might have more to do with taxation than genuine concern for young people under the age of eighteen. Cigarette sales bring in enormous tax revenue that would be seriously missed in this economy if people abandon tobacco use for electronic cigarettes.

Of course there is legitimate concern for young people getting started with an expensive and potentially dangerous hobby. Some electronic cigarettes contain vials of nicotine that may leak or spill and expose the user to a far greater concentration of nicotine than a normal tobacco cigarette provides in one exposure.

Regulation Of Electronic Cigarettes — Health Or Tax Concerns?

Electronic cigarettes, cigars and pipes are more like toys than their real counterparts, for in reality they are substitute devices for the real thing. There is no doubt that electronic cigarettes simulate the tactile and oral sensation of smoking. As substitutes, electronic cigarettes provide legitimate value in an effort to stop smoking, but that does not replace state tax revenues along with personal satisfaction and reduction in tobacco use. What’s good for the smoker may not be good for the state. Although many smokers have reported success in reducing and actually stopping smoking tobacco entirely, electronic cigarettes are not a government-approved stop-smoking device at this time.

With Availability Comes Responsibility

The fruit, food, candy, and alcohol flavoring that’s available for electronic cigarettes, cigars and pipes is probably the most legitimate source of concern for the FDA and state legislatures. A child who might not be attracted to the taste and smell of a real tobacco cigarette may have great fascination with bubble gum, chocolate, toffee, ice cream and daiquiri flavored vapors in the room and in his own mouth. Sadly, there will always be a few irresponsible adults who consider it harmless to let a child take a puff on their electronic cigarettes, assuming there’s no harm since there’s little or no nicotine and definitely none of the thousands of other toxic substances present in tobacco smoke. This activity is strongly discouraged.

The same devices that help to reduce cravings in legal tobacco smokers may very well contribute to unhealthy cravings in children. This controversy has only just begun all across the globe, and the personnel and funding required for independent research may take a very long time to come together. The tobacco industry is well-established and has many friends in industry and government. Electronic cigarettes are not as well situated. It will be very interesting to see the social and political controversies unfold and play out across the world stage.


The law and the e cigarette

First In A Series Of Legal Battles About The E Cigarette

E cigarette legal battleBefore delving into the on-going conflict between the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States and e cigarette manufacturers, one should have an understanding of the different elements of a law. Although most people think of a law as what can or cannot be done, there are several other parts of a law that are often overlooked, but essential to its understanding.

The first part of a law, even before it is enacted by any legislative body, is the intent or scope, why the law was passed and what it covers.  For the e cigarette, intent is often what eliminates it from being covered by the law.  Since the earliest laws passed relating to smoking specifically addressed cigarette advertising and labeling, in response to the reports from the Surgeon General, e cigarettes were not included in the intent of the coverage of the law.  Therefore, the law could not be extended to include them.

Another essential element of a law is the definitions; the words in a law that could be subject to dispute are defined, and often limited the scope of the law.  Definitions can appear in the beginning of a law or throughout the law’s various sections.  If the definition is in a section and, since definitions may vary from section to section, the definitions are only applicable within the section in which the definitions occur.  Again, the e cigarette comes out the winner in the earlier laws, as these laws were passed before the advent of the e cigarette.  Consequently, the e cigarette does not appear in any definition, nor can the existing definitions be extended to include them.

Unless something satisfies both the intent and definitions, one usually need go no further into the law as nothing in that law can apply. However, the courts have somewhat modified the issue by extending definitions beyond what the legislative body might have meant.  The easiest way to understand this change of definition by a court is exemplified by the tomato.  Although a tomato is a fruit, the Supreme Court ruled it was a vegetable.  Therefore, laws stating “vegetable” could also encompass a tomato.  If the FDA decided to attempt this method of  extension of definition to cigarettes to e cigarettes, then  e cigarette manufacturers would probably have to defend why their product is not a cigarette, but a different product altogether.

We will continue this discussion on the e cigarette in subsequent articles posted here.

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Are E Cigarettes Designed to Help Stop Smoking?

If you are wondering if e cigarettes were designed to help stop smoking, the simple answer is no.

E cigarettes to stop smokingThe patent was neither applied for nor awarded as a stop smoking device. It was awarded to Hon Lik, a Chinese inventor for Ruyan Group for “a cigarette substitute, not a smoking cessation aid.”  That was in 2004 and there have been many people since that time that would disagree with the purpose of e cigarettes in their own lives. The manner in which the general public places a product into use may differ dramatically from the intention of its inventor. So it’s fair to say that many tobacco smokers have reduced or completely stopped smoking tobacco as a result of e cigarette use, whether or not that was the original intention of the inventor.

E Cigarettes Flavor For Every taste

The utility value of e cigarettes is enhanced greatly by the simple fact that tobacco is not, of itself, a naturally delicious flavor. Tobacco is an acquired taste. However, the special flavored liquids developed for the tiny vaporizers in e cigarettes are drop-dead delicious. If you don’t like one taste, you will surely like another because there are literally thousands to choose from, including various fruits, coffee, chocolate, alcoholic beverages, perfumes, foods and even breath fresheners. You can even get creative and mix up your own vaporizer liquids for e cigarettes from recipes at home. You can include nicotine in varying strengths or you can, if you’re moving in the direction of stopping smoking, choose to gradually eliminate nicotine from your e cigarettes entirely.

E cigarette –  A Viable Alternative

To the uninitiated, meaning non-smokers, the whole thing seems more like a fanciful hobby or novelty than a stop-smoking device. That is a perfectly legitimate viewpoint. But to a smoker, especially a smoker who is taking stock of his or her health and giving consideration to smoking alternatives, e cigarettes offer a viable option that’s fun and practical at the same time.

E Cigarette Smoke is Not Really Smoke


Have You Seen Someone Smoking An E cigarette

Many people are curious when they see someone using an e cigarette because it looks like a tobacco cigarette but it doesn’t actually create smoke. The appearance of smoke is created by a tiny vaporizer unit that contains a cartridge filled with e cigarette liquid, and when the liquid heats up it vaporizes into water-vapor that looks just like smoke.

E cigarette liquid contains nicotine and flavoring in a base that stabilizes the liquid to vaporize most efficiently.

It comes in pre-filled cartridges and it comes in bulk packs to refill cartridges at home. Some users enjoy mixing up their own e cigarette liquid recipes because they can create custom flavors and control nicotine content. In fact, nicotine can be eliminated from the liquid mixture entirely if a tobacco smoker is using an e cigarette to reduce or quit smoking. Nicotine-free e cigarette liquid mixtures are popular with non-smokers who are curious and just looking to have some fun at a party or a restaurant after dinner.

Electronic Cigarettes For Who?

Electronic Cigarettes: Not Just For Cigarette Smokers Anymore

electronic cigarettesPerhaps you have seen electronic cigarettes in use, or perhaps not since they are still a novelty in the United States. But you have probably heard of the tobacco-free alternative to smoking that looks and feels like a real cigarette in your hand. Have you been wondering how the little electronic cigarettes actually operate?

What Does an Electronic Cigarettes Do?

Chinese inventor Hon Lik developed his product for the Ruyan Group, and his patent on electronic cigarettes describes this operation as follows: “Lip pressure sensed by the mouthpiece primes the electronic circuit. The user draws in diluting air, which after a momentary delay switches off the electric pump and heater after each puff. Nicotine is vaporized ultrasonically at high temperature (atomized) in a fine aerosol of non-toxic propylene glycol, which condenses at room temperature into a visible puff of mist.” This unique process is not called smoking, it’s called vaping because there is no smoke, there is only water vapor produced by electronic cigarettes in use.

Since we all know there’s nothing new under the sun, especially in China, let it be known that the engineering for Hon Lik’s innovative product is very similar to the way eerie smoke is created to enhance theatre stages and disco dance floors. Electronic cigarettes are tiny little mood makers that provide a personal experience for the user, perhaps a smoker who desires to reduce or stop smoking tobacco, or simply a pleasure-seeker looking for some fun. Electronic cigarettes can be used by anyone over the age of eighteen years.

Not A Cigarette Smoker?

And, there’s good news for cigar and pipe smokers now, too. Electronic cigars and pipes are available with the same technology and accompanying options. As with any other electronic device, they all come with chargers. Electronic cigarettes, cigars and pipes are all designed to recharge in automobiles, wall sockets and USB ports. International converters are available for travel. But recharging is not the most interesting of options.

What’s interesting is the flavor of the electronic cigarettes.

A mind-boggling array of flavored liquid for use in the tiny vaporizers in electronic cigarettes is available in local shops and also online. If you have been overwhelmed by the variety of flavored coffees on the market, prepare to be stunned by the variety of flavors available for electronic cigarettes. The list of flavor options is seemingly endless.


E Cigarette – How Long Will They Last?

So what is the life of an e cigarette?

e cigarettePeople often ask how long an e cigarette will last, and it all depends on individual use. To answer that question for any one user involves observing how hard they draw air into their mouth because that is the moment when the e cigarette battery is triggered to produce vapor. The more air that passes through the vaporizer, the more quickly the battery is used up.

The batteries are rechargeable in wall outlets and in USB ports. But there is another factor that has to be considered when someone asks how long a unit will last, which is the e cigarette liquid containing nicotine and other ingredients. The liquid comes in special cartridges and when it is used up in the vaporizer the e cigarette cartridge must be refilled or replaced.

The e cigarette is better, last longer and is healthier than a normal cigarette

The e cigarette liquid is actually the only part of the unit that is used up regularly. Rechargeable batteries may eventually need to be replaced, but not very often. So, e cigarettes last as long as the liquid lasts, and that is the simple answer for everyone.

Electronic Cigarettes Are Here To Stay

Electronic Cigarettes Are Here To Stay And Help You On Your Stop Smoking Quest!

electronic cigarettesIntroduced by the Chinese company Ruyan in 2004, electronic cigarettes represent a social phenomenon that is not likely to be a passing fancy. Of course there is plenty of strong opinion on the part of smokers who prefer the traditional taste and sensation of tobacco smoke compared to the flavored water vapor produced by electronic cigarettes. That is to be expected, and it only adds to the delicious controversy. But the novelty is spreading and gaining devotees worldwide.

Electronic Cigarettes Are A Unique Experience

Technically, electronic cigarettes were not developed to replace regular cigarettes at all. They provide a totally unique experience that simulates smoking as the user draws flavored liquid through a vaporizing unit attached to a slim rechargeable battery. Although it doesn’t sound especially romantic, celebrities and enthusiastic users all over the world are making vaping look good. Since it doesn’t involve smoke, it cannot be smoking, can it? So, perhaps reluctantly on the part of many, it’s called vaping. And users are called vapers.

Besides the novelty of the experience itself, the fact that nicotine usage can be completely controlled by the user and, in fact, can be eliminated entirely makes electronic cigarettes a powerful distraction from tobacco use. A vaper can stock up on his or her favorite flavored liquids and rotate their use in the little electronic unit that looks and feels like a tobacco cigarette but contains none of the toxic chemicals inherent in tobacco smoke.  Vaping is a popular replacement for smoking and contributes to genuine efforts to stop smoking for many people.

So What’s The Controversy with electronic cigarettes?

Public opinion about electronic cigarettes has only begun to polarize. Many people have never seen them in use, and those who have seen one may not have recognized it. Where controversy heats up hotter than the little vaporizers themselves is at non-smoking restaurants when a patron “lights up” after dinner. Many a disgruntled diner has discovered that electronic cigarettes do not fall under the same prohibitions as tobacco products.

And if that is not sufficiently disconcerting, add to it the inevitable question from a curious child, “Why is that lady smoking in here? Why don’t they stop her?”  Use of electronic cigarettes is regulated for children under the age of eighteen, but that hasn’t stopped tobacco use and it isn’t likely to stop electronic cigarette usage either. The cost and complexity of electronic cigarettes serves as a layer of deterrent, but who knows what will happen in the future?  It seems that electronic cigarettes are here to stay for a variety of reasons.

Why The E Cigarette Does Not Smoke

E cigarettes Are The Real Deal And Here To Stay!

e cigaretteWhen people first hear about them, they usually need to take a few minutes to fully grasp that an e cigarette doesn’t involve any combustion at all. Nothing is burning, there is simply a little battery operating a tiny vaporizer which is heating up the e cigarette liquid containing nicotine. This whole process is set in motion each time the user takes a drag.

It’s easy to see why tobacco smokers may want to try an e cigarette in order to avoid the toxins and carcinogens in tobacco smoke. And even more attractive, an e cigarette can utilize liquid that contains nicotine, or it can be formulated to contain less nicotine or no nicotine at all. That means a cigarette users can gradually reduce nicotine consumption and stop smoking.

You Can Smoke The E cigarette Pretty Much AnyWhere And Never Offend A Soul

While nicotine consumption is being reduced, the e cigarette is still providing the important tactile and social qualities that smokers enjoy so much. There is no doubt that an e cigarette offers smokers a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking.

The E Cigarette Has a Flavor For You!

The E Cigarette – A Flavor For Everyone

e cigarette flavorsFor a cigarette smoker who has the choice of menthol or plain, the e cigarette experience opens up a whole new world of flavor. Whether you want to reduce or stop smoking, or whether you just want to explore another source of enjoyment, there is nothing to compare with the panorama of delightful flavors available for use in an e cigarette.

How The E cigarette It Works

 First let’s look at how it works, and then we’ll explore a few items on the limitless menu of different e cigarette liquid flavors. An e cigarette has two or three parts, depending on the style and manufacturer. But they all work basically the same way. A rechargeable battery housed in the lower part of the e cigarette unit powers the attached vaporizer which is like a tiny humidifier. It creates water vapor when the e cigarette liquid heats up in response to the user drawing air through the unit. It’s pretty simple, really. The tip lights up as well, in pink, red or orange to simulate fire, or a deep, very trendy blue. So the little battery is doing double duty inside the e cigarette unit because it’s heating the liquid and also lighting up the tip.

The vaporizer liquid is comes in a variety of flavors, and it must be noted that nicotine may be a major component, a minor component or it may not be present at all. Tobacco flavor, in menthol or regular, is merely a flavor in an e cigarette since no tobacco is burned at all. And the other basic ingredient in the e cigarette liquid solution is usually propylene glycol or aqueous glycerin, both generally recognized as safe as used in other consumables, which is used to control the mixture of water, flavoring and nicotine so that maximum vapor is produced. It’s not smoke, it’s vapor. So it’s not smoking, it’s vaping.

The E cigarette Flavor Menu

Now let’s get started reading the e cigarette liquid flavor menu. This list is a compilation of various manufacturers’ products, and the numbers of flavors I’ve overlooked far exceeds the flavors I’ve included. If you’re considering an e cigarette to stop smoking, pay close attention now. Anyone for strawberry, coconut, tira misu, apple pie, caramel, apricot, mulled wine, marshmallow, malt whiskey, mango, lotus flower or lemon meringue? How about custard, Cuban cigar or cognac? We’re just getting started here. How about bubble gum, tequila or hot sauce? OK, just one more section on the menu for now, and that would be white chocolate, roast beef or ylang ylang… any takers?

Your own e cigarette liquid flavoring can be as dull or as exciting as your taste buds allow.

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