The Alphabet Soup of Federal Governmental Stakeholders

For the e-cigarette community, knowing the governmental stakeholders, along with the missions of each stakeholder, can provide a basic insight into the complexities of governmental intervention.

FdaBy getting an understanding about some of these stakeholders, the e-cigarette community can better understand not only the obstacles which the e-cigarette industry must overcome but also identify allies to help overcome or mitigate those obstacles.

Federal Governmental Agencies

Before going into each individual agency, the e-cigarette community can depend that, on the whole, these agencies fall into the obstacle category.

For the e-cigarette industry, the governmental stakeholders theoretically have unique missions, but, as with governmental entities, the actuality where one entity begins and another ends is so unclear that distinguishing which entity the e-cigarette falls under is, at best, described as convoluted.

Just as it began the attack on cigarettes, the Office of the Surgeon General will expand its anti-tobacco commitment to include the e-cigarette.

The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) mission, as stated by the head of the FDA in its “Strategic Priorities 2011-2015,” is to “protect and promote the public health.”  Under the assumption that “there is no known safe tobacco product,” the e-cigarette community has already won one big battle with the FDA.

To-date, use of the e-cigarette on commercial airlines has been at the discretion of the airline company.  According to recent information, the Department of Transportation will be issuing a regulation, going into effect in the spring 2012, prohibiting the use of the e-cigarette on all airlines.

Part of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives’ (ATF) mission is “to prevent criminal encroachment of the legitimate . . . tobacco industries organizations.” Basically, ATF is a law enforcement agency, not a policy making agency as is the FDA.  Consequently, in many ways the ATF protects the e-cigarette industry, as long as the taxes are paid.

For the e-cigarette industry, the Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), which is responsible for all inquiries in regards to regulating the . . . tobacco industries . . . and for the collection of taxes, seems to be one of those seldom referenced but possibly problematic governmental bureaus.  Depending on how TTB approaches is regulating ability; it can be either an ally or an obstacle for the e-cigarette manufacturer.

Another governmental entity that the e-cigarette community would probably readily name is the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).  However, how many e-cigarette users would know the AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), FTC (Federal Trade Commission), HIS (Indian Health Service), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), or SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), just to name the most acknowledged.

Not To Be Overlooked

Nevertheless, the e-cigarette community must not forget to whom these governmental entities, and any other governmental entity that enters the e-cigarette discussion, depend; specifically, the USC (the United States Congress, both the Senate and the House of Representatives), the EB (Executive Branch, headed by the President), and the Judiciary.   While many of the e-cigarette community may consider these overseers as an obstacle, time has shown that pragmatism may prevail, especially where federal revenue is concerned.

Electronic Cigarette Concerns

New Electronic Cigarette Users – Two Concerns

Electronic cigarette batteriesUse of tobacco cigarettes creates smoke, so it’s called smoking. But use of an electronic cigarette creates water vapor, so it’s called vaping. Smokers who are experimenting with the electronic cigarette has a few concerns from time to time, and one common issue is the subject of how much vaping it takes to replace daily tobacco smoking. Meaning, many new users find that they have to vape a lot more than they smoked to get the same level of satisfaction.  There are two likely reasons for this experience. The first is that nicotine in water vapor doesn’t penetrate as deeply into the lung tissue as nicotine in tobacco smoke. Therefore, a new e cigarette user may need to use the highest strength nicotine liquid available at first. Although typical e cigarette starter kits usually contain vials of 18 mg or 24mg strength nicotine liquid, purchasing a refill of 36mg should solve the issue immediately. As time goes by and the user learns how to draw air through the unit for maximum vapor and satisfaction it’s entirely possible that his nicotine consumption will decrease. Should there be an issue with “throat hit” or the way the vapor feels in the mouth and throat compared to the way tobacco smoke feels, the higher strength nicotine will probably take care of this as well. If not, there’s always the possibility of needing more power.

Different Electronic Cigarette Batteries for Different Folks

Obviously, the battery power in tiny electronic cigarette batteries is not enormous, and some users simply do not achieve a satisfying vape with the normal 3.7 volt battery included in most e cigarettes. After switching to higher strength nicotine without an improvement, the next thing to try is a larger model with a 5 volt battery or a variable voltage device that produces more power.  Higher strength nicotine and flavoring, higher voltage batteries and one other change will undoubtedly address these concerns for new electronic cigarette users. The last change involves low-resistance flow. That means some electronic cigarettes are designed to let more vapor out of the unit with each draw, which of course uses more liquid, but it also provides a more “smoke-like” appearance and feel for the vaper.  Anybody who finds him or herself “chain-vaping” doesn’t have the right combination of electronic cigarette model, nicotine and flavoring strength or battery power. It might take a few tries to get it right, but eventually it will all come together into a satisfying smokeless alternative that’s fun and cost-effective, too.

Electronic Cigarettes For Everyone

Naturally, when a new product like electronic cigarettes comes on the market and becomes a hit, sooner or later there will be many imitators.

Different electronic cigarettesSince electronic cigarettes were invented and first released in China in 1995 there have been hundreds of manufacturers making improvements and modifications to their own e cigarette units over the years. The world marketplace is crowded with all kinds of options, from starter kits that cost less than $10 to custom units for serious e cigarette collectors costing hundreds of dollars each.  Electronic cigarettes are smokeless, meaning there’s no combustion and no smoke at all. Unlike standard cigarettes that produce toxic smoke as tobacco burns, electronic cigarettes only produce water vapor as liquid is heated and turned into vapor, resembling smoke and providing the sensation of smoke when inhaled to deliver nicotine and flavoring in the water vapor. It was a great idea that has taken off like a rocket and shows no signs of slowing down. Electronic cigarettes are here to stay.

How can there be so many different electronic cigarettes if they all do the same thing?

The answer is, they all do it just a little bit differently. There are one-piece, two-piece and three-piece units that resemble standard cigarettes, and there are electronic cigarettes that look absolutely nothing like a cigarette at all, but more like a small, finely-crafted box made of exotic wood and pierced through the side with a rigid mouthpiece that looks like a straw. The boxy units have the advantage of larger, long-lasting batteries and they hold an entire bottle of e-liquid that drips into the vaporizing unit as the user draws air through the mouthpiece. Manual units require the user to press a little button to ignite the heater and create vapor, while automatic units trigger the heater with airflow alone.

So there is quite literally something for everyone; there’s an electronic cigarette for anyone who wants to experiment with an alternative to the dangers of toxins and tars contained in tobacco smoke. The list includes mini electronic cigarettes, disposable electronic cigarettes, and even electronic pipes and cigars.

Just One Cigarette!

The Temptation of Just One Cigarette

One more cigaretteSome people wonder what happens when a cigarette smoker makes the decision to take up vaping, the use of e cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes. It’s a good question that can bring many different responses from any group of e cigarette users. Vaping is seen as a great alternative to smoking, and it provides some unique advantages that define the experience and make it truly enjoyable. One of those experiences is the ability to control nicotine consumption by alternating cartridges filled with higher or lower percentages of liquid nicotine. An e cigarette user can gradually reduce the quantity of nicotine she is inhaling if her goal is to eliminate the use of electronic cigarettes eventually as well. Meaning, she used them as a means to stop smoking tobacco, to gradually reduce her body’s craving for nicotine and to move in the direction of quitting e cigarette use altogether as well.

This is not a picture of your typical e cigarette user, however…

Reducing nicotine to zero and continuing vaping is certainly a possibility, but it’s not reality for most dedicated vapers. They love their e cigarettes and have no intention of quitting. Their goal was to quit smoking cigarettes and for the most part they are successful in doing so. Many vapers report problems when they decide to smoke a tobacco cigarette again. This often happens when they are socializing with smokers and casually ask to borrow “just one cigarette…” Despite their sincere fondness for vaping and all its many advantages over tobacco smoking, the social factor is a strong pull into an old habit. Long-time users caution new vapers to keep their e cigarette refills handy to avoid a tobacco crisis. They acknowledge that it only takes one cigarette to slip back into the habit of smoking. Oh, and keep those batteries charged as well. That’s one aspect of vaping a user always has to keep in mind, and has to plan ahead before going out where it’s not convenient to plug in an electronic cigarette charger. Armed with a great little e cigarette model, a spare cartridge and a fully-charged battery, no vaper has to abandon her smokeless cigarette for the hazards of tobacco when she’s out on the town.


How Many Parts To E Cigarettes

Two And Three Part E Cigarettes

There are two basic styles of electronic cigarettes, those that consist of two parts or three parts. This is a functional difference that should be understood prior to purchase because it bears on the replacement costs and ongoing expense of e cigarette use. A two-part unit includes a battery and a cartomizer. Each manufacturer specifies the battery size and how long it takes to recharge. Generally, an e cigarette starter kit comes complete with a wall charger and a USB port charger, but that is definitely something to check before purchasing a kit. And a cartomizer is a combination of a cartridge containing e cigarette liquid and an atomizer that heats up and turns the liquid into vapor. The capacity of liquid varies between manufacturers as well, and that’s another thing to check before purchasing your first electronic cigarette or switching models.

Advantages Of A Two-Part E Cigarette

Two part e cigaretteThere are three distinct advantages to the two-part style of e cigarette, and those are ease of cartomizer replacement when the liquid is gone, new atomizers, and basic good hygiene.  You may see some users with the ability to screw the battery to the cartomizer with one hand, although that skill takes some practice. Naturally, it is very simple to put together using both hands. And as soon as that process is accomplished there is a fresh supply of e cigarette liquid containing nicotine and flavoring as well as a fresh atomizer. This is an advantage over the three-part units in which the atomizers are used over and over while the liquid is refilled again and again, which can lead to poor functionality due to a clogged system. It’s easy to see that the mouthpiece on used cartomizers fits between the users’ lips and when a new one is screwed into the battery it is completely fresh each time, including the mouthpiece. Some users really appreciate this sanitary feature of the two-part units, also called automatice cigarettes because the breath passing through the cartomizer triggers it to heat up to create vapor, so there’s no manual trigger required.

Advantages of A Three-Part E Cigarette

Three part e cigarettesThe battery, atomizer and cartridge are the three different components of a three-part e cigarette. Since each part can be purchased separately and even swapped-out for those made by other manufacturers, the three-part system offers the most flexibility. And it offers greater opportunity for cost savings as well, meaning savings over other types of electronic cigarettes with liquid cartridges that cannot be refilled by the user. Cost savings over tobacco cigarette use is also assumed. Each part can be replaced whenever necessary, and refilling the e cigarette liquid can become a hobby unto itself since there are literally thousands of fruit, food, herbal and incense flavors available. Three-part electronic cigarettes may come with a manual switch requiring the user to press a little button to start the atomizer, but they can also be changed into an automatic unit simply by switching parts.


Understanding The E Cigarette

Understanding Two And Three Piece E Cigarettes

E cigarettes smallSome electronic cigarettes are constructed in one piece, and these models are normally disposable when the liquid runs out. So, it’s more economical to use e cigarette models that are completely or at least partially rechargeable (the battery) and refillable (the liquid cartridge) or replaceable (the liquid cartridge and the atomizer.)  Essentially, all e cigarette parts are replaceable, so there is nothing about a typical electronic cigarette that is permanent, meaning every part will reconnect to corresponding, new replacement parts for continued use and enjoyment.  Experienced users, generally daily smokers who have made the switch to e cigarettes to avoid the hazards of tobacco smoking will tell you to estimate about one month as the average length of time a vaporizer will last, although they can easily fail after a few days or last well over a month. And of course a battery will be recharged many times during a month of daily use, but eventually the battery wears out after approximately two hundred charges.

E cigarette Cartridges Are Here

Cartridges contain polyester wadding into which the nicotine and flavoring liquid is absorbed. In two-piece electronic cigarettes there is a combination cartridge/atomizer called a “cartomizer” which means that entire piece is discarded at one time and replaced by a new one. Use of replacement cartomizers can make electronic cigarettes more expensive than tobacco cigarette smoking; so many people chose to invest in one of the many three-piece models instead. When either the liquid cartridge needs to be refilled or the atomizer heating element burns out, only the defective part needs to be replaced, not both. Plus, two piece and three piece models are completely interchangeable. One cartomizer can screw onto a battery and replace both a cartridge and an atomizer, two separate parts. No wonder these units are the most popular on the market, and that many manufacturers’ e cigarette parts are interchangeable with each other.

A Pair Of E Cigarettes And A Spare?

All this talk about spare parts might make a smoker think that it’s a whole lot simpler to carry a pack of tobacco cigarettes than worry about small electronic parts failing. To a certain extent, that’s true, and it’s the reason dedicated smokers who’ve switched to e cigarettes advise new users to keep spare parts on hand. Since one entire electronic cigarette consists of a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge (or a battery and a cartomizer), that’s the basic set-up. But any serious user will want to keep multiple set-ups on hand to avoid the temptation or need to borrow a tobacco cigarette. Most suggestions include two complete, separate two-piece units and two complete, separate three-piece units, just to be prepared.

Have You Ever Heard Of A Disposable E Cigarette?

What’s A Disposable E Cigarette?

E cigarette disposable or notIn the wide world of e cigarettes there are the quick, easy versions that do not require any recharging or refilling. They are disposable, just like a tobacco cigarette, but without any toxic smoke at all. Disposable e cigarettes come in a wide variety of styles manufactured by different companies, but one in particular provides the following information: 18mg of nicotine, comparable to a medium strength tobacco cigarette, and lasting up to 400 puffs depending on the individual style of the user. After removal of silicone caps at each end of the unit, the user is instructed to take a few quick puffs to ignite the cartomizer and then the enjoyment begins.

There Is A Disposable And Re-Usable E Cigarette

The e cigarette liquid heats up in the vaporizer to produce warm water vapor simulating smoke, but minus the tobacco cigarette odor, toxins, carcinogens, ashes and butts. Disposable e cigarettes some in varying strengths of nicotine, although users report that medium strength is most commonly available everywhere. For smokers selecting an e cigarette for ease of use, fresh unit each time and ease of disposal, a disposable e cigarette is their best choice.

How Do You Get Your Nicotine

How Do You Get Your Nicotine? I’m sure You Have Thought About The Electronic Cigarette.

Nicotine gum or e cigaretteTobacco cigarettes have come under scrutiny and heavy criticism for several decades now, and over the years many alternative nicotine delivery systems were perfected. Smokers bent on quitting can choose from a skin patch, nasal spray, chewing gum, or inhaler, alone or in combinations. Although those methods do indeed deliver nicotine effectively, they lack any charm whatsoever and, sadly, hover between 10% and 20% effective when users are measured one year after using their chosen stop-smoking product. In other words, 80% to 90% of people who use these alternative nicotine delivery systems start smoking tobacco cigarettes again within the first year.

When electronic cigarettes were invented in China, and released on the market in 1995, they were the most ‘cigarette-like’ alternative nicotine delivery system ever developed, which is still true.

And although the US government and medical associations refuse to officially proclaim electronic cigarettes as an approved smoking cessation device, the fact is they deliver nicotine in a manner that people thoroughly enjoy, to the point that they willingly give up tobacco cigarettes entirely. Wearing a skin patch has no tactile or oral component to deliver pleasure along with the nicotine. More than likely, anyone who has tried nicotine nasal spray or an inhaler would say the same thing. Those activities lack luster to say the least. Chewing gum has the element of fun to some extent, but nothing comes close to the oral and tactile sensation of an electronic cigarette producing water vapor that simulates tobacco smoke and provides a throat hit and a nicotine fix. The e cigarette experience is not the same as smoking a traditional cigarette, but it comes closer than any other nicotine delivery system by far.

In addition, e cigarette liquid containing nicotine is available in various strengths, so anyone who uses an e cigarette can make a personal choice to consume more or less nicotine, even on a daily basis, each time he or she ‘lights up.’  Even though there’s no combustion involved, e cigarettes usually have lighted tips, so the old phrase still works!  But it’s called vaping, not smoking, because the flavored nicotine liquid is vaporized in a tiny atomizer when the user takes a drag and air flows through the unit. The joys of vaping are many, because nicotine delivery has never been so delicious. Literally thousands of e cigarette liquid flavors are available if tobacco or menthol flavor lose their appeal. Or, fruit, food, dessert and liquor flavors can be mixed in to please anyone’s personal preferences, anytime.  All in all, electronic cigarettes far eclipse any other alternative nicotine delivery system on the market today.

E Cigarettes Own Lingo!

Atties, Cartos and Tanks

E cigarette unreadableIt’s a whole separate world with its own special lingo… e cigarette users chatting online about their personal likes and dislikes provide a glimpse into their unique world and reveal many things a smoker might want to know before making an investment in e cigarettes. There’s so much to learn and so many decisions to make that many people who just want a new experience opt for a disposable electronic cigarette first. For only about $15 (US) a smoker can give e cigarettes a try and have some fun in the process. The whole unit is disposable, unlike more expensive counterparts that are reusable and refillable, making the use of electronic cigarettes more affordable than tobacco smoking, according to many dedicated users who were formerly smokers.

So, what’s all the decision-making about? Basically, it comes down to whether a former smoker is adding e cigarettes to his or her repertoire of options as regards nicotine delivery. That sounds a bit clinical, but it’s reality. If a former or current tobacco smoker wants to inhale nicotine but also wants to avoid the harmful tars and toxins contained in tobacco smoke he is well-advised to look at the larger models of e cigarettes that look nothing like a regular tobacco cigarette but deliver nicotine with greater efficiency at lower cost. Some of these units look like a pen and some are simply a square box with a straw-like projection that the user places in his mouth to draw vapor through the unit. The latter model is for serious users who have no interest in trying to fit in socially, it’s all about enjoying smooth, accurate and flavorful nicotine delivery.

One, Two Or Three Pieces?

E cigarette piecesOne- piece e cigarettes are generally disposable as mentioned earlier, and they are without a doubt the utmost in convenience, having no parts to reuse or replace. The whole unit is entirely disposable. Moving along to the two-piece models which consist of a rechargeable battery and a replaceable cartridge, there are a couple options available in this category. In one option the atomizer, the vaporizing unit designed to heat up and convert liquid to vapor, is built into the nicotine refill cartridge. This combination unit is called a cartomizer and it will need to be replaced frequently because the liquid is used up and the atomizer wears out. A cartomizer simply screws onto the battery part of the e cigarette unit and unscrews for disposal. It’s quite neat and simple, not unlike the convenience of disposable one-piece units. Purchasing cartomizers pre-filled with e cigarette liquid containing varying amounts of nicotine and different flavors to suit the user’s preferences can become rather expensive. And that’s what leads users to consider the use of three-piece e cigarettes for ultimate control and flexibility. This is the arena of atties (atomizers), cartos (cartomizers) and tanks (liquid reservoirs) which appeals to serious e cigarette users wanting to experiment with an unending combination of nicotine strength and flavoring. Many three-piece units are convertible to two-piece units simply by screwing in a cartomizer pre-filled with liquid rather than a separate atomizer and tank.


Smokers Fun

New Fun For Smokers

Fun smokeIt’s fascinating, it’s fun and it’s for anybody who wants to invest time and money in a smokeless alternative to tobacco cigarettes. What is it? It’s an electronic cigarette starter kit is and it’s just the thing for people who have had it with their smokes and want to get on track to a healthier life, free of the toxic components in tobacco smoke. Electronic cigarettes do not involve smoke because they do not involve combustion. There’s no flame and therefore no smoke at all. Making the switch to an electronic cigarette means switching from thousands of toxic chemicals and dangerous tars inherent in tobacco smoke to simple water vapor produced by a tiny electronic vaporizing unit. That means no smoke entering the user’s lungs and no smoke filling the room or the vehicle either. Water vapor instantly evaporates, leaving no trace of toxins and no lingering odor. So, everybody gets to have more fun when there’s no cigarette smoke hanging around.

What does an electronic starter kit include?

Fun smoke1Currently there is a wide variety of electronic cigarette starter kits on the market, with more popping up everyday.  Anyone who is curious about finding a kit and experimenting with it should do a little research first and avoid the temptation to grab one off the shelf at random. The primary differences between the kits concern the style and model of electronic cigarette included. Meaning, a smoker has to make some basic decisions when he or she veers into the wide world of e cigarettes, and those decisions revolve around a personal preference – whether or not a user desires the unit to have the appearance of a tobacco cigarette. Yes, that is the basic consideration. Electronic cigarette starter kits supplying a unit that has the appearance of a tobacco cigarette are quite compact and efficient. They can be found in shops all across the world as well as on websites all over the web. At a minimum, a basic kit will supply everything the user needs to get started right away, as well as additional e cigarette refills. Some kits include samples of more than one e cigarette liquid flavor as an introduction to the novelty of flavoring. And of course there are power supply options included for connection to 110v electric wall sockets and computer USB ports. Car chargers are usually a specialty accessory that can be purchased separately, not included in starter kits.