Are Electronic Cigarettes Harmful To You?

Quitting smoking will probably save your life.

Research has shown that one out of three tobacco smokers will die as a result of their habit. If you don’t die from lung cancer, heart disease or a host of other illnesses, you are shortening your life with every cigarette you smoke. Quitting smoking is simply the smartest and healthiest decision any smoker will ever make.

Many smokers have turned to the Electronic Cigarette to assist them in their quit smoking program. While it is a fact that the Electronic Cigarette is probably the most effective device available to help smokers give up tobacco, intelligent people are asking questions about the safety of Electronic Cigarettes. They wonder if the Electronic Cigarette is harmful to their health or if it may have unexpected side effects. In order to put your mind at ease, lets take a closer look at the Electronic Cigarette.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Harmful To Your Health

When you smoke a tobacco cigarette, you are inhaling 59 known carcinogens and over 5000 other chemicals with every single drag. The vast majority of these unhealthy by-products are activated by the burning of the tobacco. Once you light your cigarette, you are turning on a tiny factory that belches out one noxious substance after the other. You are absorbing these poisons into your lungs and then spreading them throughout your body as they enter your bloodstream.

Electronic Cigarettes burn nothing. There is no smoke, no fire, no ash and no odor. The Electronic Cigarette allows smokers to get the nicotine they crave without inhaling any of the harmful chemicals that are created by the burning of tobacco. When compared to the dangers of tobacco cigarettes, the Electronic Cigarette is not harmful to your health. As an added bonus, your friends and family will not be exposed to all the dangers of second hand smoke as they were when you smoked tobacco.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Harmful To Your Lungs

When you smoke a real cigarette, your lungs are where the residue and toxins accumulate. Over time, these dangerous chemicals build up and form deposits in your lungs.  These harmful deposits interfere with your breathing and may even damage the delicate cells and lining of your lungs. The damage to your lungs caused by smoking tobacco often results in lung cancer or emphysema. Even those smokers who manage to avoid these potentially fatal diseases may experience shortness of breath, dizziness, chest pains and other unpleasant symptoms.

When you use the Electronic Cigarette, you inhale a harmless water vapor with a small amount of nicotine. Since nothing is burned, none of the poisons found in tobacco cigarettes are deposited in your lungs. Your lungs are spared any further build up of harmful chemicals. Because of this fundamental difference between tobacco cigarettes and the Electronic Cigarette, you can be assured that the Electronic Cigarette is not harmful to your lungs.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Harmful To Your Teeth Or Skin

Not only does tobacco seriously damage your health, but it can have a detrimental effect on a smoker’s appearance. When you smoke a cigarette, the chemicals from the tobacco bond to exposed surfaces including your teeth. The result is an ugly, yellow discoloration that is almost impossible to remove without expensive dental treatments.

Tobacco smoke can also cause your skin to suffer. Constant exposure to cigarette smoke may cause your skin to lose its healthy glow and take on a yellow-grey tone. Cigarettes can enhance facial wrinkles and crows feet around the eyes. Smoking tobacco will often add several years to a smokers overall appearance.

Once again, since the Electronic Cigarette does not burn tobacco, the nicotine contained in the vapor wont bond to your teeth and cause any unsightly stains. The Electronic Cigarette will not clog your pores, add to wrinkles or cause your skin to take on an unhealthy pallor. As your body begins to recover from the effects of tobacco, your skin will begin to regain its healthy glow and your overall health will improve. You can rest assured that Electronic Cigarettes are not harmful to your teeth or skin.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Harmful To Pregnant Women

This is certainly the most complicated question to answer about Electronic Cigarettes and it requires total honesty. Obviously, in an ideal situation, a pregnant woman should not consume any nicotine at all. That being said, smoking tobacco while pregnant is certainly the worst choice a woman can make. Quitting cold turkey while pregnant will not only stress the woman but will also stress the fetus.

The Electronic Cigarette provides a pregnant smoker with a viable alternative. Not only will she be able to avoid all of the toxins she would be exposed to if she continued to smoke tobacco, but a pregnant woman has one other powerful option at her disposal if she uses the Electronic Cigarette to quit smoking.

One of the most exciting features of the Electronic Cigarette is the availability of different strengths of nicotine cartridges. A pregnant woman can slowly wean herself from her nicotine addiction by using the Electronic Cigarette and simply reducing the strength of the nicotine cartridge every few weeks until she is nicotine free.

While the ultimate goal for any pregnant woman is to be nicotine free, the Electronic Cigarette will provide her with the safest and most effective method of achieving that goal. The Electronic Cigarette is certainly less harmful than continuing to smoke cigarettes and offers a pregnant smoker much healthier choice.

Electronic Cigarettes Are Safe And They Work

After reading this article, you should have a much better idea about the safety and effectiveness of the Electronic Cigarette. It is simply the best product available to help smokers kick the tobacco habit. If you still smoke tobacco, the time has come for you to save your life and quit smoking. Even if you have tried to quit many times and failed, you can still be successful. Take a few hour of your time to research the Electronic Cigarette and purchase the brand that appeals to you. Make the best decision you will ever make and get started on your road to a tobacco free future with the Electronic Cigarette.

Sangerton Leading The Way Against Tobacco Addiction

Sangertown is among the leaders of the world in the struggle against tobacco addiction

Few other malls on this planet have gone this far to protect their customers, employees, neighbors and everybody else from the effects of smoking as has this mall, and it really is something the whole area and the town should be proud of.  The mall’s management is doing a thing like this – an absolute final ban on tobacco and tobacco products throughout the whole property – without regard to their own financial welfare.  They know as well as anybody else does that they will surely lose at least some customers, and possibly quite a few customers, to their own public spirited, morality-based policy of allowing no smoking whatever on the premises, even though they know perfectly well that some folks will stay home who would otherwise have come to their mall that night.  If we saw more public spiritless like this among regular people and shop-owners, we would be much father ahead in this struggle against smoking than we are. No Smoking Day event at Sangertown

A state Department of Health program called Bridges to Prevent Tobacco cleared the air for World No Tobacco Day Thursday.

The group set up a display at Sangertown Square, which recently enacted a property-wide no smoking policy.

“The department of health realizes that protecting people from secondhand smoke saves the state thousands of dollars,” said Sue Casanova, coordinator for the Bridges program.

World No Tobacco Day was started by the World Health Organization to educate area leaders and the public about the tobacco industry.

These programs mentioned here are good, because it always helps to educate people about the evils of smoking.  There can never be too many such programs, because, even though you would think the message had penetrated everybody’s head by now, it does not seem to have done so.  The proff is that people still smoke.  We also need a little coercion, so to speak, of simply not allowing smoking in numerous places that are public.  The fact that anti-smoking is now the prevalent mode is good., because it sets upthe world in an augthoritarian manner that people just have to respect.  This is especially true for preventing children from taking up the habit.

In addition to World No Tobacco Day, Thursday marked the first day of the implementation of the mall’s new no smoking policy.

Earlier this year, Pyramid Management Company, LLC, the company that owns the mall, announced that all of its properties, inside and out, would become 100 percent tobacco free.

“We strongly believe that this policy will not only support our employees and guests who are sensitive to secondhand smoke, but those who are trying to quit as well,” said Alison Ryan Cahalan, marketing director of Sangertown Square. “It’s inclusive of the entire property inside, outside, all entry points, all hallways, sidewalks, parking lots, construction areas. It applies to our property as a whole.” Read more about Sangerton Tobacco Addition Law

I hope the example that Sangertown is setting has inspired you as much as it has impressed me.  What do you think?  Do you agree with me as about making it illegal to smoke in certain public areas?  My instinct tells me it is right, because some people need that, but I realize others have good reason to differ.  Please let me know – maybe you will convince me!

Electronic Cigarette Under Fire At Westmoreland County Courthouse

A moral problem has arisen, and I am debating how to deal with it.  Which side should I be on?  It is not a small issue, though it might seem small to people who are not involved with it.  It is one of those things, like, is the cup half empty, or is it half full?  Folks who are using electonic cigarettes are not to be allowed to smoke them in this courthouse.  They must go outdoors with the other smoker.  Here is my problem: should those folks who are using E-cigarettes be isolated for still pretending to smoke, or should they be praised for at least trying to quit?  Because, you see, E-cigarettes are used for that purpose really, to help the smoker wean himself off regular cigarettes by using cigarettes that have no tobacco and no nicotine.

Electronic cigarettes get the gavel at the Westoreland County courthouse

Westmoreland County courthouse workers and visitors trying to quit smoking by using electronic cigarettes will have to go outside with the rest of the smokers.

County commissioners on Thursday updated the county’s smoking ban to include electronic cigarettes, devices that emit water vapor to simulate cigarette smoke. The ban includes other smokeless devices that mimic traditional lighted tobacco products such as cigarettes.

Court officials had complained that several visitors were using the electronic smokes in the courtrooms. Read more about electronic cigarette getting the gavel here…

BUT! The purpose of banning cigarettes inside is to prevent the building from being contaminated by tobacco smoke and nicotine.  E_cigarettes, in contrast, have neither.  The opposite argument, which is also not unfair, is that allowing even false cigarettes into the building creates an atmosphere in which smoking is normal, and it might cause others to backslide on their resolve not to smoke.  See what I mean?

The current policy prohibits all smoking in the courthouse and limits it to designated areas outside the building.

I am puzzled about how to think about this issue.  Please help me out by telling me how YOU feel about it!