No Second Hand Smoke With Electronic Cigarettes

Blessed Relief From Secondhand Smoke With Electronic Cigarettes

no second hand smoke with electronic cigarettes
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Use Electronic Cigarettes For No Second Hand Smoke


As any tobacco smoker knows, his or her smoking not only compromises personal health, but also threatens the health of others. One of the greatest advantages of electronic cigarettes is the blessed relief of freedom from secondhand smoke, for the former smoker and for all his friends, family, co-workers and even complete strangers in the path of his cigarette smoke. Choosing electronic cigarettes is truly a wise choice for every smoker, as well as the whole environment. And the choice to use electronic cigarettes is becoming more popular and, at the same time, easier and easier because there are so many styles and models of electronic cigarettes available on the market today.

Sometimes people resist moving in the direction of making a better choice unless that new choice offers other, tangible benefits, too. Fortunately, electronic cigarettes offer significant tangible benefits that can be seen immediately, and those same benefits can be enjoyed and even enhanced over time. Acknowledging that choosing electronic cigarettes is choosing to avoid toxic tobacco smoke, and thereby avoiding toxic secondhand smoke, is the beginning of a new relationship with electronic cigarettes as the best smokeless alternative. Grateful former smokers fill online forums with their praise for electronic cigarettes, and also with their suggestions for compounding custom mixtures of e liquid. Electronic cigarettes all operate on the same, simple principle.

The liquid consumed in electronic cigarettes is called “e liquid” and it consists of liquid nicotine, flavoring and a hygroscopic base which turns the water in the solution into a smoke-like vapor when it’s heated up in the tiny vaporizer. Those are the basic components of all e liquid, although there are variations. Users of electronic cigarettes have the option of selecting the particular strength of nicotine they like, the flavor they like, and if they have a personal choice, even their base solution preference. It’s easy to see some of the other, tangible benefits of electronic cigarettes over standard tobacco cigarettes. Relief from secondhand smoke is just one of many, many benefits of electronic cigarettes.

What’s So Bad About Secondhand Smoke?

Technically, secondhand smoke is called “environmental tobacco smoke” or ETS. That term encompasses two different types of smoke created by burning tobacco; those two different types are called “sidestream smoke,” which is the smoke streaming out of the end of a burning cigarette, pipe or cigar, and “mainstream smoke,” which is the smoke exhaled from the smoker’s mouth or lungs. Non-smokers in the path of either type of secondhand smoke absorb nicotine and many other toxic chemicals, too, so it’s not only the smoker who suffers. It is no secret that avoiding both sidestream and mainstream smoke is one of the great blessings of electronic cigarettes. Although the fun and flexible features of electronic cigarettes are more interesting to think about and talk about, the reality of a genuine smokeless alternative gives electronic cigarettes a tremendous advantage over tobacco products.

The Environmental Protection Agency, the US National Toxicology Program, the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the World Health Organization’s branch known as the International Agency For Research On Cancer have all made statements announcing that secondhand smoke is unequivocally recognized as a “known human carcinogen.”  This is not breaking news in the US or across the rest of the world. People who continue to choose tobacco products know they are endangering themselves and others, while former smokers who now choose electronic cigarettes know better, much better… Users of electronic cigarettes are avoiding over 4,000 chemicals, of which over 40 have been shown to cause cancer. Their electronic cigarettes, cigars and pipes are not producing sidestream or mainstream smoke of any kind, because their electronic cigarettes are not burning. There is no combustion involved in the use of electronic cigarettes, and therefore there is no smoke at all.

What Harm Does Secondhand Smoke Cause To Non-Smokers?

Once again, secondhand smoke is extremely toxic, and it has been shown to cause not only cancer, but many other diseases as well. Secondhand smoke is suspected as the cause of death for many non-smokers, including children. Secondhand smoke kills. Recent statistics regarding specific harm caused by sidestream and mainstream secondhand smoke in the US include: 1) as many as 300,000 lung infections annually, such as bronchitis and pneumonia, all in infants under the age of 18 months old; 2) as many as 1,000,000 children with asthma experiencing more frequent and more severe asthma attacks annually; 3) more than 750,000 middle ear infections annually in small children; and 4) undocumented number of pregnant women whose pregnancies are affected by or compromised by secondhand smoke each year, often in the form of low birth weight babies, in addition to other serious complications. It has not been shown that babies and children are harmed in any way by the simple water vapor produced by electronic cigarettes.

Whether the user of electronic cigarettes is using the unit in close proximity to a child, or whether a child spends time in a room where the user of electronic cigarettes has been vaping, there is no sidestream, mainstream or residual, leftover secondhand smoke filling the room.

There is no smoke because there is no fire in the operation of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes provide the perfect alternative to tobacco products and the inevitable toxic tobacco smoke they create. Non-smokers are not choosing to absorb toxic chemicals and suffer, least of all the infants and small children involved. Electronic cigarettes ensure that vapers and non-vapers alike are safe from the dangers of harsh and deadly secondhand tobacco smoke. Electronic cigarettes offer the real advantage of blessed relief from secondhand smoke.

Who Really Invented The Electronic Cigarette?

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Stop Smoking With The Electronic Cigarette


Who really invented it? That’s a great question that can truthfully be answered, “Herbert A. Gilbert, of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.” It’s totally surprising, but it’s true. An American engineer actually filed a patent for his “Smokeless Non-Tobacco Cigarette” in 1963, and the corresponding US Patent Number 3200819 was issued for it in 1965. So, what ever happened to Mr. Gilbert’s electronic cigarette? Reviewing the patent abstract and diagram, it’s clear to see that the time had not yet come for an electronic cigarette to capture enough popularity to succeed. Remember, in 1963 the dangers of tobacco smoke were not a concern to the general population of smokers. Deep research had not been conducted and governmental health agencies had not made pronouncements regarding the toxicity of over 4,000 chemicals and 42 known carcinogens in tobacco smoke in 1963. People would have had no interest in an electronic cigarette because they didn’t know their tobacco cigarettes were killing them. Not yet.

What Did Mr. Gilbert’s Electronic Cigarette Invention Include?

The electronic cigarette Mr. Gilbert patented was described, in his own words, in the following manner, “…object of the invention is to provide an article of manufacture resembling a cigarette by which air may be drawn through a porous substance of a cartridge which has been moistened with a chemically harmless flavoring preparation, combining moisture and taste following which the moist and flavored air passes through a section of the device heated by a suitable heating element so that warm, moist and flavored air is drawn into the mouth and if desired into the lungs of the user.” That is a perfect description of an electronic cigarette today, and it is fascinating to learn that such a similar electronic cigarette was designed and patented forty years before Ruyan’s 2003 electronic cigarette hit the world market, starting in China. Here are a few more prophetic words in Mr. Gilbert’s description of his electronic cigarette invention, “… a further object is to insulate the heat source so that the “cigarette” may be held in the fingers without discomfort to the user’s hand.”  Once again, that is a perfect description of any electronic cigarette on the market today, and one that could easily be used to draw a sensible conclusion by anyone unfamiliar with an electronic cigarette.

Was Mr. Gilbert’s Electronic Cigarette The Only One Patented In The US?

Perhaps more surprising than discovering that Mr. Gilbert patented an electronic cigarette in 1963 is the fact that over sixty other, similar US Patents have been issued since then. Electronic cigarette patent holders include, among others, major US tobacco companies and pharmaceutical companies.  The fact that a Chinese inventor actually brought the electronic cigarette into production and onto the world marketplace is particularly interesting. There is a huge population of cigarette smokers in China, and the resulting national health concerns may have brought Ruyan’s electronic cigarette more attention and support in China than the long list of inventions received in the US. Smokers all over the world are benefitting from the electronic cigarettes manufactured in China and shipped internationally, and there is a world-wide following that is growing in numbers and in strength. The electronic cigarette has changed the lives of countless tobacco smokers by providing a smokeless alternative to the dangers of tobacco smoke. Mr. Gilbert may not be reaping the benefits of his 1963 patent of an electronic cigarette, but he would undoubtedly be gratified to see that millions of former smokers who are now electronic cigarette users are deriving benefit and pleasure from his idea today.

What Is The Real Benefit Of An Electronic Cigarette?

The benefit of an electronic cigarette today is primarily two-fold.  First, consistent use of an electronic cigarette as a substitute for tobacco cigarettes is the best way to avoid toxic tobacco smoke, the basic source of carcinogens and bodily harm caused by tobacco. And second, an electronic cigarette provides great pleasure. That’s a basic fact of life for a former smoker, proven over and over by each tobacco smoker who picks up an electronic cigarette and gives it a try. Former smokers who get started using an electronic cigarette will almost always say that it’s a terrific idea and a great alternative to tobacco cigarettes. They can get their nicotine delivered through an electronic cigarette, and enjoy the oral and tactile experience, too. Nobody would say that about nicotine gum or nicotine patches. They are simply no fun at all. Back when Mr. Gilbert patented his electronic cigarette there were no nicotine gums or patches, and his invention would have been the only smoking alternative on the market. Today, an electronic cigarette has more competition, but it also provides plenty of options that Mr. Gilbert probably never even dreamed of in his original plans. For example, the huge selection of electronic cigarette flavorings available online today, from candied apple to Zanzibar coffee and literally thousands of others in between, would stun and amaze him, no doubt. The vast selection amazes most new electronic cigarette users as well. Mixing just the right strength of liquid nicotine with one or more exotic liquid e cigarette flavors gives electronic cigarette users options for enjoyment that are unlimited and unprecedented. Although it’s hard to believe that it took forty years to say that Mr. Gilbert’s patented “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” is an idea whose time has come, the popularity of the electronic cigarette on the market today provides ample proof.



How Safe Are Electronic Cigarettes

Now that Electronic Cigarettes or Smokeless Cigarettes have become a very popular way to quit smoking, users are asking about safety.

electronic cigarettes stop smoking
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Stop smoking With Electronic Cigarettes


They want to know if there are any risks involved in using an electronic cigarette to quit smoking or as a tobacco substitute. This is a valid question and it needs to be answered so users of electronic or smokeless cigarettes can be assured that they are not just replacing one unhealthy item with another. Smokers have been praying for a way to quit smoking that is safe, effective and reduces the discomfort and suffering of quitting smoking. The good news is that electronic cigarettes are the prefect solution.

While there have not been any government studies of electronic cigarettes, many of the manufacturers have spent a great deal of money having their products tested by independent laboratories. Doctors and tobacco researchers, including those at major universities, have also weighed in on the subject of electronic cigarette safety. Much has been written and said about this amazing new product and the vast majority has been quite favorable. The overwhelming opinion of the experts is that using an electronic cigarette is much safer than smoking a tobacco cigarette.

Most importantly, while electronic cigarettes do contain the addictive chemical, nicotine, the way the nicotine is absorbed into the users system is much safer than tobacco cigarettes.

The dangerous chemicals and carcinogens that are produced by tobacco cigarettes are released when the tobacco is burned and then inhaled. With the electronic cigarette, there is no flame involved and nothing is burned. This is the great safety advantage of electronic cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes. A brief description of how the smokeless cigarette works will explain why it is a safer way to get the nicotine smokers crave.

The electronic cigarette is made up of a two part tube that actually looks and functions much like a real cigarette. The main section is a metal tube that corresponds to the part of a cigarette that contains the tobacco. This section contains a battery and a heating element that vaporizes the nicotine solution. The second part of the electronic cigarette corresponds to the filter of a cigarette and it contains the nicotine cartridge. When a smoker uses an electronic cigarette, they inhale just like they would a real cigarette and the battery powered heating element vaporizes a small amount of the nicotine solution into a vapor that simulates the smoke of a real cigarette. The smoker is not only able to actually inhale the vapor as if it were smoke but they get approximately the same amount of nicotine with each drag that they would get if they were actually smoking a tobacco cigarette. The user satisfies their bodies need for nicotine while avoiding all the dangerous chemicals that are produced when you burn tobacco.

For non smokers, electronic cigarettes are a safety godsend.

Because nothing is burned, there is no second hand smoke to endanger the health or safety of a non smoker. No chance of getting lung disease, heart conditions or cancer from being in the same room as the user of an electronic cigarette. Not only is there no second hand smoke, but the danger of an accidental fire is totally eliminated with the electronic cigarette. No one has to worry about a smoker falling asleep with a lit cigarette and burning down the house. In this regard, electronic cigarettes are absolutely safe.

The electronic cigarette has another safety benefit that must be mentioned.

The nicotine cartridge used in the electronic cigarette is available in a wide range of different strengths. By reducing the strength of the cartridge every few weeks, the user can slowly and comfortably lower the amount of nicotine they are taking into their system until they are nicotine free. There is no other quit smoking device that allows you to fulfill your bodies need for nicotine while safely simulating the entire process of smoking. There is no other quit smoking device that allows you to control how much nicotine you will be getting in each drag while you slowly reduce your nicotine intake.

There is no doubt that smoking tobacco is unhealthy. No one wants to suffer the risks of lung disease or cancer but giving up smoking is just so difficult that many people have given up hope. Now there is a safe and effective quit smoking product on the market that has helped thousands and thousands of smokers give up the habit. By using the electronic cigarette they were able to wean themselves off of tobacco, without the stress and suffering of quitting cold turkey. They didn’t need prescription drugs or patches to quit. They used the simple electronic cigarette and from the first drag, they were no longer taking all those poisons into their lungs. If you are thinking about quitting, try the electronic cigarette for yourself and give up tobacco today.





Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

There is no question that electronic cigarettes or smokeless cigarettes have hit the big time, but are electronic cigarettes safe?

Are electronic cigarettes safeThey are being used by millions of former smokers to replace tobacco cigarettes or to quit smoking completely. Smokeless cigarettes are in the news, on the internet and have even been shown off on The David Letterman show by a Hollywood Starlet. Electronic cigarettes are very popular and with that popularity, people are starting to ask if electronic cigarettes are safe. While there are several viewpoints on the level of the safety of smokeless cigarettes, the experts have concluded that they are certainly safer than real tobacco cigarettes.

As with every other product that makes big money, the tentacles of government are reaching out to grab hold of the electronic cigarette industry. The government claims to be interested in safety but what is really at stake is tax revenues and taking control of an massive growth industry. The government makes billions from tobacco taxes and if electronic cigarettes are not only safe, but they can help people quit smoking, than those billions in taxes will be at risk. Of course, it is no surprise that the tobacco industry is a major opponent of electronic cigarettes. The tobacco lobby is at the forefront of donating to members of Congress who are in favor of banning or regulating electronic cigarettes.

The question –  are electronic cigarettes safe is legitimate since electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine which is an addictive chemical.

However, smokeless cigarettes eliminate second hand smoke entirely and that certainly means that electronic cigarettes are vastly safer for non-smokers than real tobacco cigarettes. There is no flame or burning involved in the use of electronic cigarettes and this makes them safer for both smokers and non-smokers. Smokeless cigarettes totally eliminate the possibility of people burning themselves alive like so many have done with tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are certainly safer when you consider that if you fall asleep with a smokeless cigarette, your bed will not go up in flames with you in it. Every member of your family will breathe easier when you use an electronic cigarette.

While tobacco cigarettes contain over 5000 harmful chemicals and 59 that cause cancer, electronic cigarettes have not been linked to to the risk of cancer. The fact that nothing is burned in the electronic cigarette not only makes them safer for non-smokers but it certainly spares the user from inhaling a plethora of very harmful chemicals. This is the key safety feature of electronic cigarettes. Not inhaling carcinogens with every drag certainly makes electronic cigarettes safe.

There are tremendous benefits to being able to quit smoking with a product like electronic cigarettes that makes them safer than tobacco.

Since the electronic cigarette allows the user to do exactly what they would do with a real cigarette with the exception of lighting it, it satisfies the smoker’s need to inhale and it satisfies the users addiction to nicotine. Electronic cigarettes look just like a real cigarette and they satisfy all the deeply ingrained rituals that smokers indulge in such as holding a cigarette and putting it to one’s lips. In this way, the users of electronic cigarettes are able to mimic actually smoking while eliminating much of the risk.

The fact that smokeless cigarettes are available with a range of different strengths of nicotine cartridges is another factor that makes electronic cigarettes safer.

The user can continue to avoid the cancer causing chemicals from tobacco cigarettes while slowly reducing the strength of the smokeless cigarette’s nicotine cartridge until the user is nicotine free. Electronic cigarettes have proven to be a very successful quit smoking device and as any doctor will tell you, if something enables a smoker to quit, it is certainly better than continuing to smoke. Michael Siegel, a tobacco researcher at Boston University said, “”The relevant question is not, ‘Are these things safe? But are these things much safer than real cigarettes, and do they help people quit smoking? The answer to both of those questions we know is yes.”  Seigel went on to comment on the idea of banning electronic cigarettes as sheer folly when he said, “What New York is doing is equivalent to outlawing lifeboats on a sinking ship because they haven’t been FDA approved. It’s a really crazy approach to public health.”

The general consensus is that electronic cigarettes are safe and the vast majority of experts say that they are absolutely safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Of course, responsible adults do not want children to use the smokeless cigarettes anymore than we would encourage a child to smoke. It is also incumbent on smokeless cigarette manufacturers to offer only the best, high quality products and every user must be sure to seek out the very best electronic cigarettes on the market. The ultimate goal is helping people quit smoking tobacco and electronic cigarettes are a wonderful new device to help people achieve that highly desirable goal.

E Cigarettes Were Invented By Chinese Engineers

A look back at history shows that Chinese chemists invented gunpowder a long, long time ago, reportedly in the 9th century, so what about e cigarettes?

As it turns out, Chinese engineers, much more recently, invented the first e cigarettes as well. The first patent for e cigarettes was issued in 2003, so a smokeless alternative to tobacco cigarettes has only been on the market for a few years now.  In the beginning, e cigarettes were marketed as a device to stop smoking, but that claim was halted in 2008 when the World Health Organization announced that e cigarettes were not an authorized “smoking cessation device.” That phrase is a legal term and cannot be used without legal authority. So, manufacturers and users of e cigarettes must not make a claim that is, in point of fact, the truth. Vapers who have completely stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes make their opinions known everyday. Users of e cigarettes will not be silenced because they are very grateful to have a smokeless alternative to obtain nicotine and they sincerely desire to make e cigarettes more accessible and not restrict them in any way. People have a right to obtain e cigarettes to help them stop smoking.

E Cigarettes Are Primarily Manufactured In China

Anyone can determine from a brief search on the web that the vast majority of e cigarettes today are manufactured in China. The industry started and proliferated in China, although e cigarettes are now shipped and sold all over the world. There is a huge population of tobacco smokers in China and e cigarettes were so successful as an aid to stop smoking for so many Chinese smokers that it became obvious to smokers everywhere that use of e cigarettes as a nicotine delivery system works well.

Despite the legal terminology and the social and political ramifications, and despite the strong opinions of non-smokers participating in drafting legislation at all levels of government, the fact remains that tobacco smokers are successfully dropping their noxious tobacco habit by using e cigarettes imported from China.

People all over the world are escaping the dangers of tobacco smoke when they choose e cigarettes instead.