E Cigarettes Were Invented By Chinese Engineers

A look back at history shows that Chinese chemists invented gunpowder a long, long time ago, reportedly in the 9th century, so what about e cigarettes?

As it turns out, Chinese engineers, much more recently, invented the first e cigarettes as well. The first patent for e cigarettes was issued in 2003, so a smokeless alternative to tobacco cigarettes has only been on the market for a few years now.  In the beginning, e cigarettes were marketed as a device to stop smoking, but that claim was halted in 2008 when the World Health Organization announced that e cigarettes were not an authorized “smoking cessation device.” That phrase is a legal term and cannot be used without legal authority. So, manufacturers and users of e cigarettes must not make a claim that is, in point of fact, the truth. Vapers who have completely stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes make their opinions known everyday. Users of e cigarettes will not be silenced because they are very grateful to have a smokeless alternative to obtain nicotine and they sincerely desire to make e cigarettes more accessible and not restrict them in any way. People have a right to obtain e cigarettes to help them stop smoking.

E Cigarettes Are Primarily Manufactured In China

Anyone can determine from a brief search on the web that the vast majority of e cigarettes today are manufactured in China. The industry started and proliferated in China, although e cigarettes are now shipped and sold all over the world. There is a huge population of tobacco smokers in China and e cigarettes were so successful as an aid to stop smoking for so many Chinese smokers that it became obvious to smokers everywhere that use of e cigarettes as a nicotine delivery system works well.

Despite the legal terminology and the social and political ramifications, and despite the strong opinions of non-smokers participating in drafting legislation at all levels of government, the fact remains that tobacco smokers are successfully dropping their noxious tobacco habit by using e cigarettes imported from China.

People all over the world are escaping the dangers of tobacco smoke when they choose e cigarettes instead.

E cigarette Has No Cigarette Butt And Help With Diet?

But It’s Just A Little Cigarette Butt – E cigarette User Don’t Have This Problem

Cigarettes buttsOf all the severe problems associated with tobacco cigarettes, problems for smokers themselves and problems for everyone exposed to second-hand smoke, litter created by cigarette butts isn’t very high on anybody’s list of concerns. However, smokers who make the switch to using the e cigarette instead of tobacco are making an impact on the enormous world-wide problem of cigarette butt litter. Most people think butts are biodegradable, but they are acetate and take a long time to decompose.

E cigarette users are not contributing to the litter created by several trillion cigarette butts tossed away each year, or the fish and wildlife that suffer as a result of swallowing cigarette butts in their environment. Although e cigarettes generate some litter, it is not tossed onto parking lots or into lakes. E cigarette users as a group don’t create a litter problem as do tobacco cigarette smokers.

And What About Vaping And The E Cigarette For Low Carb Dieters?

e cigarette low carb diet
by forzaq8 under CC BY 
Lose Weight While You Quit


It’s not news that former smokers often gain weight when they stop smoking tobacco cigarettes.

And it’s also pretty well known that the e cigarette can contribute to a user’s level of satisfaction and daily nicotine intake such that she maintains her normal weight when she gives up tobacco cigarettes. But one benefit of the e cigarette in the area of weight loss and weight maintenance is not nearly as well-known, yet it has the potential to create quite a stir in the weight-loss industry.

Here it is – e cigarette liquid is available in absolutely delicious flavors that do not have calories. Vaping can not only provide satisfaction in terms of nicotine delivery, but also in the following sample flavors that just might be off-limits to anyone on a low-carb diet of real food: banana bread, cinnamon roll, coconut cream pie, sugar cookie, banana split, strawberry shortcake, roasted marshmallow, and German chocolate cake. And that’s just a sampling! The e cigarette may soon be considered as an aid to weight-loss programs if the low-carb dieters get wind of this information and run with it!

E Cigarettes Create No Smoke

Getting a little confused with all the media attention on e cigarettes?

E cigarettes confusedNow that there are so many choices, including huge units shaped like a box and tiny units smaller than a toy cigarette, how can a smoker know what to choose and exactly how to get started?  The choices seem nearly endless, but the most important thing is just to get started. Start to make a change by trying out disposable e cigarettes available locally. Just grab a few and get started vaping.

E cigarettes do not involve combustion…

…so that means they do not create smoke. The tremendous advantage of e cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes is the complete absence of tobacco smoke. There’s no flame and no smoke, there’s only water vapor emitted from e cigarettes, and the same water vapor is emitted from the user’s lungs upon exhalation. No smoke is created in e cigarettes, so no smoke is inhaled by the vaper, the person using e cigarettes to replace tobacco cigarettes. None of the many brands of e cigarettes generate smoke, which means the smokeless alternative is also free of the harmful toxins and carcinogens contained in tobacco smoke.

How Does An E Cigarette Differ From A Tobacco Cigarette?

Smokers turned e cigarette users will tell you that the basic similarity between tobacco cigarette smoking and e cigarette use is that something is placed in the mouth, and after that, the differences are many.

Experienced users provide this advice to new users of e cigarettes:

1) Draw air in very lightly compared to a tobacco cigarette;

2) Draw longer, three seconds or more, in order to heat up the atomizer that creates vapor;

3) Hold the vapor in the mouth for two seconds, then inhale deeply, followed by a slow exhale through the nose; and finally,

4) Spend at least twice as long using the e cigarette as one tobacco cigarette lasts.

These use instructions are given for the purpose of achieving adequate nicotine from an e cigarette, because tobacco smoke is composed of much finer particles that penetrate the lungs faster and farther than vapor produced by e cigarettes.

The “hit” produced instantly by nicotine in tobacco smoke takes longer to achieve by nicotine in e cigarette vapor. The two activities may look the same to a non-smoker, but what’s really going on for the e cigarette user is totally different.



Non-Governmental Organizations That Have Influenced the Legal System

While Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) can neither pass nor enforce laws, they can, and have, greatly influenced them.

Money up in smokeUsing federal grant monies, these entities have done, and published, research which reflected negatively on the effects of cigarettes. While e-cigarettes are technically not cigarettes, to these groups a “cigarette,” including the e-cigarette is bad, immaterial of the actuality. Not only have these organizations provided information to their members, they have publicized their works and advertised their opinions. For the e-cigarette to avoid the fate of the cigarette industry, the e-cigarette manufacturers need to exploit the differences between the e-cigarette and the cigarette.

Another way in which these groups influence the legal system is through extensive lobbying. The e-cigarette industry, while doing lobbying of its own, cannot compete on the same playing field as these groups.  One of the reasons is the proliferation of them. Another reason is the “respectability” they present. By arguing as health professionals and concerned citizens, the e-cigarette community might be outclassed.  But the e-cigarette industry has the opportunity to generate its own place in this arena.

These groups represent not only voters but also contributors.  Since legislative bodies, heads of government, some enforcement officials, and judges are elected, while others are appointed by elected officials, by courting these persons, the e-cigarette industry has an opportunity to be heard.

One thing that the e-cigarette industry must overcome is the period of years that have proven many of these groups’ predictions and research accurate.

Another way in which these groups have been very successful is in the courts. While filing amicus curie (friends of the courts) briefs, they have been instrumental in effecting court decisions. In fact, many of these groups have a vested interested in the outcome of the law suits, as they are, or are trying to be, a financial recipients of the court awards.

However, all the things that these groups have had success with in the past, the e-cigarette industry can use to its advantage.

An e-cigarette, while it looks like a cigarette, is not a cigarette.  As an alternative to, not a substitute for, cigarettes, the e-cigarette industry might be able to use some of these organizations to present the e-cigarette as a viable choice.

While the e-cigarette industry might find that some in the American Cancer Society, American
Heart Association, AMA (American Medical Association) might be available to research the e-cigarette, other organizations such as Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, ANR (Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights), ASTHO (Association for State and Territorial Health Officials) would not be inclined to even listen to the e-cigarette industry representatives.

Since the advent of e-cigarettes is recent, the manufacturers do not have historical and empirical data. However, the issue which the e-cigarette industry has is that the e-cigarette is not the same as smoking. Vapor is not smoke. In law, each word has discrete meanings.

Virtually everything that is hot produces vapor.  For the e-cigarette industry, showing that the vapor is no more harmful than the vapor produced by any hot substance, and having these organizations concur, will go a long way to nip the legal issues in the bud.

Another issue, and a major legal hurdle which must be fully addressed, is the presence or absence of nicotine.  To the e-cigarette community, the absence of nicotine, which many consider an additive drug, is the key to the success of their arguments.

How Many Parts To E Cigarettes

Two And Three Part E Cigarettes

There are two basic styles of electronic cigarettes, those that consist of two parts or three parts. This is a functional difference that should be understood prior to purchase because it bears on the replacement costs and ongoing expense of e cigarette use. A two-part unit includes a battery and a cartomizer. Each manufacturer specifies the battery size and how long it takes to recharge. Generally, an e cigarette starter kit comes complete with a wall charger and a USB port charger, but that is definitely something to check before purchasing a kit. And a cartomizer is a combination of a cartridge containing e cigarette liquid and an atomizer that heats up and turns the liquid into vapor. The capacity of liquid varies between manufacturers as well, and that’s another thing to check before purchasing your first electronic cigarette or switching models.

Advantages Of A Two-Part E Cigarette

Two part e cigaretteThere are three distinct advantages to the two-part style of e cigarette, and those are ease of cartomizer replacement when the liquid is gone, new atomizers, and basic good hygiene.  You may see some users with the ability to screw the battery to the cartomizer with one hand, although that skill takes some practice. Naturally, it is very simple to put together using both hands. And as soon as that process is accomplished there is a fresh supply of e cigarette liquid containing nicotine and flavoring as well as a fresh atomizer. This is an advantage over the three-part units in which the atomizers are used over and over while the liquid is refilled again and again, which can lead to poor functionality due to a clogged system. It’s easy to see that the mouthpiece on used cartomizers fits between the users’ lips and when a new one is screwed into the battery it is completely fresh each time, including the mouthpiece. Some users really appreciate this sanitary feature of the two-part units, also called automatice cigarettes because the breath passing through the cartomizer triggers it to heat up to create vapor, so there’s no manual trigger required.

Advantages of A Three-Part E Cigarette

Three part e cigarettesThe battery, atomizer and cartridge are the three different components of a three-part e cigarette. Since each part can be purchased separately and even swapped-out for those made by other manufacturers, the three-part system offers the most flexibility. And it offers greater opportunity for cost savings as well, meaning savings over other types of electronic cigarettes with liquid cartridges that cannot be refilled by the user. Cost savings over tobacco cigarette use is also assumed. Each part can be replaced whenever necessary, and refilling the e cigarette liquid can become a hobby unto itself since there are literally thousands of fruit, food, herbal and incense flavors available. Three-part electronic cigarettes may come with a manual switch requiring the user to press a little button to start the atomizer, but they can also be changed into an automatic unit simply by switching parts.


Are E Cigarettes Designed to Help Stop Smoking?

If you are wondering if e cigarettes were designed to help stop smoking, the simple answer is no.

E cigarettes to stop smokingThe patent was neither applied for nor awarded as a stop smoking device. It was awarded to Hon Lik, a Chinese inventor for Ruyan Group for “a cigarette substitute, not a smoking cessation aid.”  That was in 2004 and there have been many people since that time that would disagree with the purpose of e cigarettes in their own lives. The manner in which the general public places a product into use may differ dramatically from the intention of its inventor. So it’s fair to say that many tobacco smokers have reduced or completely stopped smoking tobacco as a result of e cigarette use, whether or not that was the original intention of the inventor.

E Cigarettes Flavor For Every taste

The utility value of e cigarettes is enhanced greatly by the simple fact that tobacco is not, of itself, a naturally delicious flavor. Tobacco is an acquired taste. However, the special flavored liquids developed for the tiny vaporizers in e cigarettes are drop-dead delicious. If you don’t like one taste, you will surely like another because there are literally thousands to choose from, including various fruits, coffee, chocolate, alcoholic beverages, perfumes, foods and even breath fresheners. You can even get creative and mix up your own vaporizer liquids for e cigarettes from recipes at home. You can include nicotine in varying strengths or you can, if you’re moving in the direction of stopping smoking, choose to gradually eliminate nicotine from your e cigarettes entirely.

E cigarette –  A Viable Alternative

To the uninitiated, meaning non-smokers, the whole thing seems more like a fanciful hobby or novelty than a stop-smoking device. That is a perfectly legitimate viewpoint. But to a smoker, especially a smoker who is taking stock of his or her health and giving consideration to smoking alternatives, e cigarettes offer a viable option that’s fun and practical at the same time.

E Cigarette Smoke is Not Really Smoke


Have You Seen Someone Smoking An E cigarette

Many people are curious when they see someone using an e cigarette because it looks like a tobacco cigarette but it doesn’t actually create smoke. The appearance of smoke is created by a tiny vaporizer unit that contains a cartridge filled with e cigarette liquid, and when the liquid heats up it vaporizes into water-vapor that looks just like smoke.

E cigarette liquid contains nicotine and flavoring in a base that stabilizes the liquid to vaporize most efficiently.

It comes in pre-filled cartridges and it comes in bulk packs to refill cartridges at home. Some users enjoy mixing up their own e cigarette liquid recipes because they can create custom flavors and control nicotine content. In fact, nicotine can be eliminated from the liquid mixture entirely if a tobacco smoker is using an e cigarette to reduce or quit smoking. Nicotine-free e cigarette liquid mixtures are popular with non-smokers who are curious and just looking to have some fun at a party or a restaurant after dinner.

E Cigarette – How Long Will They Last?

So what is the life of an e cigarette?

e cigarettePeople often ask how long an e cigarette will last, and it all depends on individual use. To answer that question for any one user involves observing how hard they draw air into their mouth because that is the moment when the e cigarette battery is triggered to produce vapor. The more air that passes through the vaporizer, the more quickly the battery is used up.

The batteries are rechargeable in wall outlets and in USB ports. But there is another factor that has to be considered when someone asks how long a unit will last, which is the e cigarette liquid containing nicotine and other ingredients. The liquid comes in special cartridges and when it is used up in the vaporizer the e cigarette cartridge must be refilled or replaced.

The e cigarette is better, last longer and is healthier than a normal cigarette

The e cigarette liquid is actually the only part of the unit that is used up regularly. Rechargeable batteries may eventually need to be replaced, but not very often. So, e cigarettes last as long as the liquid lasts, and that is the simple answer for everyone.

Where To Buy Electronic Cigarettes

where to buy electronic cigarettesWell Look at Where To Buy Electronic Cigarettes

The first thing I tried to do when I looked where to buy electronic cigarettes was looking in the yellow pages after having seen an ad in the local newspaper about electronic cigarettes. I was completely besotted with the concept of being able to still get my nicotine fix without actually inhaling the horrible toxins that are in regular cigarettes.

So I Wanted To Know Where To Buy Electronic Cigarettes?

As a smoker the mere thought of being able to still smoke without the harmful smoke is a dream come true so I decided to do a little bit more research into the electronic cigarette. I found a few amazing things about electronic cigarettes.

1. You can’t really buy them in shops.

2. If you find them in a shop then you can expect to pay top dollar for one (over $150)

3. If you do get an electronic cigarette you can’t refill them as easily as you would expect.

4. And there is no variety offline.

After realising that electronic cigarettes are really more of a specialised product (after all the only people I ever heard of using these electronic cigarettes are movie stars like Leonardo Dicaprio, Katharine Hagel as well as Charlie Sheen. Not one of my friends has one and half of them haven’t even heard of an electronic cigarette let alone have one!

So My Quest on Where to Buy Electronic Cigarettes Continued

I searched a few places on line to see if I could find where to buy electronic cigarettes as well as a bit more information about them, the first thing I found was there are so many different electronic cigarette brands available that where to buy them wasn’t the problem anymore but which electronic cigarette do I buy. The next thing was the best place where to buy electronic cigarettes was definitely online and not in the local shops or shopping malls.

I did a search online and found a few prominent brands – electronic cigarettes whose brands were pretty much splattered all over the net like Direct ecig and Prado as well as Green Puffer. While these brands are some of the more well know ones online the question of where to buy electronic cigarettes was still an issue and I really wanted to decide already on my first choice of electronic cigarettes.


Seeing as the prices were a lot better online I opted for a free trial, the free trial allowed me to pay for only the shipping and handling fees while giving me 14 days to try out the electronic cigarette to see if I liked it and if I could really consider this an alternative to smoking regular harmful cigarettes.

It turns out that the electronic cigarette is a great substitution for smoking regular cigarettes because every element of smoking a regular cigarette is there, from the smoke that you exhale to the nicotine hit, you also get to the feel of having a cigarette that smokes in your hand – It really is a great alternative and I can really see the electronic cigarette is helping me along my way to stop smoking altogether one day.

There are also other main advantages of having an electronic cigarette like, being able to smoke anywhere you want (well almost) and being able to know that pretty much no matter where you are or what you are doing the electronic cigarette is most likely allowed to be used. No more smoking bans for electronic cigarette users. Another pro to using the electronic cigarette are the costs, you more than half you bill instantly (and hopefully completely at some point soon).

All in all the best place where to buy electronic cigarettes are online and if you do a search you’ll find a whole array of them and its really up to your personal preference which electronic cigarette you buy and from who.