How Much For Electronic Cigarettes

What Price For Electronic Cigarettes?

How much to smokeMore and more smokers are wondering how much they will need to invest to try out an electronic cigarette. The simple answer is – it could be less than $10 USD or it could be more than $200 USD.  If you asked about a pair of running shoes you might hear the same answer, and finding the right choice for you personally all depends on how you’re going to use the product.  Use of an e cigarette can be social, casual and occasional use only. Many e cigarette users keep a few disposable units on hand for going out, the only time they formerly found themselves bumming a cigarette from others at restaurants, clubs and bars. These people did’t formerly have a daily smoking habit; they had an occasional, social habit.

Disposable electronic cigarette models are perfect for the occasional vaper who doesn’t want to start consuming more nicotine on a daily basis, and who just wants a simple, easy, smokeless alternative to an occasional tobacco cigarette. New users might expect to pay between $10 – $15 USD for a disposable electronic cigarette model, $15 each when purchased individually and $10 each when purchased in packs of ten, for example.

What About Reusable Electronic Cigarettes?

Moving up to electronic cigarette units that are completely or partially rechargeable and refillable, the numbers of current choices boggles the mind of even the most imaginative smoker. And of course new models are coming on the market every month. E cigarette aficionados love to post on specialty forums and write their own blogs detailing their adventures with various new and exciting electronic cigarettes. It has truly become a whole world unto itself, requiring personal experience to understand the terms and expressions, to read and comprehend product reviews.  Unless a reader knows or wants to learn about attys, cartos, box mods and juice, he had better stay away from electronic cigarette reviews speaking to serious vapers.  And, he had better stick with disposable models until further notice. Entering the world of two and three-piece electronic cigarettes means acquiring a fascination for new smokeless options, and for the infinite possibilities of nicotine and flavor combinations.

Is Second Hand Smoke Bad?

What’s So Bad About Second-hand Tobacco Smoke?

Cigarette smokeMost people know that second-hand smoke is bad, but why is it bad?  And besides avoiding smoking altogether, what can be done about it? Before looking at the harmful effects, it’s good to consider one solution. Electronic cigarettes are increasing in popularity because they offer an alternative to tobacco smokers. They produce no smoke at all, only water vapor. Electronic cigarette safety has been shown to be much higher than tobacco cigarettes primarily because they produce no toxic smoke. That means the user and everyone around him can avoid the known carcinogens responsible for 3,400 lung cancer deaths and 46,000 heart disease deaths in adult non-smokers in the United States. Those shocking statistics do not include children at all. So, the effects of second-hand smoke are causing great harm to more than 50,000 people annually in the United States alone. Switching to an electronic cigarette can improve the quality of life for a smoker and everyone around him because absolutely no second-hand smoke is created in the process of vaporizing electronic cigarette liquid, inhaling it or expelling it. Avoiding second-hand tobacco smoke is easier with the use of electronic cigarettes.


How can I convince my parents to get an E-Cigarette?

Both my parents are smokers. They smoke so much, sometimes I lose count of how many cigarettes they’ve smoked in a day. My dad even smokes in the house and the car. My mom’s a little better, because she smokes outside… but she doesn’t realize that the scent stays with her. Both of them know that it’s bad for their health (although my dad doesn’t “believe” in second-hand smoke), but nothing I say will help them stop or at least cut down. Not only am I concerned for them, but for ME, too! I’m not sure why, but I think I’m sensitive to cigarette smoke. What I mean is, whenever I’m near the smoke I suddenly exhale deeply (by reflex) until there’s practically no air in my lungs, and I can’t get myself to inhale. And, on the off chance that I actually DO get a breath in, I start coughing like a maniac. Saying that, I need to get them to stop!

This morning I was surfing to see if they had any cool new items and whatnot, and I came across the “Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit”.

I excitedly told my mom about it, because when I’d shown her the nicotine inhaler I’d seen on a commercial, she told me it wasn’t enough like a cigarette. She didn’t argue that this item was a lot like an actual cigarette, but she still refused to get it! When I asked her why, she got mad and said it was too much money. Understanding that it was a bit pricey, I offered to pay for it for her — after all, I have about 0 saved up for nothing in particular. When I offered, she got flustered and stomped away. I haven’t asked my dad to get one yet because if my mom reacted like that, I’m kind of afraid of what my dad’ll do (he sometimes gets angry at me for nothing and he gets mad easily, which scares me a bit).

So, how can I convince them to get it? Any and all answers would be helpful!