E Cigarettes May Be Smoked Anywhere

E Cigarettes have become quite a hot topic, and one of the primary reasons is the fact that some bold users go ahead and take out their e cigarettes to enjoy in places where tobacco smoking is banned.

e cigarettes
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Beat The Ban With E Cigarettes


Ask any airline pilot, bus driver or restaurant owner and you will hear stories of e cigarettes that caused considerable controversy among other people who don’t smoke. E cigarettes produce water vapor that looks for all the world like tobacco smoke. Users of e cigarettes can see the difference of course, but non-smokers and even tobacco smokers who are not familiar with e cigarettes usually experience a few moments of confusion and even anger.

Naturally it appears that tobacco smoke is spiraling through the environment but e cigarettes produce no smoke because nothing is burning;

There’s no combustion and no smoke at all. So that brings up the issue of the use of e cigarettes at the office. This is indeed a hot topic and one that has been resolved in favor of many users of electronic cigarettes for one main reason: no more cigarette breaks. If an employer does the math, he or she can easily see that the dollars wasted when employees have to step outside frequently to take a smoke break are dollars saved when employees are allowed to use and recharge e cigarettes at their desk.

If the user is willing to put on a little demonstration and provide some information most curious co-workers will get on board with the use of e cigarettes at the office. It just takes some sensitivity and patience to show that there’s really no comparison between harmful tobacco cigarettes and smoke-free e cigarettes, an issue that’s easily addressed by most e cigarette users on the job.

How Does An E Cigarette Differ From A Tobacco Cigarette?

Smokers turned e cigarette users will tell you that the basic similarity between tobacco cigarette smoking and e cigarette use is that something is placed in the mouth, and after that, the differences are many.

Experienced users provide this advice to new users of e cigarettes:

1) Draw air in very lightly compared to a tobacco cigarette;

2) Draw longer, three seconds or more, in order to heat up the atomizer that creates vapor;

3) Hold the vapor in the mouth for two seconds, then inhale deeply, followed by a slow exhale through the nose; and finally,

4) Spend at least twice as long using the e cigarette as one tobacco cigarette lasts.

These use instructions are given for the purpose of achieving adequate nicotine from an e cigarette, because tobacco smoke is composed of much finer particles that penetrate the lungs faster and farther than vapor produced by e cigarettes.

The “hit” produced instantly by nicotine in tobacco smoke takes longer to achieve by nicotine in e cigarette vapor. The two activities may look the same to a non-smoker, but what’s really going on for the e cigarette user is totally different.



Non-Governmental Organizations That Have Influenced the Legal System

While Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) can neither pass nor enforce laws, they can, and have, greatly influenced them.

Money up in smokeUsing federal grant monies, these entities have done, and published, research which reflected negatively on the effects of cigarettes. While e-cigarettes are technically not cigarettes, to these groups a “cigarette,” including the e-cigarette is bad, immaterial of the actuality. Not only have these organizations provided information to their members, they have publicized their works and advertised their opinions. For the e-cigarette to avoid the fate of the cigarette industry, the e-cigarette manufacturers need to exploit the differences between the e-cigarette and the cigarette.

Another way in which these groups influence the legal system is through extensive lobbying. The e-cigarette industry, while doing lobbying of its own, cannot compete on the same playing field as these groups.  One of the reasons is the proliferation of them. Another reason is the “respectability” they present. By arguing as health professionals and concerned citizens, the e-cigarette community might be outclassed.  But the e-cigarette industry has the opportunity to generate its own place in this arena.

These groups represent not only voters but also contributors.  Since legislative bodies, heads of government, some enforcement officials, and judges are elected, while others are appointed by elected officials, by courting these persons, the e-cigarette industry has an opportunity to be heard.

One thing that the e-cigarette industry must overcome is the period of years that have proven many of these groups’ predictions and research accurate.

Another way in which these groups have been very successful is in the courts. While filing amicus curie (friends of the courts) briefs, they have been instrumental in effecting court decisions. In fact, many of these groups have a vested interested in the outcome of the law suits, as they are, or are trying to be, a financial recipients of the court awards.

However, all the things that these groups have had success with in the past, the e-cigarette industry can use to its advantage.

An e-cigarette, while it looks like a cigarette, is not a cigarette.  As an alternative to, not a substitute for, cigarettes, the e-cigarette industry might be able to use some of these organizations to present the e-cigarette as a viable choice.

While the e-cigarette industry might find that some in the American Cancer Society, American
Heart Association, AMA (American Medical Association) might be available to research the e-cigarette, other organizations such as Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, ANR (Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights), ASTHO (Association for State and Territorial Health Officials) would not be inclined to even listen to the e-cigarette industry representatives.

Since the advent of e-cigarettes is recent, the manufacturers do not have historical and empirical data. However, the issue which the e-cigarette industry has is that the e-cigarette is not the same as smoking. Vapor is not smoke. In law, each word has discrete meanings.

Virtually everything that is hot produces vapor.  For the e-cigarette industry, showing that the vapor is no more harmful than the vapor produced by any hot substance, and having these organizations concur, will go a long way to nip the legal issues in the bud.

Another issue, and a major legal hurdle which must be fully addressed, is the presence or absence of nicotine.  To the e-cigarette community, the absence of nicotine, which many consider an additive drug, is the key to the success of their arguments.

How Many Parts To E Cigarettes

Two And Three Part E Cigarettes

There are two basic styles of electronic cigarettes, those that consist of two parts or three parts. This is a functional difference that should be understood prior to purchase because it bears on the replacement costs and ongoing expense of e cigarette use. A two-part unit includes a battery and a cartomizer. Each manufacturer specifies the battery size and how long it takes to recharge. Generally, an e cigarette starter kit comes complete with a wall charger and a USB port charger, but that is definitely something to check before purchasing a kit. And a cartomizer is a combination of a cartridge containing e cigarette liquid and an atomizer that heats up and turns the liquid into vapor. The capacity of liquid varies between manufacturers as well, and that’s another thing to check before purchasing your first electronic cigarette or switching models.

Advantages Of A Two-Part E Cigarette

Two part e cigaretteThere are three distinct advantages to the two-part style of e cigarette, and those are ease of cartomizer replacement when the liquid is gone, new atomizers, and basic good hygiene.  You may see some users with the ability to screw the battery to the cartomizer with one hand, although that skill takes some practice. Naturally, it is very simple to put together using both hands. And as soon as that process is accomplished there is a fresh supply of e cigarette liquid containing nicotine and flavoring as well as a fresh atomizer. This is an advantage over the three-part units in which the atomizers are used over and over while the liquid is refilled again and again, which can lead to poor functionality due to a clogged system. It’s easy to see that the mouthpiece on used cartomizers fits between the users’ lips and when a new one is screwed into the battery it is completely fresh each time, including the mouthpiece. Some users really appreciate this sanitary feature of the two-part units, also called automatice cigarettes because the breath passing through the cartomizer triggers it to heat up to create vapor, so there’s no manual trigger required.

Advantages of A Three-Part E Cigarette

Three part e cigarettesThe battery, atomizer and cartridge are the three different components of a three-part e cigarette. Since each part can be purchased separately and even swapped-out for those made by other manufacturers, the three-part system offers the most flexibility. And it offers greater opportunity for cost savings as well, meaning savings over other types of electronic cigarettes with liquid cartridges that cannot be refilled by the user. Cost savings over tobacco cigarette use is also assumed. Each part can be replaced whenever necessary, and refilling the e cigarette liquid can become a hobby unto itself since there are literally thousands of fruit, food, herbal and incense flavors available. Three-part electronic cigarettes may come with a manual switch requiring the user to press a little button to start the atomizer, but they can also be changed into an automatic unit simply by switching parts.


Understanding The E Cigarette

Understanding Two And Three Piece E Cigarettes

E cigarettes smallSome electronic cigarettes are constructed in one piece, and these models are normally disposable when the liquid runs out. So, it’s more economical to use e cigarette models that are completely or at least partially rechargeable (the battery) and refillable (the liquid cartridge) or replaceable (the liquid cartridge and the atomizer.)  Essentially, all e cigarette parts are replaceable, so there is nothing about a typical electronic cigarette that is permanent, meaning every part will reconnect to corresponding, new replacement parts for continued use and enjoyment.  Experienced users, generally daily smokers who have made the switch to e cigarettes to avoid the hazards of tobacco smoking will tell you to estimate about one month as the average length of time a vaporizer will last, although they can easily fail after a few days or last well over a month. And of course a battery will be recharged many times during a month of daily use, but eventually the battery wears out after approximately two hundred charges.

E cigarette Cartridges Are Here

Cartridges contain polyester wadding into which the nicotine and flavoring liquid is absorbed. In two-piece electronic cigarettes there is a combination cartridge/atomizer called a “cartomizer” which means that entire piece is discarded at one time and replaced by a new one. Use of replacement cartomizers can make electronic cigarettes more expensive than tobacco cigarette smoking; so many people chose to invest in one of the many three-piece models instead. When either the liquid cartridge needs to be refilled or the atomizer heating element burns out, only the defective part needs to be replaced, not both. Plus, two piece and three piece models are completely interchangeable. One cartomizer can screw onto a battery and replace both a cartridge and an atomizer, two separate parts. No wonder these units are the most popular on the market, and that many manufacturers’ e cigarette parts are interchangeable with each other.

A Pair Of E Cigarettes And A Spare?

All this talk about spare parts might make a smoker think that it’s a whole lot simpler to carry a pack of tobacco cigarettes than worry about small electronic parts failing. To a certain extent, that’s true, and it’s the reason dedicated smokers who’ve switched to e cigarettes advise new users to keep spare parts on hand. Since one entire electronic cigarette consists of a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge (or a battery and a cartomizer), that’s the basic set-up. But any serious user will want to keep multiple set-ups on hand to avoid the temptation or need to borrow a tobacco cigarette. Most suggestions include two complete, separate two-piece units and two complete, separate three-piece units, just to be prepared.

E Cigarettes Own Lingo!

Atties, Cartos and Tanks

E cigarette unreadableIt’s a whole separate world with its own special lingo… e cigarette users chatting online about their personal likes and dislikes provide a glimpse into their unique world and reveal many things a smoker might want to know before making an investment in e cigarettes. There’s so much to learn and so many decisions to make that many people who just want a new experience opt for a disposable electronic cigarette first. For only about $15 (US) a smoker can give e cigarettes a try and have some fun in the process. The whole unit is disposable, unlike more expensive counterparts that are reusable and refillable, making the use of electronic cigarettes more affordable than tobacco smoking, according to many dedicated users who were formerly smokers.

So, what’s all the decision-making about? Basically, it comes down to whether a former smoker is adding e cigarettes to his or her repertoire of options as regards nicotine delivery. That sounds a bit clinical, but it’s reality. If a former or current tobacco smoker wants to inhale nicotine but also wants to avoid the harmful tars and toxins contained in tobacco smoke he is well-advised to look at the larger models of e cigarettes that look nothing like a regular tobacco cigarette but deliver nicotine with greater efficiency at lower cost. Some of these units look like a pen and some are simply a square box with a straw-like projection that the user places in his mouth to draw vapor through the unit. The latter model is for serious users who have no interest in trying to fit in socially, it’s all about enjoying smooth, accurate and flavorful nicotine delivery.

One, Two Or Three Pieces?

E cigarette piecesOne- piece e cigarettes are generally disposable as mentioned earlier, and they are without a doubt the utmost in convenience, having no parts to reuse or replace. The whole unit is entirely disposable. Moving along to the two-piece models which consist of a rechargeable battery and a replaceable cartridge, there are a couple options available in this category. In one option the atomizer, the vaporizing unit designed to heat up and convert liquid to vapor, is built into the nicotine refill cartridge. This combination unit is called a cartomizer and it will need to be replaced frequently because the liquid is used up and the atomizer wears out. A cartomizer simply screws onto the battery part of the e cigarette unit and unscrews for disposal. It’s quite neat and simple, not unlike the convenience of disposable one-piece units. Purchasing cartomizers pre-filled with e cigarette liquid containing varying amounts of nicotine and different flavors to suit the user’s preferences can become rather expensive. And that’s what leads users to consider the use of three-piece e cigarettes for ultimate control and flexibility. This is the arena of atties (atomizers), cartos (cartomizers) and tanks (liquid reservoirs) which appeals to serious e cigarette users wanting to experiment with an unending combination of nicotine strength and flavoring. Many three-piece units are convertible to two-piece units simply by screwing in a cartomizer pre-filled with liquid rather than a separate atomizer and tank.


E cigarette FDA Status

How Did the E Cigarette and the Current Status of the Federal Law Evolve?

E cigarette federalThe definitive interpretation of a law, statute, or regulation is the judiciary.  Whether it be a court of original jurisdiction (a court designated to be the first court that hears the case), or a court of appeals (a court that reviews the record and makes a determination to approve, overturn, or remand —send the case in whole or in part to the previous lower court).  In the US, when the Supreme Court makes a ruling, only new legislation or an amendment to the constitution can change the decision.

Currently, the legal status of the e cigarette as it pertains to governmental oversight occurred in the spring of 2011 when a three-judge panel of the U. S. Court of Appeals in Washington ruled that the FDA had overstepped its authority and that e cigarette and other similar products are not drugs/devices unless they are marketed for therapeutic purposes.

Why is the Federal Government Even Concerned about E Cigarette Usage?

Until January 11, 1964, the United States government’s control of the tobacco industry was limited to collection of taxes.  On that date, the Office of the Surgeon General of the U. S. released a report on the harmful effects of cigarette smoking. This report acted like a detonator on a bomb, with the e cigarette and e cigarette manufacturers eventual victims of the explosion.

However, the constitution of the US enumerates the powers of Congress as to category of laws it can pass.  Trying to include e-cigarettes as protecting the health of the citizenry, which is what the concern of the Office of the Surgeon was, is not on that list.  The problem of including e-cigarettes being covered is by using the tactic of the Commerce Clause…once something is transported across state lines, then Congress can legislate.  E cigarette distribution crosses state lines.

During the intervening years, the federal government, fuelled by additional information provided by the Office of the Surgeon General has engaged literally a war against cigarette smoking, or anything that could be considered similar to cigarette smoking.  The e cigarette falls into the latter category.

Several laws were passed by Congress with the goal of thwarting cigarette sales—the 1965Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act, followed in 1970 by the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act.   Interestingly, although passed in 1970, this act did not go into effect until January 1972 so that tobacco companies could advertise during the telecasts of the college football bowl games.

Developed by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, the e cigarette avoided coming under either of these laws both by intent and definition.

The FDA Decided to Extend Existing Law to Cover the E-Cigarette

Since the available cigarette laws did not cover the e cigarette or the manufacture of e cigarettes, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determined to extend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C) to cover the import of the e cigarette by designating them as drug delivery devices.  The misplaced logic the FDA used to justify the attack strategy against e cigarette manufacturers was that e-cigarettes should be regulated as a nicotine replacement failed.

In its April 25, 2011 Letter to Stakeholders, (http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/PublicHealthFocus/ucm252360.htm), the FDA announced that it would not appeal the court’s decision regarding e-cigarettes.

The FDA, not to take defeat easily, is not done using the FD&C. Most recently, the FDA is attacking e cigarette manufacturers alleging producing defective products and contaminated tobacco.

What will come of this newer approach against e cigarette manufacturers? As long as the e cigarette manufacturers make a quality product, the FDA will probably not succeed.  If e cigarette manufacturers make an inferior product, the public will buy alternative brands of e cigarettes.  In either instance, the e cigarette consumer will be the ultimate adjudicator on the quality of the product, not FDA legal gyrations.

E cigarettes Nicotone Level

Nicotine Content of E Cigarettes

E cigarettes nicotineAlthough there are e cigarette starter kits sold specifically for the purpose of stopping smoking, most users are cigarette smokers who have no intention of quitting. Eventually they may change their minds of course, but at the outset they are simply looking for a new, improved nicotine delivery system. Since there is no smoke generated by e cigarettes, there are none of the toxic chemicals inherent in tobacco smoke. This fact is a big plus and explains the growing popularity of the units.

E cigarettes Can Really Help You Quit… Even If You Dont Want To

But it cannot be overlooked that e cigarettes do contain nicotine. Even though the strongest over-the-counter nicotine strength found in the liquid is approximately equivalent to a medium strength cigarette, smokers who are fulfilling their need for nicotine on a daily basis will simply use their e cigarette for a longer period of time. Smokers can attest to the fact that the vapor from e cigarettes does not penetrate the lung tissue as deeply as tobacco smoke. This means that it takes more puffs to get the same effect. However, nicotine is also absorbed to a much greater degree through the nose and mouth by users of e cigarettes.


E cigarettes And Weight Loss?

Are E Cigarettes Also Good For Weight Loss?

E cigarettes weight lossHere are a couple ideas about e cigarettes that the general public hasn’t yet realized. The first one is that having an alternative to toxic tobacco smoke could prove to be a tremendous benefit to smokers who want to quit smoking. And the other one is that e cigarettes could be a terrific way to help people lose weight. These ideas will have to stand the test of time before anyone can know for sure that they are true, but there is certainly evidence to support them.

E cigarettes Reduce Cigarette Use

Many smokers have reported that they have reduced nicotine use by using e cigarettes in place of tobacco cigarettes. And although there are few reports of people choosing to use e cigarettes in place of snacking, it is certainly a possibility because it’s a well-established fact that smokers who quit using tobacco cigarettes frequently put on weight. Instead of smoking they start snacking instead. So it’s only logical to assume that someone who wants to lose weight could pick up e cigarettes in place of candy bars or potato chips. This theory becomes even more convincing when you consider that e cigarette liquid comes in a vast selection of flavors to suit all taste preferences. A delightful chocolate-coconut e cigarette break could replace plenty of other snacks that are loaded with calories, just as it could replace a tobacco smoke break. E cigarettes may just be the perfect solution for smokers and dieters alike.

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National Vapers Club Gets Attention Over E Cigarettes

The National Vapers Club is an organization of people, mostly former smokers, who use and enjoy E Cigarettes.

E cigarettes worriedIn a recent survey of club members it was determined that over 80% of E Cigarette users would go back to smoking tobacco cigarettes if their access to E Cigarettes and E Cigarette refills was cut off.

“Many of our members quit smoking tobacco because their doctors told them their health depended on it,” said Spike Babian, president of the National Vapers Club.  This summer the group of E Cigarette users paid for an ad on CBS’ SuperScreen, a well-known location on Times Square in New York. The club is promoting E Cigarettes to smokers and the public in general in order to help people begin to have a better understanding that E Cigarettes are not harmful and in fact, can effectively help a smoker quit his or her tobacco use.

Why are they worried about e cigarettes?

As a result of federal legislation, the FDA now has the green light to develop regulations on the sale and use of E Cigarettes. That fact has manufacturers, retailers and users somewhat worried. Nobody wants E Cigarettes to come under the same scrutiny as tobacco cigarettes, because there is no comparison in terms of danger to the user or others nearby. The basic problem is simply ignorance on the part of the general public. Some municipalities have established restrictions on E Cigarette use in public, and for the most part the restrictions are unfounded. The fact is that the vapor emitted by electronic cigarettes is water vapor, similar in composition to the “fog” emitted by machines for stage shows and dance floors, neither of which is known to be harmful.

But it is a genuine psychological issue when diners in a restaurant see someone using an E Cigarette and mistakenly believe it’s a tobacco cigarette. Restaurants are a particular problem, but airplanes are even worse. Use of E Cigarettes on an airplane is not wise and even most vapers agree. There is a time and a place for everything. For now, the time is right and nearly every place is the right place to use E Cigarettes, especially to stop smoking.