Researching For Best Electronic Cigarette?

Looking to buy electronic cigarette starter kit. Not Looking anything fancy, but I do want everything i’ll need like charger, a few cartridges etc. I don’t mind paying “a little” extra if I can find one with a special feature that I am looking for. While investigating online I have found that several come in several different strengths. However, if you order the trial you will get all the same strength. I am looking for something that will help me lower my nicotine level little by little.I am hoping to find a trial kit which comes with different levels of nicotine in them. I saw the safe cig about a month ago which had that but when I went back tonight to order that option is no longer available. Also, would rather NOT have to do the drops thing but will if I have to. A lot of these sites that I have looked at do not tell you what kind of replacement parts I am going to need. I am ignorant when it comes to that because I have never used anything like this before and have just recently heard about them. I would greatly appreciate any help in answering my research questions.