The E Cigarette and The Powers That Be

First An Interesting Video About The E Cigarette And Rush Limbaugh! Interesting and a must see!

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The E Cigarette and The Powers That Be: An Inside Look at The Pharma’s Views

e cigarette

When it comes to cigarette smoking, it has always been a double edged sword. On the one hand, people really enjoy smoking. On the other hand, it is addictive, bad for your health and can just plain kill you. Many people have spent untold amounts of time, effort, money and suffering trying to quit smoking. More often than not, their attempts to quit ended in failure. In the case of your noble author, i have tried to quit about 30 times over my 40 year smoking career. I even managed to quit for 2 years at one point but most of my attempts ended in failure after days or weeks.

Second in number, only to my attempts to quit smoking, have been the different ways i tried to quit. I’ve tried quitting cold turkey and by eating special diets. There were the nicotine patches and milder brands of cigarettes. I took prescription drugs that could cause potentially serious side effects. But despite my best efforts, I am still a smoker at almost 60 years of age. However, I recently saw some light at the end of the tunnel with my discovery of a new product to help me quit smoking tobacco.

The new product is the e cigarette, also know as the smokeless cigarette.

The e cigarette was invented by a Chinese health practitioner in 2003 and since then it has attracted quite a bit of attention and financial success. The e cigarette is a 2 part metal tube that looks like a real cigarette and gives you a measured dose of nicotine with each drag. The internal heating element vaporizes a small amount of the liquid nicotine into simulated smoke that gives you the sensation of inhaling. However, since nothing is burned, there are none of the toxic chemicals and smoke found in real tobacco cigarettes. To wrap it all in a nice, neat package, there is no second hand smoke to annoy non-smokers.

There has been a lot of good press and many articles have been written about the e cigarette. There has also been a large volume of anecdotal material and positive user comments about the e cigarette as a quit smoking device. Even doctors, who are horrified by smoking tobacco, have said it is considerably better to try to quit using the electronic cigarette than it is to continue smoking tobacco. No one has been injured or killed by e cigarettes and a substantial number of people have quit smoking using the device. Certainly no one has fallen asleep and burned themselves to a pile of ash using an e cigarette unlike the fate of many tobacco smokers who were foolish enough to smoke in bed.

This all brings us to one of America’s most “beloved” institutions, the FDA or Food And Drug Administration. This ubiquitous agency is known to insiders as “Big Pharma’s best friend” and as usual, they are working hard to keep the title. Take for example this recent nugget from the FDA dated April 25, 2011:

“The Food and Drug Administration announced Monday that it will act to ensure the government’s right to impose marketing, manufacturing and safety restrictions on “electronic cigarettes,” a nicotine delivery device widely billed as an alternative to cigarettes for those trying to quit and for smokers who can’t light up.

In a letter posted to the FDA’s website Monday, Dr. Lawrence R. Deyton, director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, said the agency will act to regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco products. To shore up its authority to do so, the agency will propose new regulatory language that would specifically define e-cigarettes as a tobacco product.”

Once again the FDA has jumped head first into the fray, as they put it, “To protect the health of Americans of all ages.” One might wonder what their real motivation is and who will benefit the most from their draconian attempt to regulate e cigarettes. The FDA hasn’t been deterred in the least from this attempt to regulate smokeless cigarettes despite the “recent decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in Sottera, Inc. v. Food & Drug Administration, stating that e-cigarettes and other products are not drugs/devices unless they are marketed for therapeutic purpose…”

On the one hand, we have a device that makes no medical claims but may actually help people quit smoking. This device has not caused anyone to die unlike tobacco cigarettes or many of the drugs the FDA has approved but the FDA is still on the warpath. Until they lost the court case, the FDA was seizing shipments of e cigarettes at U.S. Customs and trying to have the e cigarette banned permanently. Now they want them classified as if they were tobacco cigarettes. This move would force the manufacturers of e cigarettes to spend untold millions of dollars on FDA approved testing and development to be able to market electronic cigarettes. The FDA is simply trying to put the e cigarette out of business.

Another factor involved in the FDA’s efforts to regulate the e cigarette and classify them as tobacco is tax revenues. The government is terrified that the e cigarette may be as effective as they seem to be and millions of smokers will use the smokeless cigarette to quit smoking. This would cost the government untold billions in tobacco taxes. Unless of course, they can replace the tax revenues they would lose from tobacco cigarettes by taxing the e cigarette as if it were tobacco. All this from the government that claims it is only out to protect us from dangerous and fraudulent products. Another shining example of the the out of control, Federal government milking the tax payer for every cent they can wring out of us.

Then we have the major drug companies and their issues with the e cigarette. Just like vitamins, homeopathic medicines, herbal products and so many other things that the FDA has tired to control and regulate, the e cigarette is bad for the profit line of Big Pharma. The drug companies are not in the business of making you well. The sicker you get the more they make. They couldn’t give a hoot about your health or mine. This is an insidious network of government agencies and multi national corporations who will do everything in their power to crush any product they cant totally control, market and make a massive profit on. It’s no different than the FDA’s attempt to get vitamins classified as drugs because Big Pharma hasn’t been able to find a way to patent vitamins and thereby get an exclusive on their sale. These are people who would have air declared a drug if they thought they could get away with it.

An ugly fight is on the horizon but sadly most of the e cigarette manufacturers are small companies who don’t have the deep pockets to go up against the FDA. It looks like they will have to throw themselves on the mercy of the Federal Courts where they have had some limited success and hope for the best. Meanwhile, the FDA will do every dirty thing it can think of to put many e cigarette companies in dire straits. For the moment, I can still find an affordable supply of e cigarettes and extra nicotine cartridges at the local mall. I hope the FDA fails in their crusade against the e cigarette. As far as i am concerned, the e cigarette a damned sight safer and more effective then pills and nicotine patches.

E Cigarette Make Quitting The Easy Way

Quitting The Easy Way With an E Cigarette ; Part 1

I started smoking at 12 years old by stealing cigarettes from the tray my mother would put out for guests at parties. Since i am now 59 years old, i can remember a time when just about every adult smoked and didn’t feel guilty about it. When it finally dawned on me that cigarette smoking was seriously harmful to my health, i embarked on my current 35 year journey to quit smoking. Well folks, after dozens of failed attempts to quit, it looks like there may finally be hope for me.

This time i have a new weapon in my arsenal that may really work in my battle to quit smoking. I’m going to be using the new invention called an electronic or smokeless cigarette. This device was invented by a Chinese health practitioner in 2003 and over the past few years, it has been spreading like a wildfire among smokers trying to quit. It is simple, 2 part metal tube that looks like a real cigarette and gives you a measured dose of nicotine with each drag. The internal heating element vaporizes a small amount of the liquid nicotine into simulated smoke that gives you the sensation of inhaling. However, since nothing is burned, there are none of the toxic chemicals and smoke found in real tobacco cigarettes. Imagine that, the sensation of smoking without the toxins and second hand smoke.

I have been told by friends that you can actually use the e cigarette anywhere.

Even in restaurants and other public places where smoking has been banned. This remains to be tested by me and i am looking forward to people’s reactions when i use my smokeless e cigarette in public. I will report back to you on the results. I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of the package containing my e cigarette and a 3 month supply of replacement nicotine cartridges. When they arrive, i will be giving away any remaining tobacco cigarettes and switching over to my smokeless cigarette exclusively.

My plan is simple and very straight forward. I will use the e cigarette at the same rate as when i was smoking tobacco cigarettes. Since one cartridge is equivalent to one pack of tobacco cigarettes, i will try to approximate my previous pack a day tobacco cigarette habit. To enable smokers to quit completely, the nicotine cartridges come in different strengths. I ordered a month’s supply of the strongest cartridges and several other strengths in varying amounts. This will allow me to taper off my nicotine dose over 3 months until i am totally weaned off of nicotine. After three months, if i am still craving nicotine, i can always go to the local mall and get a few more weeks worth of low strength cartridges.

Well, thats about it for now. As i said, im chomping at the bit to get started with my e cigarette.

I can’t wait until the package arrives and i can put my plan to the test. I hope this is the time i actually succeed in quitting smoking tobacco cigarettes. Only time will tell if my plan is sucessfull and those of you reading this will be the first to know my results. I just can’t wait to light up my e cigarette in some posh restaurant and see the looks on people’s faces. The comments they make should be priceless. Hopefully, no one will assault me or throw a glass of water on me. We all know how dangereous mitant, non-smokers can be when roused.

Stay tuned for part 2 on how the e cigarette is helping me stop smoking.

Quit Smoking Using An Electronic Cigarette

Give up smoking with the electronic cigarette

The electronic cigarette will give you the same sensations

Unlike nicotine gum or patches, the device provides the user with nicotine in a manner of seconds and not minutes. Therefore, the satisfaction that smokers get from smoking a real cigarette can be simulated perfectly. In addition, an LED lighting unit found just at the tip of the device simulates the orange glow coming from actual tobacco during each inhalation.

Like actual tobacco, the nicotine cartridges are designed to provide a range of strengths, i.e. from minimal to full strength. The real purpose of the electronic cigarette is to help the smoker quit the habit safely. Since the device simulates a real smoking experience, the user can get used to it and eventually move from full strength to minimal strength over a period of time until he decides to quit. While nicotine gum and patches work only for a minimal number of people, this device is more promising since it copies many aspects of the real smoking experience. Although the cost of purchasing a kit may overwhelm the user at first, it gets a lot cheaper during the next set of cartridges since the charger and batteries are already present.

Smoke Anywhere Smokeless Cigarette

Smoke Anywhere You Want – Even In Public With The Smokeless Cigarette

Smoking is a controversial activity; especially when it comes to smoking in public. Non smokers go on and on about the smell, the fumes and the risks of second hand smoke. Some anti – smoking activists have taken this to an extreme; banning smoking in bars, restaurants, movie theaters, stadiums and even in public parks and in open air spaces. This trend has even gone as far as no smoking allowed hotels and apartment buildings. While tobacco is still legal in every nation on earth, the stigma and bias against smokers has grown to almost insane proportions.

On the other hand, many smokers are also concerned, polite human beings and they have no issues about not smoking when people are eating or in closed spaces with no way out like planes, trains, cabs and buses. At the same time, many smokers have simply reduced their social lives and their nights out rather than be forced to stand outside in the cold when they want to smoke at the local bar. The very idea that one can no longer smoke in Central Park in New York City baffles the minds of almost everyone except the most fanatical of non-smokers. Smoking bans in many cities have caused a loss of income to many businesses, most of which do not even sell tobacco products.

Smoke Anywhere and Anytime With The Smokeless Cigarette

Before you start wondering if the thought police are about to knock on your door the next time you light a cigarette in the comfort of you own home, here is a solution for you. This solution will not only allow to smoke in your own home without fear but will allow you to smoke anywhere you wish. You can smoke in a movie theater, a restaurant, a bar or, oh my gosh, Central Park. The amazing and simple answer is a high tech new device called the electronic or smokeless cigarette.

The e cigarette does not burn tobacco or anything else, requires no open flame to use and the product the user inhales is a vapor. Unlike a regular cigarette, which burns and creates smoke continuously, the smokeless cigarette only produces the vapor when the user inhales. The vapor is inhaled directly into the users lungs and the vast majority is not released back into the atmosphere. Since the smokeless cigarette does not produce the harmful toxins of second-hand smoke, there is no reason to prohibit anyone from smoking indoors or in any location.

So the next time you are going to your favorite bar, take an e cigarette with you instead of a tobacco product. You will still get your dose of nicotine if you wish to use a vapor cartridge that contains nicotine and you will get all the sensations of smoking a real cigarette without any of the second hand smoke. Since you are also a courteous person, take a moment when you arrive at the bar to explain to the bartender and nearby patrons what the e cigarette is before you use it. That way you will inform others about this marvelous product and maybe even convince a few tobacco smokers to switch to the smokeless cigarette and start enjoying smoking without the smoke.

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Do they taste like the real thing? Do they work if you are not trying to quit?
I would like to quit but it is going to take some time. I don’t really want to buy this kit if I am still going to want to buy regular cigarettes.

Are they easy to adapt to? Do they get hot?
Are there better kinds of e cigarettes than the ones I found through smoke51?

Thanks for any info!

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Electric Cigarette

The Electric Cigarette is one of the very best way to stop smoking cigarettes. It samples like a cigarette, resembles a cigarette as well as smokes like a cigarette.

Whats more is the electric cigarette is now readily offered and you can easily pick one up at local outlets or online for about $110 and up-wards. One of the very best parts of electric cigarettes and smokeless cigarette smoking is that despite where you are you may appreciate the smoking pleasures of one of these terrific little innovations.

Recently anywhere you go online to offline there is discuss electric cigarettes, last week a spots instance covering e cigarettes and smoking anywhere (a prominent electronic cigarette) paved the way for the electric cigarette to take control of the smoking cigarettes globe.

The conveniences of electronic cigarette smoking abound.

NO Tobacco!
NO Bad Odours!
Great Flavour!
Pure Contentment!
Exact same Feeling As Normal Cigarettes!
Smoke In No Smoking Areas!
No Second Hand Smoke!
No Much more Foul breath or Yellow Pearly whites!
No Damaging Carcinogens, Fire, Or Ashes!

Stop smoking the easy way, with electronic cigarettes, you may still smoke, without the smoke


Smokeless Smoking Taming The Urge To Smoke

When the brain is addicted to nicotine it treats the it as an absolute necessity.

Some people may be more genetically more prone to addictions.

Most smokers that try to stop smoking unaided will fail.

If you are a smoker you know how bad it is for you, then why haven’t you stopped smoking yet?

The reason is, smoking makes you feel good. it stimulates certain reactors in the brain, releasing a chemical called dopamine along with various other neurochemicals.

When trying to understand how much the brain likes this chemical, it is compared to the sames chemical that drives you to want food, water, and sex. Nicotine fools the brains reward system into believing it is getting it.

That is how some of the herbal remedies work, they tame and fool the nicotine receptors into believing they are smoking. Taking away the “craving” sensation associated with stopping smoking.

Smokeless cigarettes cover all of the above and are paving the way for smokers around the word to stop smoking using smokeless cigarettes as the alternative choice of nicotine replacement therapy.

One of the best way to stop smoking is with an electronic cigarette, it gives you the sames sensations as smoking a cigarette and gives you the physical anchor that even makes you feel like your smoking a real cigarette.

Smokeless smoking is taming the urge to smoke for millions of people around the world.